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PSP Fanboy review: The Warriors

Hey, didn't The Warriors come out a long time ago on other platforms? And, wasn't it just a brawler game? Meh, maybe it's a Grand Theft Auto-clone. Why should I get excited for a cheap port of an old game?

This kind of sentiment would be completely baseless. It's true that The Warriors isn't a new game. It's also true that the PSP version is simply a port, without any significant upgrades to the original. And yes, like most of Rockstar's other games, this game borrows tons of elements from the revered GTA franchise. However, to think of it as "just a brawler" would do this game a horrible injustice. In fact, PSP owners should be grateful to have such a refreshingly solid game made available on the platform, especially at its budget price. Without a doubt, The Warriors is worth every penny: it provides hours of incredible fun, with a natural, satisfying combat system, and top-notch presentation.

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The Warriors action figures: only $750!

Now that The Warriors' release is nearly upon us, you may want to grab some The Warriors loot. Maybe you'd want some action figures? ToyWiz has a pretty good selection, provided you want to pay up to $750. I don't know they can justify the price ... maybe there's some snuff hidden away in the packages?

[Via GameSpot]

Who you gonna fight as in The Warriors?

Rockstar's latest is coming out real soon. This PS2 port has already earned one rave review from GameSpy: its budget price, and immediately available Armies of the Night mode, pushed it to a pretty fantastic 4.5/5 score from them. "The Warriors is that console generation's best pure brawler," GameSpy notes. Sounds exciting, no?

To get a better feel for the violence that'll end up in our handhelds, Gamespot has covered the various characters and fighting styles in the game. You'll be able to read up on thugs like Cleon, Swan, Snow and Ajax. Having missed the PS2 original, I have to admit that I'm pretty excited for this Tuesday's big release. Are you?

Rockstar using graffiti to promote The Warriors

While I was walking in downtown NYC, something interesting caught my eye: a spray-painted tag of The Warriors on the sidewalk. While it's true that Rockstar's offices are located in my fine city, I'm sure Mayor Bloomberg won't be too pleased about this apparent graffiti advertising. Remember when Sony tried the same thing? They were busted, and fined. Will Rockstar also get caught?

The Warriors' first trailer

Rockstar Games highly rated The Warriors is coming to PSP, but up until now, we just got to see it in screens. Finally, there's a trailer available and it has all the production values you'd expect from a Rockstar trailer. I never got to pick up The Warriors when it first came out, so I'm looking forward to finally playing it on my PSP. Any other PSP owners out there psyched for this Rockstar gem?

The game comes out next week. Trailer after the jump ...

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Armies of the Night await you in The Warriors

Rockstar's upcoming PSP port of The Warriors has a pretty nice bonus: the side-scrolling Armies of the Night, a bonus "minigame" of sorts which has you brawling in classic beat-em-up form. But wait ... wasn't this game included in the original PS2 and Xbox release? You're right! But we PSP gamers are the impatient type, and we no longer have to beat the game to get access to this treasured game: it's available right from the get-go.

Previews of the PSP build have all been pretty glowing so far. Games Radar notes that the PSP version of the game holds up quite nicely, with some great graphics and (sigh of relief) good load times. With a budget price of only $20, this is one port that PSP fans might want to pay attention to.

Deal of the Day: Rockstar goes budget

Gamers looking for deals on Rockstar's finest need look no further. It appears that the excellent Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories has dropped in price to a very reasonable $30. Considering how much content the game has, this is certainly quite a bargain.

Looking forward, you'll see that Gamestop is also listing the upcoming PSP port of The Warriors at a budget price of $20. The PS2 version of the game wasn't too bad at all, so you may want to pick it up as well.

Use coupon code "SAVER" to get free shipping.

[Via CAG & PlayStation]

First-ever screenshots of The Warriors

The French site, Play France (O, RLY?), seems to have the very first images of the upcoming PSP port of The Warriors, Rockstar Leeds' follow-up to the first two GTA Stories games. These renders are at a much higher resolution than actual gameplay footage, meaning it'll look sharper than what will appear on your PSP. Regardless, considering the team's penchant for technical superiority, there should be little doubt that the game will look quite good on the PSP when it ships next year.

[Via PSP GadgetZ]

The Warriors brings more Rockstar violence to the PSP

We don't usually do press releases, but I'm such a Rockstar nut that anytime they grace our handheld, I get excited. This port of the popular game based on the classic 70s film is being developed by Rockstar Leeds, the programmers of the graphically intense Grand Theft Auto Stories series. It's unknown if the PSP version of the game will feature any new content, but considering its holiday release date, we'll guess no.

"We set out to create a highly sophisticated portable game that delivers a visceral experience previously unseen on the PSP system," stated Sam Houser, Founder and Executive Producer of Rockstar Games. "We are looking forward to setting the definitive bar for the brawler genre on the PSP system by delivering an extremely stylish and exceptionally deep experience."

[Thanks, steve!]

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