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PSP Fanboy Holiday Buyer's Guide 2007

December has finally begun. You know what that means: only 25 days left until Christmas. Whether you're a newcomer, or a long time fan, PSP has a lot to offer this holiday season. Read up on what's hot and what's not, and make sure you get the best stocking stuffer for the PSP fan.


PSP Daxter Entertainment Pack - $199.99
If you're looking to get a new PSP system, there's one clear choice: the PSP Daxter Entertainment Pack is the best deal of the bunch, giving you almost everything you need for the ultimate PSP experience. Daxter is an accessible game for all ages, and is one of the system's best. Add a great Family Guy UMD movie, a 1GB Memory Stick, and a sleek looking silver PSP, and you have a great gaming value. For $30 less, you'll get a standard black machine which doesn't include all of these goodies.

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Win a party with Rob Zombie courtesy of Dead Head Fred

Vicious Cycle, the developers behind the upcoming zombie game, Dead Head Fred, have teamed up with Rob Zombie to offer a chance to party with the Devilish musician/actor/director for a very special screening of his remake of Halloween. If you win, you get to invite 50 of your friends for an all expenses paid party with a pre-release showing of Zombie's version of Halloween, which means the party would be in the next couple weeks.

Up to three people can win, which is unusually generous for these kinds of contests so sign-up while you can! A word of caution though, you have to sign-up for a account in order to participate. Won't cost you anything, but still a bit annoying.

[Via WorthPlaying]

Gallery: Dead Head Fred

Buzz! coming to the PSP?

Pocket Gamer was at at the recent Develop Conference and discovered a little clue hinting at the possible release of Buzz! on the PSP. During a presentation, the person running the show forgot to set PowerPoint to fullscreen and the sharp guys at Pocket Gamer noticed a little Word doc titled BUZZ-PSP peaking out from behind the presentation. Sounds like a reasonable indication that they're thinking about bringing Buzz! to the PSP right?

When contacted for explanation, the creative director of Relentless Software wrote it off as merely a concept that he's proposed and nothing more than that ... yet. Considering that Buzz! is fantastically popular in the UK and will soon be released in North America as well, it would make sense for Sony to leverage the brand. But at the same time, Buzz! is a party/group game and uses a fancy special controller -- so the PSP may be an odd choice for the franchise. What do you guys think? Do you want to Buzz! on the go?

The truth about PSP Lite's battery life

There appears to be some confusion about the PSP Lite's battery life. The system can go up to 8-10 hours ... but only if it's using the battery from the regular PSP. What?

The upcoming PSP Lite will include a smaller battery for the smaller system. The battery that's included with the system will run for about 5 hours while gaming. However, if you have the battery from your original PSP, you'll be able to get 8-10 hours. The problem with this solution? The battery will bulge out of the system. Sony will offer a new backplate for those interested in adding the old battery to the new system.

Does that make things clearer?

Video walkthrough reveals answers to Crush

Crushed about one of Crush's more diabolical levels? Don't feel too bad -- you're not alone. Many gamers have found the innovative 2D/3D puzzle game to be maniacally difficult. For better or worse, longtime PSP Fanboy reader JIMMY has provided some incredible video walkthroughs for the game. Each video will reveal, step by step, how to get to the exit. But, beware! While we're incredibly grateful for these guides, they may defeat the incredible sense of accomplishment one can get for getting to the end successfully. Do you want to risk that?

Of course, finding the answer certainly beats being stuck on a single level for hours on end.

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Complete Loco Roco guide for download

Science reminder: how to increase PSP speaker volume

D'oh! This GameTrailers user has an easy way of increasing the volume of his PSP speakers ... with his bare hands! By placing his hands under the speakers, the sound waves bounce back up, instead of away from the listener. Wow! Simple science that gets great results. See it in action, and then try it for yourself.

Ratchet & Clank interactive strategy guide

Did you ever get stuck in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters? Well, have no fear! Sony has just released an interactive guide for the entire game, and we have it right here. There's over 60 pages of inside info for your perusal: not only on how to beat the game, but find its elusive secrets as well.

Download for PC (18.1MB)
Download for Mac (25.1MB)

*Note: Please do NOT direct-link these files! Thanks.

Making PSP friendlier to Web 2.0 sites

Games Digest recently tested the PSP web browser to find out how compatible it was with popular Web 2.0 sites. The browser did fairly well in rendering many sites, such as amazon, Facebook, Flickr, Gmail, and Twitter. However, there were many other sites that experienced issues, some crippling enough to make the site unusable.

There are alternatives, though. My personal PSP browser is filled with bookmarks that point to mobile versions of sites. These versions are usually intended for cell phones, but their minimalistic design is guaranteed to work on PSP--and quickly, too. For example, loading the Mobile version of PSP Fanboy ( allows me to check for the latest updates on the site while I'm on the go. It may not have all the functions I want (such as comments), but it works really well on PSP.

We found some mobile versions of sites that Games Digest tested. While the PSP browser may not be able to handle all pages well, it's certainly a useful (and free) addition to the system that's easy to appreciate. It may take some work, but if there are problems with a site you like to visit, check to see if there's a Mobile version. See some examples, after the break.

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JAJAH goes to PSP, brings cheap phone calls

What is JAJAH? It's a service that allows you to make phone calls for cheap (and sometimes, free). You input your phone number, then type in a friend's. Your phone will ring. When you pick up, it'll connect to the person you're trying to reach. Why bother with the roundabout way? Well, it's really cheap: only 2.8 cents within the US, and if you're talking to a fellow JAJAH member, the call will be free. (JAJAH also offers 21 minutes of free talk time for signing up.) It's not the elegant VoIP functionality we've been promised from Sony, but it's an interesting alternative.

While we wait for Skype to appear in a future firmware revision, we'll play around with JAJAH. All that's needed is the internet browser--no homebrew necessary. Point your browser to, and log in with your free JAJAH account. Your contacts will appear as clickable links. When you dial in, your phone will ring, allowing you to talk to your friend. If you're talking to a fellow JAJAH member, it'll be free.

To make the most out of the service, you should probably upgrade to the latest firmware, and take advantage of T-Mobile's free Hotspot service. Then, you'll be able to browse the web, play games, and make phone calls from PSP, all while grabbing your morning coffee at Starbucks.

[Via Engadget]

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Blurry R&C video walkthrough & glitches

IGN Boards user Biozell should become a game tester. This incredible Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters fan has burst open the secrets of the game. See his high-flying acrobatics find all the Titanium Bolts in the game (helpful!). Then, check out his videos of glitches he's discovered by jumping in all the right places. Seriously: how did he find all of this stuff?

There's one unfortunate drawback to the mayhem: the videos are really, really blurry. We know that the PSP screen is hard to capture, simply because cameras don't seem to want to focus on it correctly. If you think you can handle the (very blurry) secrets of Ratchet & Clank, check out Zellhazard's YouTube page now.

Hands-on: Ratchet & Clank's online multiplayer

I competed against various members of SCEA, High Impact Games, and other members of the press today in Rachet & Clank: Size Matters' Infrastructure multiplayer mode. Having become comfortable with the controls in single-player certainly helped the experience quite a bit, as I was raking up the kills, quickly becoming number one in the leaderboard (that position was unfortunately lost over time). The online interface is easy enough, and seems unchanged from the multiplayer beta that I participated in months ago. However, there were a few glitches in the process: some games were simply impossible to join, unless it was through the game's Quick Game option. Also, typing messages in the chat room is quite a troublesome burden, simply because of the game's reliance on the PSP's default on-screen keyboard. I found it quite easy to accidentally disconnect from a room while chatting, so I opted out altogether.

The actual online gameplay was smooth, and surprisingly responsive. There wasn't any noticeable lag, and the graphics were on par with the impressive single-player graphics. The weapons are varied, as they are in the story mode, and can be upgraded through secret power-ups scattered throughout the level. However, the variety in weapons reveals that the game might not be too well-balanced, as certain weapons easily outclass others. One game ended in quite a bit of frustration, due to a camping sniper. While these kind of problems are common with online multiplayer games, it was surprising, and somewhat distressing to see.

Also, each game is limited to four players. After an hour of play time, I have to admit that this simply isn't enough to enjoy the multiplayer potential. Levels seem slightly too large for only four players, especially in objective-based modes, where you will only have one partner. Personally, I found the objectives of Iron Lombax mode to be unclear. It would've been helpful to have more guidance to the next objective, a la Unreal Tournament.

Ratchet & Clank's online multiplayer is not going to redefine online gaming. However, it is still an impressive effort, especially for a portable system. It's nice to see the developers include such a solid, but imperfect, experience ... and have it playable worldwide via Infrastructure. You'll be able to log-in and fight when the game ships next week. Expect a complete PSP Fanboy review soon. And don't forget to read past the cut to see all the multiplayer modes available in the game.

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Make your videos PSP compatible online

Do you want to convert videos for use on your PSP without the hassle of downloading and installing any other programs? Well, for the few of you out there, there's a new solution for you: Media-Convert. The site will let you upload your own files, or simply copy-paste a URL, and have them converted into a PSP-friendly format. It's incredibly easy, and as a bonus, lets you save your results on their servers for up to 6 days.

However, there's a huge drawback: the quality really sucks. In my opinion, it's barely watchable. For higher quality vids, you'll probably want to stick with PSP Fanboy Theatre.

[Via Pocket Gamer]

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Convert YouTube videos for PSP really easily

Convert YouTube videos for PSP really easily

The PSP is supposed to play Flash video one of these days ... but considering Sony's slow adoption of features we really want, we wouldn't hold our breath for it. Until then, there's a ridiculously easy solution for converting videos from sites like YouTube ... and it doesn't even involve downloading any software!

1. Get the URL of the video you want.
2. Copy URL into the "FLV Online Converter" at
3. Choose "MP4 for iPod/PSP"
4. Wait for the conversion, download file, and then save it to your PSP under the "VIDEO" folder.

Does it get any easier than this? Not really. I found it to work quite quickly, with some impressive results.

[Via Zeropaid]

Hand-drawn Loco Roco maps guide you through demo & game

Are you having trouble finding every single secret in the new Loco Roco demo? Don't fret. Walter, a German PSP enthusiast, has meticulous hand-drawn guides that'll get you through the demo and get your blubbery pal as fat as he can. He's working on the rest of the game too, so those of you that simply must find every secret in the game might want to check his cute effort out.

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Loco Roco Video Sandwich special (includes video walkthrough of the first demo)

Real Deal of the Day: Free PSP with purchase of T-Mobile phone

Deal of the day: Get a free PSP with purchase of T-Mobile phone
I don't know how many of you out there are in the market for a PSP and a new cell phone, but if you are, Wolf Camera is offering a great deal.

All you have to do is go instore, buy a selected T-Mobile authorized dealer phone and you get a free PSP Core pack. Depending on the amount you have to spend on the phone, this deal could be an excellent way to get your hands on a PSP. How sweet would this deal get if you could get a T-Mobile N-Gage and a PSP, eh?

But if you're interested, you better hurry because this deal ends Aug. 26.

(Via QJ)

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