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Import game releases for the week of 1/7/07

Stephen Bailey takes you through the latest Japanese import releases every Sunday in our new feature.

The PSP allows you to play import games without having to solder toaster parts to it and hook it to a car battery. This ease of use surely deserves to be rewarded with a list of the import games of the week.


We may have had Gunpey on our PSPs for a while, but Japan is just getting their version of the puzzle music game. As previously reported, this is probably the version to get simply because of the sexy box cover. If the cover does sway you into purchasing it, know that the game has the style you'd expect from a Q Entertainment release and the gameplay consists of flipping lines to connect them to other lines (it's more exciting than it sounds). For the curious, the "R" stands for "rebirth". This makes sense since the whole Gunpey thing is nothing new in Japan.

Nobunaga no Yabou: Shouseiroku (Koei the Best)

This is the re-release of this game as a "Best" version, which in Japan just means the game sold well. That or they're re-releasing it to try and get it back on store shelves. This is a Koei history strategy game, so it's likely that it isn't a good import idea if you don't speak japanese. On the other hand, it never came out in english, so if you're hardcore or brave enough, import away.

And that's it for this week, but don't fall into a lack of import depression, we'll have more import games next week

No gameplay, just girls in Japanese Gunpey

While browsing Play-Asia recently, I stumbled upon the Japanese box art for Gunpey, the puzzle game that almost everyone forgot about. While the American box art hints at the gameplay in the background, the Japanese box simply shows off a girl's midriff. While I'm not complaining, it's interesting to note the differences in marketing approaches to the two markets. Will Japan prove that slightly scantily clad women sell more games than creepy high-contrast girls being bombarded by lines?

Gunpey PSP versus Gunpey DS

DS and PSP fanboys can never agree about which Q? Entertainment puzzler is the best. PSP owners love Lumines' stylish looks, kickin' music, and mellow gameplay. DS owners love Meteos' wi-fi multiplayer, intuitive touch screen controls, and hectic gameplay. Now, the DS and PSP Mizuguchi fans will be able to argue about the same game: Gunpey. The two handhelds take two very different approaches to the game, and according to 1UP, the DS gets the better version:
The PSP version is the purest taste of Gunpey you're likely to receive anywhere. The skin collecting is addictive, and as long as you don't mind the brutal, linear, hours-long grind needed to collect them all, then this is probably the version most older gamers will go for. But if you're looking for a more full-featured game, with greater variety -- and don't mind the cartoony milieu of Gunpey DS -- then you will find this version not only a superior value, but a superior game.
Although the DS version is more cartoony (and looks like it's for kids), it features one important feature the PSP version lacks: game sharing. I loved playing Meteos multiplayer with just one cartridge, and it's a shame that most PSP games don't seem to take advantage of this incredible feature. It's sad to think that maybe the PSP version would've outclassed the DS version if it bothered to include game sharing. Gunpey comes out November 14th.

More grooves from Gunpey

Hope you're not too busy playing Lumines II and Every Extend Extra, because there's another Q? Entertainment puzzler coming out soon: it's Gunpey. It recently went gold, and IGN got access to some videos, and awesome MP3s from the game's kickin' soundtrack. Folks that are reading this on their PSP (via may want to download the music files directly onto their systems:

Cigar and Desert
Cool Lady

See also:
Downloadable music from Gunpey

Downloadable music from Gunpey

Of the three upcoming Mizuguchi music fusion games, it feels like Gunpey's getting the least attention. And that's not fair! The line-connecting puzzler features the same sensory candy as Lumines, with impressive skins and even better music. IGN has secured some footage of the game in motion, and it is a beautifying mix of colors and sound. But that's not all! You'll definitely want to download the three MP3s they have from the game's soundtrack, plop them into your PSP and then listen to some really groovin' techno while you're on the go.

Gunpey hits stores one week after Lumines, one the 14th. It's also retailing for the budget price of $30. Rad.

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Heavenly Star Fan Pack

PSP puzzlers featured in new season of The 1UP Show

I ran into Milky from 1UP a few times at DigitalLife, and during our video game musings, we discovered our mutual love of one thing... Lumines. The latest episode of The 1UP Show (PSP version also available) reveals some new footage and details from the upcoming music puzzler. The show reveals that J-Pop artist Mondo Grosso will headline the introductory track for the game, and it looks like a lot of fun. What isn't so fun are the new English language pop music video levels. The music doesn't mesh with the game, and the videos can be distracting, according to the Milkman. Interestingly, the graphics of this puzzle game have somehow become more beautiful. Gyuh? The rest of the episode goes to detail about the customization options in the new Lumines, and unlockables, and the new "harder" difficulty level.

If that wasn't enough Mizuguchi love for you, Gunpey is featured on the episode, and there's nothing but praise for the game. With stylish good looks, a rockin' soundtrack, and some addictive puzzle gameplay, it appears that Gunpey is where PSP owners will flock to get a new puzzler fix, if Lumines feels too familiar for them. Interestingly, the show reveals that both Lumines and Gunpey have been delayed in Japan to 2007, meaning American gamers will be able to enjoy these very quirky Japanese-centric games months before the land of the rising sun. And the reason? Because PSP has become so overshadowed by the DS. Lumines II arrives in stores November 7.

Gunpey gameplay footage

Some people say I have an unhealthy obsession over Mizuguchi's games. Those people are not incorrect. Gunpey is a totally rad puzzler from the famed Lumines creator, and two new videos showcasing the music-infused puzzle gameplay have been released. The point of the game is to create a line that reaches from left to right... but of course, it's a little bit trickier than it sounds. If you haven't experienced Gunpey yet, now's your chance, after the break.

Continue reading Gunpey gameplay footage

TGS 06: Gunpey & Every Extend Extra media

Gamespot has just posted up new media of the upcoming Q? Entertainment games, Gunpey and Every Extend Extra. Of note is the comprehensive interview that goes over the features of the PSP version of Gunpey. The interview reveals there are 5 artists contributing music to the game, each with their unique genre. One of the new features for the PSP version is the 10x10 mode, which has you creating a horizontal line twice the length of the original. (Trust me, that won't be easy!) According to the interview, the beginner gamer can squeeze out about 20 hours of gameplay out of this title. But, can you really quantify the amount of time you spend with a puzzler? Hell, I still play Lumines.

Watch - Gunpey
Watch - Every Extend Extra

Sony unveils its PSP Tokyo Game Show lineup

Sony unveils its PSP TGS 2006 lineupWith E3 seemingly now a shadow of its former self, the gaming industry's focus may shift to the Tokyo Game Show, which just so happens to be only a mere seven days away. TGS 2006 goes from Sept. 22 through 24 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. And to whet your appetite, Sony has released a preliminary list of the PSP lineup that should be in playable form at the event.
  • Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception (Namco Bandai Games)
  • Bounty Hounds (Namco Bandai Games)
  • Boxers Road 2: The Real (Ertain)
  • Gundam Battle Royale (Namco Bandai Games)
  • Homestar Portable* (Sega)
  • Jan-Sangokumusou (Koei)
  • Jeanne D'Arc (Sony Computer Entertainment)
  • Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel (Konami)
  • Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops* (Konami)
  • Minna no Golf-jou* (Sony Computer Entertainment)
  • Monster Hunter Portable 2nd (Capcom)
  • Navigation Software* (working title) (Edia)
  • Ratchet and Clank Portable (working title) (Sony Computer Entertainment)
  • Sarugettchu Piposaru Racer (Sony Computer Entertainment)
  • Tales of the World Radiant Mythology (Namco Bandai Games)
  • Tenchi no Mon 2: Busouden (Sony Computer Entertainment)
(* – supports GPS)

In addition the already mentioned games, Sony will show new video of 35 more titles. I believe the big story here is how effectively the GPS games use the add-on. If Sony can get software that show the peripheral is more than a gimmick, the PSP may be able to gain some ground on the DS.

(Via Gamespot)

The other music puzzler: Gunpey

1UP's weeklong coverage of Q? Entertainment brings us yet another PSP game, one which you might not be too familiar with: Gunpey. This new puzzler has (surprise) an emphasis on music, and psychadelic imagery. It might sound and look like Lumines, but the gameplay is pretty different. Your goal is to create a complete line from left to right by pushing and moving blocks that have lines in them. The video will show you how simple it is in theory: but in execution, it'll take practice to become an expert.

The PSP version of Gunpey features over 40 skins, which dwarves the skins found in Lumines. In addition, there's a Super Gunpey mode, which has to be "super." You might want to check out DS Fanboy later in the day to see how the DS version compares.

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