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Saturday PSP background explosion

Every week you can count on PSP Fanboy to bring you new backgrounds for your PSP and help keep it as fresh as a summer's day. This week we have an RPG related background, a puzzle/RPG background and an action game background. You'll just have to keep reading to see what these backgrounds are for yourself.

Backgrounds after the jump ...

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Prince of Persia rewinds, tries again on PSP

We haven't heard much about the upcoming PSP version of Prince of Persia: Rival Swords. Based on The Two Thrones, the PSP version promises exclusive content, featured in this new video. The footage looks somewhat disappointing, especially graphically: the PSP can certainly do better than this! Considering how the Prince's last foray on Sony's platform was met with general disdain from critics, this newest video doesn't inspire too much confidence.

Rival Swords hits the PSP later this month.

New Prince of Persia announced

The angsty Prince is back in a new game entitled Prince of Persia: Rival Swords. Like Revelations before it, Rival Swords is essentially an enhanced port of a PoP console game. Rival Swords takes the gameplay from last year's critically acclaimed The Two Thrones and adds new levels and multiplayer modes. For example, you will be able to race through levels against a friend, or play through new chariot levels and re-enact your favorite scene from Ben-Hur. The game will hit Holiday 2006 in Europe, and then hit American shores in 2007.

Should we get excited? I'm a bit doubtful on this one. Revelations met critical disapproval due to its high number of glitches and ridiculous loading times, and the same developer (Pipeworks Software) is working on this port. They might be able to work out the bugs this time around, but with so many original games heading to the system soon, a port can't really grab my attention.

[Via IGN]

Get your PSP deals here

With the high price of games today, there's no reason any gamer should have to pay full price, and the CAGs at continually find some of the best deals around. I've sifted through them, found the very best PSP deals and compiled them to save you, my fellow fanboys, a few bucks. Keep in mind, you need to act fast because some of these deals may expire soon.

$10 UMD movies [CAG]
While I know many of you are holding out for the Hey Verne series to come to UMD, you can pick up some great UMDs while you're waiting for hell to freeze over. The following UMD movies are only $10 at For Your Entertainment (FYE) stores: Batman, The Goonies, Dukes of Hazzard, Spawn, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alien, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Da Ali G Show Season 1, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Version 4, Training Day, Rush Hour 1 and 2, Predator and Ong Bak: Thai Warrior.

1GB SanDisk Pro Duo for $38
The Dell Online Store has the memory stick for only $38. With the recent news of the 2.5/2.6 downgrader, a good-sized memory stick will go a long way in satisfying your homebrew needs. Buy it here.

Prince of Persia: Revelations for $16

Gamestop has dropped the price of Prince of Persia: Revelations to the low price of $18. However, you can get it cheaper by using the PPLAY15 code during checkout to receive 10 percent off, or use the SAVER code for free shipping. Revelations didn't receive the best reviews around - a 68 percent to be exact - but for $16, you can't go wrong. Click here.

Preorder Tekken: Dark Resurrection for $35 shipped [CAG
Outpost is offering Namco's next-edition fighter for preorder for only $35 shipped. I'll be honest, I soured on this series after Tekken 2, but I know there's a few people out there who spend their nights dreaming of Nina Williams. Preorder it here.

Now, how's that for a slice of fried gold?

[Via CAG]

Prince of Persia reveals itself on the PSP

Speaking of requests for more games, Ubisoft unofficially declares today to be "Prince of Persia Revelations: Buy me now!" day as the title finally graces store shelves with its sword-swinging, baggy pants-wearing ode to gymastics and brooding royalty. The game, which is an adaptation (read: port) of  2004's Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, once again has the titular Prince hacking and slashing his way through hordes of supernatural riffraff, all in an effort to prove that he's the best at tearing you a new one while doing a full gainer off your backside. His award for all his efforts: An M-rating from the ESRB. Yay!

Prince of Persia Revelations will retail for $49.99 and is available in stores now. No word on whether the game will run on older firmware, though.

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