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Distribute more games on the PLAYSTATION Store

Distribute more games on the PLAYSTATION Store

This is something we know Sony's going to do. However, they're going about this much too slowly. It's nice to have archived games available on the Store, like Jeanne d'Arc. However, why not debut upcoming games like Resistance Retribution on UMD and the PC Store simultaneously? Yes, it might make retailers angry, but you were able to get away with it with Warhawk. Encourage third parties to do the same, as well. Make the process of redistributing games for download easy for publishers, and most importantly, cheap. Debut more games on the Store: beats was a good start, but it received absolutely no promotion. The upcoming Super Stardust Portable and Everyday Shooter are good ports from the PS3, but the only way this is really going to take off is if you offer more compelling content on a regular basis on the Store.


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