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PSP Fanboy review: SWAT Target Liberty

How unfortunate that at the same time we received our review copy of SWAT: Target Liberty, we also received our review copy of Sony's upcoming SOCOM Tactical Strike. The differences between the two titles only accentuate SWAT's significant shortcomings. It's not a bad game per se, but when compared to other offerings in the PSP library, it doesn't offer much. Neither tactical enough to be a thinking man's shooter, nor action-packed to be a fun arcade shooter, Target Liberty falls somewhere in between, and fails to really engage the player.

SWAT's convoluted story line takes place in a poorly-represented New York City. At first, players must engage warring Korean gangs that have civilians in the crossfire. Inexplicably, the fights will have you gunning through subway stations and office buildings in a search for a ... dirty bomb constructed by Islamic fundamentalists? The story is haphazardly constructed and does little more than magically transplant your team from one locale to the next.

The main star of the game is Wolfe, and at his disposal are three squad mates (two of which can be used in each mission). Theoretically, you can change weapons and characters, but there's almost no compelling reason to do so. Each mission can be tackled with the same gear and the same characters, thereby greatly reducing the amount of "tactics" the game should have.

Gallery: SWAT Target Liberty

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Escort hostages in SWAT multiplayer

Pick up those VIPs, will you? Escort them to the top of the roof, in this new video of SWAT: Target Liberty's multiplayer. Interestingly, IGN's preview notes that the levels will be randomly generated, creating new experiences every time you play. The game seems fun, especially for those that want some isometric Killzone action. However, there is one to thing to note: these SWAT members don't seem to know how to run.

Interrogate this new SWAT footage

SWAT: Target Liberty, the upcoming PSP-exclusive tactical game, had a playable showing at Comic-Con, and now first footage of the game is available for you to view. These videos are surprisingly brutal, far more so than actual New York City cops. The game may look a little like Killzone Liberation, but it's clear that it'll play far differently. Check out another video of the game after the break.

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Sierra offers playable SWAT and swag at Comic Con

Remotely interested in SWAT? How about free stuff? Sierra's joining the increasing list of publishers that will offer games at San Diego Comic Con. Visit Booth #3645 to play Sierra's upcoming games, including the PSP-exclusive SWAT: Target Liberty. Sierra's promising swag, so you may want to stop by.

For everyone else, we have five new screenshots of the game in our gallery.

Gallery: SWAT Target Liberty

New screens for SWAT: Target Liberty

While 3G Studios and Sierra still have the fall release date set, we can't help but continually perk our eyes and ears up when we get new details about SWAT: Target Liberty. The trailer was quite impressive. Earlier today, we noticed news about new screen shots, so we posted here to get fans something to drool over. Take a look the foliage peppered on the rock walls and the shadow details. And wait ... is that a pair of pants on the beam above? How did they get there? At any rate, do these new screens continue to capture your interest in the title? Or are you all SWATTed out?

SWAT: Target Liberty - first trailer

This tantalizing new trailer of SWAT: Target Liberty reveals tons of new locales and scenarios, and we have to admit we're quite excited. It's been a long time since we saw a SWAT game, and it's still surprising to know that it's moved to our handheld. What are you impressions of this Killzone-esque isometric shooter?

SWAT video footage looks a lot like Killzone

Although the information presented in this interview doesn't stray far from yesterday's IGN interview, GameTrailers is able to offer something that IGN can't: video. The isometric view does give it a feeling reminiscent of Killzone: Liberation. Seeing the way you move, target enemies, and have a partner following you--it all feels a little familiar. However, considering how beloved Killzone is amongst PSP fans, that can't be a bad thing, right?

One of the more exciting aspects of the game has to come from its multiplayer. Although it's currently limited to Ad-Hoc (boo!), the developers have added a random element to the battles: levels, enemies and hostages, can all be rendered randomly so that each play will never be the same as the last.

SWAT takes down terrorists in NYC

IGN has interviewed Paul Pawlicki, producer at Sierra Entertainment, about their newly unveiled SWAT: Target Liberty. The PSP tactical game will feature a story much deeper than what the series has typically provided: "The SWAT PC games weren't heavy on story and we decided to change that with the PSP version. All we can reveal so far is that we recruited Scott Rosenbaum, writer and producer of The Shield, to help create our all-new narrative."

The story takes place throughout New York City, spanning twelve single-player missions. Players will visit a variety of landmarks, such as Grand Central Station and Ellis Island. Throughout, players will be forced to handle hostage situations, bomb diffusions, and other nerve-wracking situations.

Check out the complete IGN interview to find out more about this exciting addition to the PSP library.

SWAT: Target Liberty infiltrates PSP

A brand-new SWAT is coming to PSP. And no, it's not a sequel to the Colin Farrell movie with the same name. Target Liberty is a brand-new PSP-exclusive extension of the popular PC tactical shooter. The series has been known for placing players in high-stakes situations, forcing players to take the least lethal approach possible. It appears Target Liberty will give portable players an isometric view of the action. Will it maintain the series' strategic approach, or will it be heavier on the action, a la Killzone: Liberation? Hopefully, we'll find out more in the coming weeks. Until then, check out these new screenshots, provided by

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