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PSP Fan Art Fridays: Killzone

Do you want to share your PSP-related fan art? Send us an . A new piece of fan art will be shared every Friday.

The entire point of our Fan Art series, is to share some of the best gaming inspired works with our readers. Games with striking visuals, tend to make great fodder for fan art. It is because of this fact, that it's unsurprising to see Killzone fan art. This art looks like it was down with colored chalk on gray paper. It was created by the artist known as Kazuya. The fact that this image was done in chalk with dark tones really fits with the Killzone theme. All and all, it makes for a really powerful image. If you enjoy this fan art as much as we do, check out Kazuya's deviantART page to see his other fan art. That, or you can let Kazuya know what you think of the art in our comments section.

Gallery: Fan Art Fridays

Killzone: Liberation patch finally available

After countless months of waiting, the promised Killzone: Liberation patch is finally available for download. The patch includes an extension of the single-player campaign (Chapter 5), and new multiplayer options -- such as the hotly anticipated Infrastructure mode, which allows players to compete against other PSP players around the globe.

The download is available through the game's in-game menu and can also be found at the newly revamped killzone.com website.

[Thanks, Lucas]

Killzone Command Center opens, but where's the expansion?

Remember the Killzone downloadable content that we were supposed to get nearly ten months ago? This free expansion will expand the single player campaign and offer a crucial upgrade to the multiplayer: Infrastructure support. After a successful beta test, we assumed that the patch would come soon, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Delay after delay has plagued this free download, and even as the new Killzone Command Center website opens today, we still don't see the expansion available for download.

So, what gives? Sure, the site is pretty, but we were expecting more. According to Gameplanet Store NZ, the expansion will finally come out on May 21st. We don't have official confirmation of this release date, but this is one of the few hints we have to work with. Hopefully, it won't be too much longer until Killzone fans get another fix.

[Via Sony Protection Group. Thanks, Jack!]

Killzone Infrastructure gets delayed, but now supports headset

Killzone fans want Infrastructure support--and they want it now! Unfortunately, it appears that this downloadable addition has been delayed yet again. According to a PlayStation forum post, "We still have too many bugs that need fixing before we can be 100% happy with the patch. We want it to be as good as possible and releasing it right now would not be fair on you guys, so we have decided to postpone it a couple of weeks."

In the midst of bad news, there's still some good: the single-player extension will be free, and the multiplayer mode will support microphone use, so you can taunt other players online: "Good news is, we have the all clear to make Chapter 5 a free download. We have been expecting this and have been 99.9% sure it would be, but we could not announce it without the blessing of the higher ups. Also I want to confirm that it will allow Voice comms for those with headsets, but that is all I want to tell you about it right now. "

This Killzone patch cannot come soon enough.

[Via PSP-Vault]

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Killzone: Liberation downloadable demo

Deal of the Day: Killzone gets cheap

Amazon.com has a somewhat random deal today: Killzone: Liberation is now available for $26.48 with free shipping. Now's probably a good time to pick up the game, considering how a new Infrastructure multiplayer patch will be publically available soon. PSP Fanboy commenters will be quick to note that Killzone is one of their favorite games on the system: would you like to join them?

[Via CAG]

Killzone multiplayer beta participants selected

Those who signed up for the Killzone multiplayer beta and haven't checked their e-mail in a while, may want to sort through the porn and pills spam, because you may have been selected to participate. I know this because I got selected and readers have e-mailed us to say they were also selected. While I'm under non-disclosure about the specifics of the multiplayer, I can say if you're a fan of Killzone: Liberation than you'll love the multiplayer. Don't feel too bad if you weren't selected for the beta, the multiplayer should be made available to everyone soon and we'll be sure to let you know when that day comes.

[ Thanks Kevin ]

PSP's greatest hits: now in claymation

This is certainly one of the strangest things we've seen so far at PSP Fanboy. A member of the PlayStation forums, psp-frog, has created various claymated shorts of his favorite PSP games using Chotto Shot. While it may not have the same production values of, say, Wallace & Grombit, it's fascinating to see his dedication for Sony's handheld produce something so unique. Check out the following videos, after the cut: Loco Roco, SOCOM, Killzone, and Ape Escape.

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More Killzone multiplayer beta invites sent out

Reader Szs315 shot us an e-mail to let us know that Sony is now widening the Killzone multiplayer beta. I actually got an invite to sign up for the beta and so I did. Now I just have to wait and see if Sony loves me enough to allow me to participate. If they snub me on this, they better let me in on that Home beta. Readers who want to partake can go to http://pspbeta.us.playstation.com on their PSP's browser. Then cross your fingers, wear a rabbit foot and write a 7 on your forehead in hopes to boost your chances of getting into the beta.

[ Thanks Szs315 ]

Reader hands-on: Killzone infrastructure [Update 1]

One of our readers, Kade, has prepared a special treat for PSP Fanboy readers. He was invited into the Killzone: Liberation infrastructure multiplayer beta, and he's written a rant/preview/hands-on about his experience. It's detailed enough to make you get jealous!

Check it out, after the break. It'll make for some good, relaxing Saturday morning reading.

[Update 1: Disabled comments.]

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Killzone Liberation online beta coming soon

The team at Guerilla promised that we'd get an online multiplayer mode for Killzone Liberation shortly after its release. Months have passed since then, and we've been waiting eagerly for this hotly anticipated downloadable upgrade. Well, it looks like the multiplayer expansion is finally getting ready. YourPSP is inviting European PSP owners to participate in a beta.

Unfortunately, Yanks like me won't be able to partake in this opportunity. Hopefully us Americans will get to partake soon enough.

[Thanks, Joe!]

Better on PSP

Sony requires any game ported to the PSP to have extra content not found in other versions of that same title, but that's not what this post is about. A strange thing has happened to game franchises on the PSP, sometimes their best showing is on the portable. Can a franchise that you loathe be loved on the PSP? Well it has happened to me ...twice already.

Syphon Filter is a gaming series that I just couldn't stand on the Playstation or Playstation 2. I disliked the graphics, animation and gameplay of every version I tried. Even fams of Syphon Filter seemed to hate the last one that came out on PS2. So when a Syphon Filter game was announced on PSP, I was as interested in it as I was about castration. When reviews started to pour out that stating the game was incredible I lost respect for every reviewer that enjoyed it. Then one day while adding games to my Gamefly Q I decided to put Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror on the list. I didn't do it because I expected to enjoy the game, but rather so I could validate my hatred for the franchise.

Continued after the jump...

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Killzone: Liberation downloadable demo

While Killzone: Liberation didn't take PSP Game of the Year honors, it still has a legion of fans that love its action-packed top-down gameplay. If you missed this game last year, now's your chance to try a sweet downloadable demo.

1. Download the demo ZIP file.
2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file.
3. Connect your PSP to your computer using a USB cable.
4. Go to the PSP/GAME folder.
5. Copy UCES00279-Demo folder into directory.

Check out our new demos site:

Killzone commercials are Resident Evil-y bad

While I do appreciate the effort, these new Killzone: Liberation commercials remind me too much of the original Resident Evil intro - both are chock full of bad acting. Thankfully, the game seems to be a lot better than these commercials.

But thanks to Sony's PS1 emulation feature, you'll soon be able to replay Resident Evil on the go.

Killzone Liberation PSP bundle invades France

One of our French readers, kingplayer, sent us a tip about a brand new PSP bundle hitting France (and maybe the rest of Europe?). Like the previous Korea-only Tekken pack, this bundle features some pretty sweet box art and... well, nothing else, really. Killzone will obviously be included in this particular bundle. It appears that Sony will also be providing a new bundle featuring Vice City Stories for release the week after. Our European fans can look out for the new packages on November 8th (for Killzone) and November 15th (for GTA).

Metareview: Killzone: Liberation

The second half of October is going to be an expensive month for PSP owners. October 31st will be an especially expensive time, with two of the PSP's biggest heavy-hitters launching simultaneously: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and Killzone Liberation. The early reviews of Killzone are in, and so far, it's good:
  • IGN (90/100) - "It seems wherever Liberation can go the extra mile, it does. It delivers on all fronts, from a thoroughly engrossing single-player campaign to an addictive multiplayer component. Liberation also shames most other PSP offerings through its presentation, which blends excellent visuals and sound with a clean and user-friendly interface. It has a few quirks, but in the end, they seem almost negligible. Definitely recommended to fans of the action genre, but also to anyone who dislikes bad games."
  • Game Informer (73/100) - "Killzone is a franchise that has generated a lot of hype based on one average console FPS and a really wicked E3 video a couple of years ago, but Liberation is a PSP title that has some real meat on its bones... The basics here are all done well; I just wish there was a better auto-targeting system in place, a flaw that really limited my enjoyment of this game. Still, when portable versions of shooters so often feel like product for product's sake, it's good to see a company that's actually trying to do some quality work on the PSP."
  • UGO (90/100) - "Gameplay-wise, Liberation is one of the best overhead shooters we've ever played... We would've liked to see a slightly meatier single-player experience, but the promised downloadable chapters and maps should help that. Mutliplayer, on the other hand, is top notch, and if you've got a couple friends with the game, it'll be a sure way to kill a few hours."
Meaty? Not meaty? Game Informer and UGO seem to disagree and the meatocity of the game, but one cannot forget that much more content will be made available later on in the year as free downloads, such as the highly coveted Infrastructure multiplayer. Our very own Chris Powell gave the demo an 8.5 earlier in the year, and it appears that the final version of the game is well represented by the demo. So, dust off your demo UMDs, and give the demo a spin. Chances are if you like the demo, you'll like the game.

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