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PSP camera functions as microphone as well

For some reason, it never occurred to me that the PSP camera might be able to function as a microphone. I mean, it's able to take videos with sound. The fine folks at PSP GadgetZ used Talkman to see if the camera, when plugged into the PSP's USB slot, would be recognized as a microphone. As you can tell by the bird's enthusiastic thumbs-up, the answer is yes. A nice little thing to know--it makes me wonder, does this trick work with other microphone-input games, like SOCOM?

Video Sandwich: November 16, 2006

More ads from Sony for tonight's Video Sandwich. These two are from the other side of the Pacific, and they show a very different style than what's available here in the States. First, from Japan is a ridiculously awesome ad for Jeanne d'Arc. You might not know Japanese, but seeing Japanese business men go crazy is always funny, no matter what language you speak.

Finally, we have this pretty awesome Korean ad for the Talkman. Man, they make the most romantic ads over there in Korea!

Video Sandwich: October 27, 2006

Two very different and random videos tonight: the first video shows Australia's Today Show going absolutely ga-ga about the PSP. They take a look at the Passport guides, and the Talkman translator guide. Their impressions about the software are overwhelming glowing, as if Sony ::cough:: paid for this spot. Strangely, they keep on telling the viewers to just take the systems away from the kids, and use it for themselves. The kids are too busy playing with their DS games to notice you taking the PSP away from them, anyways. Hilarious moment: when they talk about the $1000+ PLAYSTATION 3, because in Australian dollars, it is. Still evokes a very Twilight Zone kind of feeling.

The second video shows a very impressive parody of the original dustball ads that Sony ran to promote the PSP. It highlights one of the PSP's less attractive attributes: the dumb loading times. One has to wonder if this stigma will stick with the PSP for much longer: games like Daxter show impressive lack-of-load times that prove great developers can do amazing things with the system.

TGS 06: PSP game showcase

For the non-believers, this is a demo reel (note: no sound) showcasing some of the hot new titles coming to the PSP soon. You'll see the Ape Escape Racer, Jeanne d'Arc, the new Talkman, PaRappa the Rapper, Ratchet and Clank, Ace Combat X, Gundam Battle Royale, Tales of the World, Boxer's Road 2, Monster Hunter Portable 2, and more.

It's clear that the games library is maturing quite a bit on the handheld. I'm really impressed by how far the handheld has gone graphically, and that's with the CPU clock still limited 33%. A lot of these games look like winners, too. I'm really psyched for Jeanne d'Arc and Tales of the World. Ratchet and Clank looks absolutely beautiful too.

Japanese PSP owners never flirt in bars again

The internet is just filled with Japanese PSP gold today! Like I mentioned before, Japanese advertisements tend to teach valuable lessons. We learned that you should always keep your PSP up-to-date. This new advertisement teaches us that you should never use your Talkman in a bar. Or better yet, it teaches you not to slide your $200 white PSP at a hundred freaking miles per hour. Duh.

New Talkman, new languages

Don't act like you didn't see this coming. Well, even if you didn't, it's in the works anyway. A new installment of the Talkman translator is slated for a May release in Japan and is to include European languages this time around. Complete with English, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese, culturally aware gamers will be able to expand their linguistics by learning from the ever fluent blue bird Max.

Expect this title to make it over seas in the not-to-distant future.

[Thanks, Siliconera]

Sony Talkman chatting online retailers' ears off

Have you ever had one of those days when you ask a complete stranger in a foreign land where the bathroom is, then they give you is a sly look and push you wordlessly to the nearest capsule hotel, and the next morning you wake up and find out you've got the clap? Yeah, we hate that. Fortunately, now that the PSP Talkman's available for purchase here in the States, we'll no longer have that problem. Heck, we may look like dweebs brandishing our PSPs for all to see, but at least we won't be unintelligible!

Numerous listings have popped up on eBay, and it's also available for purchase at that persistent purveyor of polygonal pathos, Lik-Sang.

The Talkman is primarily a language interpreter program, although there is an included trainer feature. The application can understand English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean (although specific dialects for each have been imprecise), and can translate your phrases into any of these languages for playback. Archetypal anime characters help out the process by visualizing your phrases: Ask for directions to a restaurant and the screen will display one for you. The translation abilities of the Talkman are somewhat limited given that it doesn't actually generate a real-time translation, only a pre-recorded one. So I was understandably disappointed that my dream of asking, "Where is the Takashi Miike film festival?" wasn't going to be visualized into a cartoony, blood-stained theatre filled with animated gibs.

While not an official release, region coding hasn't been much of a problem for the PSP, so chances are even imported Talkmans (Talkmen?) will work fine on machines this side of the Pacific.

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