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Tekken: Dark Resurrection finally gets Greatest Hits pricing

It took long enough! Namco Bandai's sublime PSP fighting game, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection is finally available at the Greatest Hits price of $20. Easily the best 3D fighting game on the platform, Tekken features PS2-quality graphics, enhancements over the PS2 original, and online data sharing. Not bad for $20, no?

Check it out at Gamestop.

Tekken and Jeanne join Japan's Best lineup

It shouldn't come as surprising that two of PSP's best games is joining the Japanese "The Best" budget lineup. Each game will come at the discounted price of 2800 yen. Jeanne d'Arc will be re-released on July 5th, and Tekken: Dark Resurrection will come a week after.

North American gamers will be able to get a taste of Level 5's latest SRPG, Jeanne d'Arc, later this summer.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection becomes a million seller

Tekken: Dark Resurrection has been an overwhelming success on PSP, selling over a million copies since its release according to Gamasutra. The title's selling power has been so significant that it's become the second best-selling title for Namco Bandai in the past fiscal year. The only other title to beat it was Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 for PlayStation 2. Hopefully, the rampant success of Namco's fighter on PSP will make it consider bringing one of its other high-profile fighting franchises to the platform.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

Top 5 on PSP: Fighting

The PSP has been selling quite well recently and I figured some new PSP owners may not know what great games the system has to offer. With that in mind, every day this week we'll feature a new genre and list the top 5 games (according to metareviews), so no matter what you're into, you'll have some idea of what games you should own. Today the focus is on Fighting games, a genre that used to be one of the biggest things in gaming, but has lost some popularity with time. I'm still a big fighting game fan though, so I had to make this list.

Top 5 Fighting games on PSP

  1. Tekken: Dark Ressurrection
  2. WWE Smackdown! vs. RAW 2006
  3. Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX
  4. Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover
  5. Guilty Gear Judgement

This list doesn't include import games like Bleach or Naruto, so my personal list of best fighting games would be different. But what do you think about these 5 games? What fighting games aren't on this list that you think every PSP owner should have?

If you missed it, you can check out our previous top 5 game lists:




[Data Via Metacritic]

PSP Fan Art Fridays: Tekken

Do you want to share your PSP-related fan art? Send us an e-mail. A new piece of fan art will be shared every Friday.

I've got a jonesing for more cowbell, but even more than that, I want more fan art. Luckily it's Fan Art Friday, so my needs for one of the two will be satisfied. This week we take a look at a Tekken related fan art that depicts Kazuya dealing with Heihachi the only way someone can. Paolo Diego is the creator of this fine work. I could totally picture something like this actually happening in a Tekken game. If you dig the art like I do, go check out Paolo's deviant art account. I'd write more about the piece, but it's sorta a tall work and I want it to fit on the main page for all to see. Thanks for the art Paolo! Feel free to let him know what you think and see us back here next Friday!

Gallery: Fan Art Fridays

LocoRoco does some representin' in AIAS nominations

LocoRoco has been earning tons of award nominations ever since its release. The most important video game-related award of the year is handed out by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Science, and they have just unveiled their nominations for their 10th annual award. LocoRoco picked up a couple of nominations, including Outstanding Innovation in Gaming, Original Music Composition, and Children's Game of the Year

Daxter picked up nominations for Outstanding Achievement in Animation, Male Character Performance, and Action/Adventure Game of the Year. Tekken: Dark Resurrection picked up a nomination for Fighting Game of the Year.

LocoRoco is the sole PSP-exclusive game to receive a nomination for Handheld Game of the Year. The Nintendo DS earned three nods with Elite Beat Agents, New Super Mario Bros., and Brain Age. Good luck to all the PSP games in the running: hopefully, one of them will pick up a win.

The full list of nominations can be found here.

[Via GameDaily]

Do PSP games on PS3 cause a threat?

Sony seems to be having a bit of a problem. They have a portable system that is a success, but not by any means their main product. Then they have a new console that desperately needs games any way it can get them. Obviously they need to compete on the high end next gen game front, but they also need to compete against the Virtual Console and Xbox Live Arcade. Without the backlog of games like Nintendo or the head start of Microsoft, they seem to be turning to a questionable source for their downloadable games; the PSP.

The obvious issue with PSP games going to PS3 is that it begins to negate the reasons for a consumer to own both. Sure, right now it's a Gripshift and a Tekken, but what happens if the trend just continues? Sure, this would strengthen the PlayStation Network, but at the cost of PSP exclusives. This is just not acceptable when the PSP still has a long way to go to establish itself.

If Sony does insist on continuing to take games from the PSP library to the PS3, than it needs to change how it does so. Microsoft announced Live Anywhere quite some time ago, but we're still waiting for the day when we can play Xbox Live Arcade games on the go. Part of the reason is that Microsoft doesn't yet have a portable gaming system, but Sony does. Why not have it so if I download Gripshift on the PS3 I can download it to my PSP as well free as charge. For games that require progress, it would be great if I was able to share saves between my PSP and PS3. Maybe this is part of Sony's eventual plans anyway, but until I can buy Tekken on my PSP and continue it on my PS3 or vice-versa, it seems like a missed opportunity.

It could just be that this is a temporary solution and as more developers jump on board the PlayStation Network, Sony will stop relying on PSP games as downloadable content. Even if this is the case though, it still seems like a dangerous road for Sony to travel. It could just be that I'm overreacting though. What do fellow PSP owners think of this development?

Tekken appears on PS3 with more features, for less money

I reported earlier that Tekken: Dark Resurrection would appear on PlayStation 3 as a downloadable title via the PlayStation Store. It looks like the game's finally out... in Japan. The monstrous 830MB download features all the functionality of the PSP version of the game, such as ghost battling, but now comes in glorious 1080P full-HD. To add insult to injury, there's multiplayer included (no need for multiple machines and discs!), and the cost: a measly 2000 yen ($17).

Some of you disagreed with my prediction that the PS3 version would be cheaper. Looks like Sony's trend is to release PSP games... and then make them better and cheaper on the PS3. Does that sound fair to you?

[Via Joystiq]

First look at upcoming Tekken fan film

Chances are, you probably won't find this upcoming fan-made film adaptation of Tekken to be as titilating as Maxim's Tekken girls photo shoot. This impressive-looking fan effort, entitled Tekken: King of Iron Fist, will feature some pretty accurate cosplaying, mixed with some action sequences. From the looks of things, this may be better than "official" Ewe Boll-produced film massacres.

[Via Gamespot]

Dark Resurrection heading to PS3 [Update 1]

The once-exclusive PSP version of Tekken 5, entitled Dark Resurrection may be heading to the PLAYSTATION 3. According to Jeux-France, the latest issue of Famitsu details a potential HD version of Tekken: Dark Resurrection to be released through the online PlayStation Store. It appears that, like Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories before it, Bandai Namco is attempting to maximize the audience for this enhanced fighting game. No other details, like a release date, or a price, have been revealed.

Will you feel burned again if this PSP exclusive heads over to another console... for less money?

[Via digg]

[Update 1: No longer a rumor. Confirmed. With pictures.]

PSP nabs Spike TV VGA nominations

The PSP is up for some more awards for this year's Spike TV VGA, hosted by Samuel L. Jackson. It's exclusive games earned 7 nominations, with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories getting the most on the system, with 3 nominations in total. Here's a sampling of the categories PSP games will be competing in:

Tekken: Dark Resurrection (Namco Bandai)

Dead or Alive 4 (Tecmo/Team Ninja)
Mortal Kombat Armageddon (Midway Games)
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology (Capcom)
God Hand (Capcom/Clover Studio)

New Super Mario (Nintendo/Nintendo EAD)
Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day (Nintendo)
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (Rockstar Games/Rockstar Leeds / Rockstar North)
Tetris DS (Nintendo)
LocoRoco (Sony Computer Entertainment America/SCE Studios Japan)

You can vote for your favorites by heading over to the Spike TV website. Voting ends December 7th, so rock the vote, PSP fans! The winners will be revealed on December 13th at 10PM on Spike TV. See more nominations after the cut.

[Update 1: Haha, Spite TV would be an awesome name for a network. Corrected. Remember kids, NEVER update a blog while reading Moby Dick.]

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Tekken girls get real... and naked [Update 1]

Oh no, PSP Fanboy is using sex to promote its site again! It's true... they say that sex sells, and the people behind Tekken know it. For a Maxim photo shoot, they had some models dress up (or down) as Tekken models. Taking some inspiration from Dead or Alive, the photographers then placed those models under running water. The following video won't disappoint you... unless you're at work and your boss realizes what kind of pevert you are. So, I'm giving this an EXTREMELY NOT SAFE FOR WORK notice. Enjoy!

[Update 2: New PSP-compatible video and newly hosted video after the cut. Sweet, huh? (Streaming video coming soon. Sorenson isn't working, drats!)]

Continue reading Tekken girls get real... and naked [Update 1]

Video Sandwich: September 29, 2006

This is, like totally the most EXTREME version of the Video Sandwich, dude! In our first video, you see a skateboarder pulling off a trick with his PSP while boarding. You don't ever see Tony Hawk doing that these days. Pretty cool, huh?

The bottom video features yet another one of the hilarious "Let Tekken Decide" advertisements. After seeing it, you'll be one of the few on this planet that can confidentally say you've seen an Asian pimp send someone to an alligator pit-of-doom. And that's an accomplishment, right?

See also:
Don't get mad! Get even with Tekken

Video Sandwich: September 20, 2006

There's no better way to end a slow news day (ignoring the new MGS news) than with a hearty video sandwich. In this top video, we see someone fall victim to some shoddy Sony craftsmanship. While that might not be particularly noteworthy, this time around it is: because I think the girl's pretty hot. Why not find out for yourself, and if you feel sympathy for her inability to play Tekken: Dark Resurrection, you should send your PSP to her. I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

The bottom video showcases one of the terrifyingly cute parlor games that you'll find in Japan. It takes 200 yen to play, and gives you the chance to win a PSP! OMG! Too bad I have no idea how the hell you "win" this game. Can you figure it out?

Don't make choices! Let Tekken decide

It seems like Namco's marketing push for Tekken: Dark Resurrection's release in Europe extends far beyond silly videos involving disappearing milk. The Let Tekken Decide website is true to its namesake and lets you choose fighters to determine the winner of epic battles such as: Rock vs. Rap, Shampoo vs. Conditioner, Chocolate vs. Vanilla, Paper vs. Plastic, and more. Strangely, it doesn't feature any characters from the game, and actually has worse production values than a similarly-themed internet fan video from a few months ago.

Due to harsh language, a not safe for work video is embedded after the cut.

Continue reading Don't make choices! Let Tekken decide

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