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Tomb Raider Anniversary ready for European release on October 26th

Tomb Raider Anniversary is almost ready for its European debut on the PSP. The remake of the original PS1 game will be available on shelves on October 26th. If you don't fancy waiting for the PSP version, however, the PC and PS2 versions are already available, with Xbox 360 and Wii versions to follow later this year. Still, if the opportunity for some portable Tomb Raider action is there, then why not go for it? The game has been available in the US for quite a while already, so if you're really impatient then you could always import it and get it a week or so early.

Tomb Raider Anniversary on PSP looks just like the PS2 game

After weeks of perpetual delay, Tomb Raider Anniversary is finally out for PSP. Eidos was strangely suspicious about the PSP version, refusing to release video of the handheld edition. Thankfully, it appears that the PSP version looks a lot like the PS2 version. Check out this new video from PSP GadgetZ to see for yourself.

With the game readily available, we want to know what you think about the game. Certainly, this game doesn't deserve to go without notice, does it?

Tomb Raider Anniversary looking less chunky in new screens

A fresh batch of screen shots from Lara Croft's upcoming Tomb Raider Anniversary go-round on the PSP shows a prettier and less "chunkier" Tomb Raider than Legend was, though at this point we're more curious as to how it plays. Last year's Tomb Raider Legend turned out pretty decent, but frame rate issues, chunky textures and clunky controls hurt the overall reception of the title. Feast your eyes on the recent released screenshots of the PSP-bound title and let us know if this reiteration is still on your radar. Despite the slight delay from its original June release, Tomb Raider Anniversary is still on the agenda for a late July arrival. Lets hope the extra time spent on its development results in a classier and smoother ride.

Gallery: Tomb Raider Anniversary

Deal of the Day: Tomb Raider Legend for $20

Deal of the Day: Tomb Raider Legend for $20
I really believe Tomb Raider: Legend is going to be looked at as the game that got the series back on track. Sure, it had its fair share of problems, like being too short, but the game looks so pretty and plays so well, it's definitely worthy of being in any gamer's library.

And now, you can get a used copy of Legend for only $20 at Yeah, Gamefly is that online video-game rental site, but they do sell their stock every now and then. And, if you're a Gamefly member, you get an extra 5 percent knocked off your total.

Get 'em while the gettin's good!

[Via Cheapassgamer - Registration required]

Metareview: Tomb Raider Legend [Update]

Lara Croft is back in a new adventure on the PSP with exclusive features such as wireless multiplayer and unlockable image galleries, wallpapers, and songs from the soundtrack. Not to mention a plethora of outfits for you to raid those tombs in. The title received favorable reviews on home consoles, but has it been able to bring that magic to Sony's portable?

  • Gamespot (62/100) - "The only new challenge to be found in this version is the challenge of adapting to the uncooperative camera and clunky controls."
  • IGN (72/100) - " While rough around the edges, Tomb Raider Legend still manages to offer a unique, worthwhile experience on PSP."
  • Gamespy (70/100) - "All in all, we recommend Tomb Raider: Legend to fans and non-fans alike, but you might be better off picking up a copy of one of the console versions."
[Update: Fixed typo in the title.]

Happy birthday, Lara!

On this day, 38 years ago, a child was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and a loaded glock in her hand. This would normally make for an interesting opening to what could be an autobiographical opus of human achievement, but instead it’s little more than chintzy marketing-speak for an assortment of polygons and normal-mapped hoochie shorts. But, hey, we love Lara anyway. So here’s to you, Lara; here’s hoping that Tomb Raider Legend for the PSP doesn’t stink.

Lara Croft doubles down on PSP

Tomb Raider

Gaming Target alerts us to the news that a special Tomb Raider: Tenth Anniversary game is headed to the PSP this year. This newly revealed game will be in addtion to the previously announced Tomb Raider: Legend that is also PSP bound. Will Tenth Anniversary be a remake, a special pack-in or a pre-buy promotion? The answers are unclear, but too much Lara Croft can't be a bad thing! Oh, wait, it can be a bad thing... see all Tomb Raider games after Tomb Raider 2.

[Via Gaming Target]

Lara Croft struts for the PSP

Croft PSP

The latest screenshots for the upcoming Tomb Raider: Legend have hit. And they sure are pretty.

As difficult as it is to believe, our beloved heorine, Lara Croft, looks better than ever in the latest incarnation of this stale classic franschise.

The new game is headed to your PSP this Spring and boasts graphics on par with the PS2 (and may even have a feature to allow the exchange of save games between the two platforms). Head over to Gamesrader to check out the new screens. But, please, don't stare.

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