Gadling's resident pilot explains what life in the cockpit is like

Project Diva brings cute anime music gameplay to PSP

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Here's another game for Japan which has the inklings of becoming an import hit. Project Diva has you starring as an adorable big-eyed anime girl wooing her way to stardom. Sing well and you'll find your room growing with tons of decorative items.

Producer takes us through the PSP version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

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LucasArts has always been a strong supporter of the PSP, and the effort they're placing into the upcoming PSP version really shows. Anyone who's played the PS3 demo will find this level awfully familiar: it looks like the PSP version makes no significant sacrifices. Physics, destructible environments, and large hordes of enemies are all present in the PSP version. In fact, there's exclusive content on the PSP version you won't even find on the consoles. How's that for love?

Bizarre schoolgirl fighting in new Ikki Tousen video

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Ikki Tousen: Eloquent Fist truly is a bizarre game. It's hard to make commentary on a game that's known for its emphasis on well-endowed school girls whose clothes seemingly explode at random. The truly strange fighting game has us asking all sorts of questions: why is she fighting random teenagers? Why are they so angry at her? How is all of this happening? Why are her clothes exploding? We're sure for the Japanese audience (and importers) that get their hands on this, all answers will be revealed.

[Via PSPHyper]

Jecht, Tidus pure gameplay Dissidia trailer

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The last Dissidia: Final Fantasy video showcase featured a set of not so beloved Final Fantasy characters -- a punk onion dude and the ultra sexy Cloud of Darkness. Yet, despite that fact, the gameplay footage was still awe-inspiring and kept you drooling for more. This time around, we've got more of the same; however, we're sure you're going enjoy watching these characters a whole lot more.

Final Fantasy X's
daddy issues duo, Jecht and Tidus, show us how it's done in this here video clip. Not only are they dishing out mad skills as usual, they're taking the fight all around the fighting arena, giving us a sense of how large and dynamic the stages can get. It seems that every little glimpse of Dissidia that we get, it gets harder and harder to look away. Keep an eye on this one folks. This is looking to be the game to have for this year (in Japan anyway).

Exclusive Pipemania PSP trailer

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Perhaps you've heard so much about Pipemania within the last few days that you're just ready to go under the kitchen sink and take the plumbing apart in anticipation. Well, okay, maybe not that far. But, hey, if you've been wanting more, then we've got it. Here's an exclusive trailer just for our dear readers' eyes.

The three minute trailer shows you how the game is played and also drops a bit of the title's back story. Yes, back story, because puzzle games can have them, too. You'll probably want to hear all about those cowboy plumbers ... wait, what? Cowboy plumbers?

Everything you need to know about Everyday Shooter

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Very little is known about the upcoming PSP port of Everyday Shooter -- however, we've compiled a list of the most important stories and resources from the PS3 version of the game. Read interviews with the game's creator, Jonathan Mak, and find out the inspirations behind the innovative sounds of this downloadable arcade game. Hopefully, the PSP version of Everyday Shooter will keep all the qualities that made the PS3 version so terrific.

Yuusha and Bleach will have simultaneous PSN and UMD release

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When the quirky Japan-only title Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida or2 is released later this year, gamers in the land of the rising sun will get the choice between a digital download and a traditional UMD release. Both versions will be released simultaneously on October 16th. However, the PSN download will be 2,800 yen (about $25) while the hard copy will be 3,980 yen (about $36). Check out the latest trailer for Yuusha above, which unveils, amongst other things, a Demon Room mode, where you manage your dungeon without the interruption of pesky heroes.

Bleach Soul Carnival will apparently be receiving the same treatment. 3,800 yen (about $35) for the download and 4,743 yen (about $43) for the UMD, both with a release date of October 23rd. What do you guys think about this? The Japanese have been slow to adopt digital downloads. Are the significantly lower price points for these high-profile releases Sony's incentive for gamers to accept this new distribution method?

Watch two minutes of Dissidia gameplay footage

We're mostly used to seeing an amalgamation of different cut scenes in our Dissidia: Final Fantasy trailers; however, this time we're treated to over two minutes of pure gameplay. The battle you'll be witnessing is between Final Fantasy III light and dark reps, Onion Kid and The Cloud of Darkness.

One thing this blogger particularly took notice of was the short pause for the Onion Kid during his break status; he does a class change and then has to choose an ability from a drop down menu. It's interesting to see that while the game is a fast and fluid fisticuff, the developers could still incorporate some of the traditional turn-based Final Fantasy elements into the game. Are you not grasping that thought fully? Well, you will once you see the trailer.

LocoRoco 2 trailer is predictably adorable

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This new LocoRoco 2 "special movie" found on the official Japanese website shows us just how cute things on the PSP can be. The art direction looks about the same in this highly-anticipated sequel, along with some kawaii music that can get a little annoying if you listen to it more than once. The cute little blobs demonstrates some of their new skills here, such as swimming and biting. Stay for the end, which makes us wish there was a LocoRoco TV show.

[Via NeoGAF]

Reminder: Bionic Commando Rearmed works via Remote Play

Just in case you guys forgot, don't forget that today's PS3 version of Bionic Commando Rearmed features an exclusive feature that neither the XBLA or PC versions have: Remote Play. This will allow you to play Bionic Commando Rearmed on your PSP. Not bad, huh? Not only does Capcom's downloadable game have an extra challenge level for PS3 fans, but it will also have support for Trophies in the future. With the DualShock's superior D-Pad, it's clear that the PS3 version of Bionic Commando is superior to the XBLA version. We approve.

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Mana-Khemia promo trailer reveals classic JRPG action

Coming in October, NIS America's upcoming release of Mana-Khemia looks to bring some very standard JRPG fare to the PSP. It's been a while since a traditional RPG has arrived on PSP, especially so shortly after a Japanese release. We're keeping an eye out on this one, if only because there are so few games to actually look out for in the immediate future.

[Via PSPHyper]

Check out some battles from Valhalla Knights 2 in this video

Nothing can beat a battle montage. This trailer for Valhalla Knights 2 shows off several different battles with several different types of characters. The action seems very fast-paced and confusing, but it probably becomes second nature after playing for just a few minutes. Of course, the characters in the trailer seem way overpowered as well, but the game might be that easy. We'll find out when the title launches near the end of September.

Finally, more footage of Bleach: Soul Carnival

Sony's been keeping their upcoming PSP-exclusive chibi Bleach game under wraps for quite some time. A trailer hidden in the last Heat the Soul game revealed this upcoming 2D action title, but little has been seen since then. Well, a new Japanese ad is ready to introduce the game to the masses. The game, which will be available in Japan in October, will undoubtedly tear up the sales charts like every other major PSP release these days.

It's not Gundam, it's Macross Ace Frontier

One of our readers rightfully asked why we post so much information on Japanese games. The truth of the matter is, Japan just gets more games than us. Games like Gundam are system-sellers on that side of the Pacific. The upcoming Macross game will also undoubtedly do very well. While most of us will never have a chance to actually play these titles (lest we import), at least we can take some comfort that PSP is doing incredibly well in Japan? Check out this new promotional video to check out some hot mech-on-mech action.

Birth by Sleep and Dissidia: video, Famitsu scans, trailer summary

Wowzers! So there is a lot more information out there on Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep than we anticipated. First we got some translated hands-on impressions gathered from various Japanese sites over at KHInsider, along with a trailer summary. Some of this information we know about already, so here are highlights of the new stuff:
  • The new enemies are called Unbirths.
  • Xehanort and Maleficent are both after the Princesses of Hearts
  • Ven's level is the Castle of Dreams, Cinderella's world. Ven cooperates with Jaq the mouse to collect materials to make Cinderella's dress. After going through a maze and finding the necessary items, a boss fight ensues with Lucifer. No, not Lucifer the demon, but rather the cat from Cinderella.
Secondly, we have 3 pages of Famitsu scans courtesy of PSPHyper. Reading the hands-on impressions while looking at these scans, you can almost pretend you were playing the demo. Lastly, IGN has a few seconds of video footage of both Birth by Sleep and Dissidia from their Game Scoop show. Look for that after the jump.

[Thanks, Kristopher G. and MonkeyKHI!]

Source -- PSPHyper; Famitsu scans
Source -- KHInsider; trailer summary and hands-on impressions
Source -- IGN Video; Game Scoop: Square Enix Party

Gallery: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Continue reading Birth by Sleep and Dissidia: video, Famitsu scans, trailer summary

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