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Could Yuusha come to the US as 'Destroy All Heroes'?

The cult PSP hit, Yuusha no Kuze ni Namaikida, is getting a sequel in Japan rather soon. However, will this retro-styled game make its way to the US under a new name? Perhaps. The PlayStation Japan TGS site lists the game as Destroy All Heroes 2 -- very different from a standard translation of the Japanese title. We're thinking this English title must've come from somewhere. However, it's similarity to THQ's Destroy All Humans series does put a shadow of doubt on this theory.

With the US software library so dry right now, a release of Yuusha onto the PSP Store (for direct download) makes a lot of sense. Hopefully, the fine folks at SCEA see things the way we do.

Gallery: Yuusha no Kuze ni Namaikida or2

Trailer: DJ Max Fever

It's finally happening. DJ Max is coming to America, and in a big way too. DJ Max Fever is the ultimate version of DJ Max so far -- and best of all, you won't have to pay for crazy import fees. Check out this new trailer to see all the features Fever is packing.

How Japan advertises the PSP-3000

While the PSP Brite may be launching rather stealthily in America, Japan is taking a different approach. Sony has two ads for the newly redesigned system, one for the black system and one for the white. The system isn't changed too much, but at least Sony Japan's customers will know that this system exists -- something we doubt Sony America will let happen here at all.

See the other ad, after the break.

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TGS 08: See the second Tales of the World

The TGS trailer for the upcoming PSP fanservice RPG, Tales of the World 2, is rather epic. Once again, this game features a number of characters from various games in the Tales universe. With the current popularity of PSP, and Japan's eternal love for the franchise, this will undoubtedly be a best-seller.

Gallery: Tales of the World 2

TGS 08: Patapon 2: bigger, badder and more badass

How big is Patapon 2? Well, take the original game ... and then multiply it by two. The upcoming PSP-exclusive sequel will feature a staggering amount of content which makes the original seem rather diminutive. While the first featured 37 levels, Patapon 2 Don Chaka will feature over 80. There were 187 weapons and items in the original -- and over 500 in the new game. Not only that, Patapon 2 will also feature a new multiplayer mode.

While critics and fans have embraced Patapon's unique gameplay, the new content expansion should make the sequel much more appealing to newcomers and veterans alike. The core gameplay remains largely untouched -- each of the face buttons represents a certain sound, and pressing button combinations to the beat will command the Patapon to march, retreat and attack. However, they've added a new twist to the formula. Enter: the Hero Patapon.

Players wanted a more personal interaction with their Patapon. With the Hero Patapon, they'll get just that. The Hero has an expanded set of moves and greater HP, making it far deadlier than the standard Patapon. While Patapon were fairly expendable in the original, players will want the Hero to stay alive. As it can be named by the player, many may think of it as their own unique "pet" in the game.

Gallery: Patapon 2

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TGS 08 hands-on: Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce

When we first heard of Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce (back then it was known by its Asian version name Multi Raid) we didn't think it would be coming over to Western shores. So, it was a nice surprise to see a little press release letting us know that the PSP exclusive will in fact be making a North American and European debut in 2009. Armed with that knowledge, we decided it might be worthwhile checking out the game on the show floor.

We picked up the playable demo. There were three characters available for play: Xiahou Dun, Zhao Yun and Sun Shang Xiang; they were all dressed up in their Dynasty Warriors 6 outfits. We chose to play as Zhao Yun and then picked out a map. The load time was fairly tolerable not taking more than a few seconds. Once the stage loaded up, we noticed that the graphics were not that much different from previous DW games on PSP; the character models look actually slightly blockier though.

Gallery: Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce

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PSP Firmware 5.00 now available

The recently-announced PSP firmware 5.00 is now available for download. Just hit Network Update on your PSP, or download it here and copy it to your Memory Stick (it should look like this: X:/PSP/GAME/UPDATE/EBOOT.PBP). This update includes:
  • The [PlayStaiton Network] category has been added, and [PlayStation Store] is now available under this category.
  • PlayStation format software can now be output in interlace format on a connected device.
  • PlayStation format software can now be output in full-screen size on a connected device.
  • The sleep timer feature can now be used under [Music].
  • The system will automatically change to USB mode when a USB Cable is connected.
  • The [Original] theme has been redesigned.
[Thanks, lorderk!]

TGS 08: Have a look at Irem's Disaster Report PSP

Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3 (Disaster Report PSP) is a PSP exclusive for Japan that was shown off at TGS this past week. Despite it being only shown in video format, Irem booth goers who wanted to check it out did end up with quite a treat and a smile on their faces. Irem's booth featured an earthquake simulator (pictured) which shook gamers as a video demonstration showed them how the game works. It looked like a rather interesting experience, though we didn't get time to sit down and ride the monster.

While you can't experience the thrill of that machine to help get you better acquainted with Disaster Report PSP, you can do the alternative. You can check out our gallery for 16 all-new pics from the game and perhaps, if you want to, just shake in your seat.

Gallery: Zettai Zetumei Toshi 3

Watch as Grace Chen walks you through the new PSP Store

The new direct-connect PSP Store is on its way, but how does it look? Unsurprisingly it looks very similar to the PS3 Store. Coupled with the ability to sign on to the PlayStation Network from your PSP gives the two systems a much greater sense of integration. All we need now is a PSP friends list (and trophies wouldn't go amiss, either.)

If you want to see exactly what the Store looks like, check out the video above. You'll be able to get your hands on it when the firmware goes live in the near future. Hopefully a more accessible PSP Store means we'll be getting better content updates from now on.

Deal: PSP Limited Edition Madden NFL 09 bundle for $170

With the PSP Brite coming out today, it seems like retailers are ready to slash the prices of their old inventory. The Madden NFL 09 Entertainment Pack, which includes a cool blue limited edition PSP, is today's Amazon Goldbox deal. Originally retailing for $199.99, you can now purchase exactly one bundle (offer is limited to one per customer) at the discounted price of $169.98 with free shipping. Like all Goldbox deals, the discount disappears when the allotted number of the product has been sold. Take advantage of the deal here.

What? You want to see an unboxing before you buy it? We've got the unboxing gallery for you below.

[Thanks, David B.!]

Gallery: Blue PSP Unboxing

The outsideUnderneath the coverThe front sideThe back sideUMDs included

PSP Brite is now available in North America

The third PSP redesign is now available in retail stores across the US and the rest of North America. The first PSP Brite pack, which is out now starting today, is the silver Ratchet & Clank bundle. It's a Silver PSP with a copy of Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, a National Treasure 2 UMD movie, 1GB memory stick and an online download voucher for echochrome. The price remains the same as the older bundles at MSRB $199.99.

If you're looking for that other bundle which is the black PSP Brite with the 4GB memory stick, you'll still have to wait for next month in order to get that. The silver pack will be available in all European countries except the UK a day later on October 15. EU countries will also have to wait for the black bundle in November.

TGS trailer for Final Fantasy Agito XIII leaked

A brand new poster has been revealed for Final Fantasy Agito XIII. The cropped version is above but you can view the full version here. It appears to be a cloaked CG version of the students from this older illustration.

Fresh out of TGS, a trailer has also been leaked. According to the poster, this is a truncated version of a trailer shown last year, so this was created before the PSP version was announced. It still looks pretty cool, so we've got it for you right after the break.


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Shuhei Yoshida: Gran Turismo PSP on the way

Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi confirmed this back in July, but If you needed further confirmation that Gran Turismo PSP is actually in development, we've got you covered. Speaking at TGS, the head of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida stated that Polyphony Digital is "working on" a Gran Turismo PSP.

Yoshida attributes the long delay to other titles Polyphohy Digital have been working on, namely Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and Gran Turismo 5 for PS3. He was also unable to provide a timeframe for when the game will be released. Yamauchi believes the game won't be out until after Gran Turismo 5 makes its debut, which means PSP owners will have to wait another two years. Sigh.

PSP firmware 5.00 also coming soon to US, PC Store temporarily down

While firmware 5.00 was confirmed for Japanese release this week, it appears that America will also follow suit. The big update in 5.00 is the ability to access the PSN and PLAYSTATION Store directly from the PSP. The PC-based Store will be temporarily down in the interim.

While this is great for our Mac-owning friends that weren't able to purchase games in the past, this deal will be far more enticing if it ensured that our weekly PSN updates were slightly more robust than wallpaper downloads. Let's hope that the US can have a downloadable lineup as great as Japan's.

PSP worldwide releases for the week of October 12

PSP releases keep on coming. It's soccer and cake this month for North Americans. It's quite an odd combo, isn't it?

NA Games:
EU Games:
Asian Games:
Japan gets a very interesting title in Yuusha 2, which brings the dungeon-digging game back for round two.

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