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Red Mile talks Jackass and creating original games for PSP

We were surprised when Jackass: The Game for PSP didn't suck. Anyone that's been part of the games industry for any amount of time knows that licensed games are typically void of creativity and polish. Thankfully, it appears that indie game publisher Red Mile is trying something different. Red Mile's Chester Aldridge notes their acquisition of the Jackass license -- something that wasn't done as a simple cash-in: "we are not in the business of making games based on marketing "events" such as movie releases. We're not making a game based on Jackass 1 or Jackass 2, we're making a great game based on the spirit of the brand. We signed Jackass before the second movie was even announced."

When questioned as to why Jackass has so many exclusive features on PSP, Aldridge pointed out the potential that the platform has, and how PSP gamers are looking for original content. "We believe that fundamentally Sony has a great platform on its hands and that it will prosper for many years to come. One thing that we keep hearing is that the catalog of genuinely innovative PSP titles is quite small. That's something we've addressed directly in Jackass: The Game with a number of PSP-exclusive features, including the replay editor."

Red Mile is certainly proud of their PSP accomplishments, having brought the cult-classic GripShift to the platform during its infancy. While Jackass may seem like "just another licensed game," we're glad to see that it appears they're trying to get the most out of the PSP.

Jackass producer answers questions about his own game

In a self-made interview, Aaron Rigby, producer of the upcoming Jackass game, talked about some of the features in this licensed PS2/PSP game. Our initial hands-on impressions of the mini-game collection were surprisingly positive, thanks to the game's great sense of humor, and wonderful video editing feature. Read on for more.

How came the idea of a Jackass game?
The original series was the biggest inspiration. It was just crazy and creative. The way the jackass crew had the show set up gave us the opportunity to draw from a huge amount of stunts.

Is the game based in actual sketches or are they completely new?
Nearly every stunt is original. The risk-factor of the stunts has been pushed higher for the game so, as tough as the guys are, they probably wouldn't survive things like diving off a sky-scraper or rolling down a street in a trash can. We can get away with a lot more peril in the games that would be suicidal with real people.

Gallery: Jackass: The Game

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PSP Fanboy hands-on: Jackass

This may come as a shock: Jackass: The Game is good.

What is Jackass? The game is based off of the popular MTV franchise, and it captures the spirit of the show's crazy antics through a series of minigames. Yes, it sounds like it belongs on the Wii, but for now it's set for release on PSP and PS2. In a rather unusual move, it appears that the PSP version is the "lead" version of the title, as it features a number of improvements over its console brethren.

Each game is relatively simple, with controls that rarely use more than the analog stick and a single button. In the first few episodes we played, you control a Jackass in a tumultuous drop down a San Francisco street, dance in your undies, catapult yourself across a suburban town, shoot paintballs, and race in a golf car. While some of the games have some irksome controls, each level is enhanced the solid graphics, detailed motion captured animations, voice acting, and irresistible irresponsible charm. There are various goals to achieve in each level, which certainly adds a lot more replay value.

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Jackass in motion

From the above trailer, it's impossible to tell if Jackass: The Game will have good gameplay, or be a worthy investment. You can however tell that it has nailed the feel of Jackass, while showcasing impressive graphics, and animation. If it wasn't obvious that the cast was digital, we'd think we were watching scenes from a third Jackass movie. Licensed games often get the rap of being sloppy wastes of time. At the very least, Jackass: The Game looks like it'll be fun to watch. We should have hand-on impressions soon, and we'll find out for sure in September if you should try this at home.

New details and screens for Jackass: The Game

All Jackass haters may scoff at the notion that the Jackass game could even be mildly fun, but with new details emerging about Jackass: The Game, we're getting a little excited. The entire Jackass crew will represent themselves on the PSP, complete with authentic voicework and motion-captured animations. Of the 30 included stunts, the screenshots here show that a trolley race and Whack-a-Weeman are sure to make the list. Multiplayer appears to be faring quite well, with the inclusion of head-to-head, as well as downloadable episodes and user-created content. That's right, user-created content, as in the ability to record, edit and upload your most vicious snippets of carnage for the world to see. We dare say, this feature list may be enough to bump Jackass: The Game from our "rent" list to "buy." We shall see.

Gallery: Jackass: The Game

PSP game tops most-wanted list; Andrew horrified

Do you see something wrong with this picture? I logged into my Club IGN account, and I was horrified at the "Top in Wishlists" info. While it's great that it's a PSP game, why would it be this one?! Somehow, Jackass: The Game has beaten the likes of Super Smash Bros on Wii and Halo 3 on Xbox 360. Is IGN pulling another prank? Or, do people really want Jackass-on-the-go?

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