Gadling's resident pilot explains what life in the cockpit is like

Space Invaders invade through the ears with new headphones

There are already so many Space Invader Extreme products out there and now we're getting some Space Invader headphones. No doubt to coincide with the release of the new game (out now) and the 30th year anniversary, this headphone set is really pimping out the little alien creatures that sway side to side. Offered by online retailer NCSX, the headphones go for about $20. Worth it? Maybe -- if you don't already have a pair, or just a really huge Space Invaders fan.

[Via Kotaku]

Pre-order Bumpy Trot, get nifty pouch

If you've been out of the loop for Japanese game releases, Irem Software has Bumpy Trot: Vehicle Battle Tournament set for sometime in July. The game is a spiritual successor, of sorts, to the PS2 game Steambot Chronicles. It hit shores outside of Japan, so this one might, too. Well, if you're an import-friendly type of person and want to jump on this with a pre-order, you'll get this really nifty PSP pouch as a bonus. Enjoy!

[Via Siliconera]

GHSkinz opens up new line of pricey PSP skins

GHSkinz, a company that specifically makes skins for Guitar Hero and Rock Band instruments is now opening up a line of skins for handheld systems. The PSP is included, but unfortunately has the most ridiculously expensive ones at $10.95 a pop. That's more than double the price that their Nintendo DS and iPod Touch lines go for.

That's not to say that their products are not any good; the designs are quite beautiful -- just have a look. It just makes us scratch our heads as to why the PSP gets screwed over with such a large bill. Anyway, that's expensive in our minds but ultimately that's up to you if you're willing to pay the price.

More details on the US release of the PSP GPS and keyboard

It's taking long enough. GPS for PSP is available in many territories around the world, but the US has been trailing behind. Still scheduled for within the next twelve months, the American version of the GPS peripheral will have a few enhancements over its earlier incarnations. The navigation software, created by Tele Atlas, will run entirely in 3D. The software will be available on UMD, and as a downloadable to store directly on Memory Stick. It will be priced between $100 and $200, and will include a carmount. According to Gizmodo, the GPS experience may be enhanced in the US: "Sony is thinking about treasure hunts, friend locaters and other geo-coolness."

In addition, more details about the mysterious PSP keyboard have been unearthed: the keyboard will plug into the AV/headphone port at the bottom, and will flip over to cover the PSP screen when not in use. Other than that new tidbit, the keyboard remains an elusive mystery. Hopefully, we'll learn more during E3.

Brighten up your night with more than an LCD: a glowing face plate!

If your PSP is starting to appeal dull or boring, perhaps you should use it to play games instead of a decorative belt buckle. We're sure someone's doing that. But in all sincerity, Divineo products have released glowing face plates for the PSP -- giving the handheld a customized look during the day and night [easier to steal, so ladies (and a few gents), make sure you put it in a purse villains cannot see through!].

The thing works like any other glow-in-the-dark trinket: it absorbs light during the day and splashes your face in its warm glowing warming glow at night. If you think this is awesome, by all means, snatch one up! Use it as a night light, or a glowstick at a rave. It basically builds the uses for your PSP by expontential proportions.

[via DCEmu]

Go!Explore GPS system on French July release

The Go!Explore pack looks to be a rather fun and useful addition to the PSP's lineup of features. The GPS system is hitting France (and perhaps other parts of Europe) on July 2nd, if's French site is to be believed. There are packages bundling both a GPS and PSP system: giving brand new consumers the chance to jump on the PSP bandwagon. We hope SCEA will announce a similar program in the not-too-distant future.


PSP-2000 Traveler Case discovered

Original PSP owners can frequently be seen with a hard case, such as the ones made by Logitech. However, the slimmer PSP-2000 series do not fit in those cases. What's a PSP-2000 user supposed to do, then?

They can pick up the Traveler Case, a hard PSP case which will store the system, Memory Sticks and UMDs -- all for $20. We spotted them on sale (with discount) at both and The case will be available at the end of the month.

[Via PSP GadgetZ]

Gallery: PSP-2000 Traveler Case

Video: PlayStation Day demonstration of PlayTV, Go!Explore

Europe gets all the fun stuff! Watch David Reeve's PlayStation Day presentation about the PSP, which talks about two key PSP products available across the Atlantic: PlayTV and Go!Explore. PlayTV gives PSP owners access to DVR content, through connectivity with PS3. Go!Explore is an affordable GPS utility, which adds yet another fancy tool to PSP's ever-expanding features list. C'mon, SCEA! Give us GPS ... now!

Skype headset finally available (for real!)

We're glad that SCEA finally confirmed the availability of Skype-compatible PSP headsets at retailers today. When we first discovered the peripheral, it was supposed to release last month for $20. Well, looks like things have changed. The peripheral is now available at a MSRP of $30 at your favorite retailer. We checked,, and GameStop -- and it appears that is still your best bet.

The new headset offers stereo sound, an adjustable microphone, and a lightweight design with soft ear cushions. It's the easiest way to get Skype working on your PSP. For more information on how to use the VoIP service, check out our guide.

Make your PSP glow in the dark

Seeing this sort of mod makes you just want to stop and stare and say some pre-school gibberish like "ooh, glowing thing." While you comfortably ogle idly with desire, we'll continue reporting on this gorgeous add-on. When you're ready to wipe the drool over your chin, read on.

This product you see here is called the XCM Magic Night Glow faceplate. It latches onto the front side of slim model PSPs only and comes in pearl, yellow, blue (pictured), green, pink, and red. Each faceplate glows a different color than its original scheme. For example: the blue one pictured above will glow greenish (also pictured). So far there's no price set yet, but you can find a place to pre-order it over at XCM's website.

Now, just think of all the practical uses your PSP will now have; it's not only a game machine and a music player, but also a nightlight and a rave party glow toy! Sweet.

[Via Gizmodo]

Sony's official PSP cradle is a thing of beauty

Released in Japan, Sony's official PSP cradle is a magnificent thing of beauty. For those that want to use PSP as a mini-theatre of sorts will certainly want to snag this elegantly designed peripheral. The remote will allow you to turn on your PSP, and control every function of the XMB.

For more images of the device, check out our friends at PSP GadgetZ.

Another waterproof baggie keeps PSP safe in the shower

About a month ago, we posted about a ziplock-like baggie to shield your PSP while you game in the shower. Today, we've got another similar accessory that will keep your PSP waterproof. This one looks more stylish than the first -- with that nice little handle and complimentary suction cup clips which keep the item neatly hanging on the shower wall.

This new bag comes from Cyber Gadgets. It's made from thick vinyl material and is large enough to house both fat and slim PSPs, as well as a TV tuner. The bag also keeps afloat. It's priced at about ¥1280 (US$12.35). To see more pictures of the product, click right here (note: scroll down once at the link).

[Via Game Watch]

Make your PSP a Rhinestone Cowboy with some Jewel Stone Sheets

Step back into the 70's with this rhinestone-Bedazzler-encrusted PSP. Sure, you could go ahead and get some diamonds to attach to your favorite handheld, but why look official when you can say: "I'm a fool" without opening your mouth? Maybe we're overreacting. Someone is bound to enjoy Gametech's Jewel Stone Sheets, customizing their PSP to reflect sunlight like nobody's business. If it's your thing, cool. If not, feel free to mock it.

[via PSPVault]

Gelaskins now offering pretty awesome looking PSP skins

All right, you skinaholics (those addicted to PSP skins), we've got something new to feed your addiction. Gelaskins already had stuff to protect your iPod, RAZR, and other odd peripherals, but they've decided to reach into the handheld gaming market and now offer protective sticker-skins for the PSP and DS Lite. These skins are designed by professional artists or are adaptations of professional artist's work. On their site, they say if you buy three you can pick a fourth one for free! Check them out, see what you think. All are guaranteed to remove without any residue, so buy with confidence or whatever.

[via Gearlog]

Wherefore art thou, Skype headset?

Why is this taking so long? Many have inquired about the PSP Skype headset, which was originally listed as an April release for $20. Now, is showing a May 7th release and a price of $30.

We love using Skype on our PSP -- it's a nifty free feature that we'd like to see become ubiquitous in the community. However, without this official headset, we don't think too many people are going to jump on the Skype bandwagon. C'mon, Sony! Let's get this headset out there!

Update: Reader Rick Adams pointed out an excellent deal: has the headset available for $16 + $6 shipping. They have the product listed for release on April 25th.

[Thanks, Bryan!]

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