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PSP Fan Art Fridays: Gitaroo-Man

Do you want to share your PSP-related fan art? Send us an . A new piece of fan art will be shared every Friday.

PSP Fanboy's love for Gitaroo-Man is great indeed. With that in mind, we're happy to have this vibrant Gitaroo-Man fan art this week. If this fan art seems to have a Japanese feel, it has more to do with than just Gitaroo-Man being developed in Japan. Yayane (the creator of this particular work) lives in the land of the rising sun. It wouldn't be surprising to see this image used as the jumping off point for a Gitaroo-Man anime. If you like the above image, or want to see Yayane dressed as Spiderman, then check out his deviantArt page. That, or you can let Yayane know what you think of the art in our comments section.

Gallery: Fan Art Fridays

Build your very own Puma, from Gitaroo-Man

If it isn't obvious, I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession over Gitaroo-Man, the first music game from iNiS. The lovable music game featured the titular hero and a biting sidekick, Puma. Thanks to the efforts of one Nick Hayes, you'll be able to build your own papercraft version of Puma in incredible, high-definition, 3D life. You won't need to learn any black magicks: all you need is this printout, a pair of scissors, some glue and (optionally) a dime. Download the PDF cutout here.

[Via Siliconera]

Happy Valentine's Day from PSP Fanboy

Click image for a hi-res version.

Happy Valentine's Day, PSP fan boys and girls! Do you have a special somebody in your life? One that you would do a duet with in Gitaroo-Man Lives! Well, tell that guy or girl your true feelings today with our special Valentine's e-card. Inspired by the hit Sony flog, this gift should warm the heart of the gaming other in your life.

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Joystiq Valentine's Day

Saturday PSP background explosion

I still can't figure out if my PS3 can do custom backgrounds, but I do know my PSP can. Because of this and to help spice up our reader's PSPs, we will be showcasing new backgrounds every Saturday for you to marvel at.

Backgrounds after the jump...

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PSP Fanboy review: Gitaroo-Man Lives!

I have a sad confession to make. I never bought the original Gitaroo-Man. However, the gaming gods have been kind enough to forgive such a sin, and they've ported the game to the PSP in the energetically-titled Gitaroo-Man Lives! I became interested iNiS's games ever since Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! landed in my DS, and I have to say that this handheld offering is just as good and stylish. There's a reason why the original PS2 game was nominated for an "Original Funk" award from SCEA.

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Gitaroo Man pre-order swag (and other less important games)

Gitaroo Man Lives! plans on burnin' down the PSP come November 14th, and if you pre-order the game online at Gamestop, you'll not only secure yourself a copy of the game, you'll also get a 5-pin set (which looks suspiciously like the ones given away in Europe a while back). Although the game is merely an updated port of the PS2 cult classic, there are tons of people out there that haven't had a chance to play this rad game from the creators of import-favorite Ouendan. It received some rave reviews, so don't be afraid to break out the dough.

It appears as if you'll be able to pre-order Pimp My Ride and NFL Street 3 and get some swag too, but I stopped reading 'round there. You can head over to Gamestop Gamespot (why are they named so similarly???!) to get all the details.

Import music games montage

The DS's Ouendan may get a lot of attention for the dual-screened portable, but the real hardcore gamers know that the best music games are on the PSP. This video montage features Taiko No Tatsujin Portable 2, DJ Max Portable & Gitaroo Man Lives! With PaRappa the Rapper and Lumines II coming in the coming months, the PSP will become one of the best systems for music games.

Gitaroo Man to rock on the PSP Nov. 14

Gitaroo Man to rock on the PSP Nov. 14If you were hesitant to pick up the extremely cheap Gitaroo Man import last month, then you may be excited to know Koei is shipping the rhythm game to our shores come Nov. 14.

IGN has already released a Gitaroo Man review giving it an 8.8 and says it's "one of the finest games the genre has ever produced." Pretty lofty words indeed.

And to make sure there is at least a few things new in the port, Koei has included an ad hoc Duet mode.

[Via Joystiq]

Deal of the day: Gitaroo Man Live import for $20

Deal of the day: Gitaroo Man Live import for $20
I realize there haven't been a whole lot of PSP deals the last week, but I have a real doozy for you today. The Asian import version of Gitaroo Man Lives, a rythm-based game, is available for a measly $20 from Play-Asia. And to make it even sweeter, the it's only $3.10 for world-wide shipping.

If you've never heard of the game, it received an 8.8 from IGN, and they said it's "one of the finest games the genre has ever produced." Ya hear that? The game is awesome, folks, so hurry and pick it up before they're all gone!

(Via - Registration required)

Get Metal Headed in Gitaroo Man Lives!

It's been a while since we last talked about the upcoming Inis-developed music game, Gitaroo Man Lives. Although the game is essentially a port of the PS2 original, the game features some new tracks, such as this one: Metal Header. It's playable in the new PSP-exclusive Duet mode. The player, DJMaru, says he's not too good at the game, but considering its insane difficulty, we should give him some props. Gitaroo Man comes to the US in October, according to

PSP impressions: Gitaroo Man

During the last day of E3, the very last game that I got my hands on before being ushered out the door like some kind of animal was Gitaroo Man over at Koei's booth. I had honestly never played a Gitaroo Man title before, however was familiar with the premise. Basically, you're a kid, with a cool dog sidekick, who battles evil as the Gitaroo Man, the ultimate guitar-wielding super hero.

I played two songs before I was forced to leave, which were the first and second song, coincidentally. The gameplay of the title is rhythm-based, where the player is forced to time button presses to the song through several segments of the song, which each have their own distinct play style during the overall song's "battle." One area asks you to press either the X, O, Triangle, or Square buttons in time with icons representing each respectively as they fly toward the center of the screen, while other segments ask you to trace a line with the d-pad while pressing the O button in time with marked riffs in the song. Overall, the gameplay was loads of fun and left me wanting more.

Gitaroo-Man set to rock the PSP

Speculation of Gitaroo-Man making the trip to the PSP were confirmed yesterday when a listing on Sony Japan's retail site noted the rhythm-based title, called Gitaroo-Man Live!, would be released on the 25th of May. While there still is no official word from the title's developer, Koei, the rumors that have been circulating about the game appearing on the PSP suggest that Koei's announcement may be little more than a formality. There's also no news if the game will ever be released outside of Japan. However, if Gitaroo-Man on the PS2 was any indication, there's always a chance it could see some action on US soil.

Strange as the game may be, it does have its share of fans, all of whom we're guessing are already drooling at the thought of taking their Gitaroo on the road. Yeah, we always assume that gamers are that desperate. We're mean that way.

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