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PSP Fanboy review: Every Extend Extra

Although Every Extend Extra has been available in the US and Japan for many months now, Europeans have had to wait ever so patiently for this strange puzzle-shooter game. The game is finally releasing this Friday for European audiences, and it comes highly recommended. Every Extend Extra contains all of the gorgeous visuals, fantastic soundtrack, and interesting gameplay of other Mizuguchi-produced games (such as Lumines).

So why hasn't the game amassed the sales and fan following that it deserves? Although the game's technical merits are outstanding, the gameplay is certainly not as accessible as Lumines. The game's premise is rather unique, turning around a traditional videogaming convention on its head: unlike other shooters, you'll have to blow up your ship.

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Exclusive: Every Extend Extra fan pack

While America has been able to enjoy Every Extend Extra for months now, Europe will be getting Mizuguchi's latest PSP-exclusive effort this Friday. This unique game fuses an interesting shooter-like concept with Q? Entertainment's trademark music synestesia.

In preparation for the game's European release, Buena Vista has prepared a new trailer and a few new wallpapers for you to download to your PSP. You'll learn how to play this puzzling game, and find some sweet designs for you to plaster your system with. Expect our full review of the game in next few days.


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Metareview: Every Extend Extra

Every Extend Extra started as a freeware PC app that was transformed by the music-loving Q? Entertainment folks. With flashy skins, and groovin' music, does Every Extend Extra continue the music puzzling legacy of Mizuguchi, or does it fall flat on its face? Let's see what the critics have to say:
  • CVG (90/100) thinks the game is just as good as its Lumines predecessor: "With all the impressive music and visual tech pushing Every Extend Extra, its easy to forget that when you strip it all away there's a unique and addictive shooter lying underneath. As with Lumines, E3 is a game for those who appreciate a simple yet brilliantly-realised, score-driven experience - otherwise you might just be put off by the limited amount of raw content the game has to offer."
  • IGN (81/100) thinks the game's a bit too short-lived, but its pretty looks keep it coming back for more: "Nine stages may not sound like a lot, and truthfully, it's not. But for some cosmic reason it satisfies nonetheless. Each one provides such a distinct arena, complete with unique musical tracks and background animations, that moving through the game gives players an actual sense of accomplishment."
  • The Mizuguchi-worshipping 1UP (60/100) gave a surprisingly low review, saying the game's flashy nature is a bit too distracting: "It's extra flashy, extra chaotic, extra confusing. Q Entertainment's unique sense of style is in full effect, but for once that's maybe not such a good thing. All of Mizuguchi's trademark flash and pizzazz actually detract from the experience."
With the exception of 1UP, it appears that the critics enjoy the E3 experience. And although it might be too short, or too flashy, the original Every Extend is included as a nice bonus. The game is now available for the budget price of $30. I'm buying it just for the awesome box art.

Every Extend Extra to feature new song in US

Siliconera has just secured an interview with Every Extend Extra's producer, Linda Jo. For the most part, it repeats many details we already know (such as how music and timing functions into the game). However, Linda let slip a few interesting tidbits. Firstly, she confirms that the game is a PSP-exclusive, and won't receive a Lumines-like PS2 port (for now at least). She also reveals that "one of the bonus drives in the game includes an original music track that is exclusive to the version published by BVG."

Considering Buena Vista Games is owned by Disney, maybe we'll get some hardcore Mickey Mouse music in our game. That'd be crunk. The game hits stores in November.

TGS 06: Gunpey & Every Extend Extra media

Gamespot has just posted up new media of the upcoming Q? Entertainment games, Gunpey and Every Extend Extra. Of note is the comprehensive interview that goes over the features of the PSP version of Gunpey. The interview reveals there are 5 artists contributing music to the game, each with their unique genre. One of the new features for the PSP version is the 10x10 mode, which has you creating a horizontal line twice the length of the original. (Trust me, that won't be easy!) According to the interview, the beginner gamer can squeeze out about 20 hours of gameplay out of this title. But, can you really quantify the amount of time you spend with a puzzler? Hell, I still play Lumines.

Watch - Gunpey
Watch - Every Extend Extra

Every Extend Extra import video preview

We've brought to you quite a bit of news on Every Extend Extra, but just in case you're bored over the weekend, here's a bit more. The crew from 1up liken some of the gameplay to Bomberman and explain how to build up a lot of points. Enjoy!

[Note: There is some potty mouth in the video, so beware.]

[Via Gamevideos]

Every Extend Extra, Lumines II to be priced at $30

Every Extend Extra, Lumines II to be priced at $30
One of my main complaints about the PSP and portable games in general has always been their price. I don't believe most games are worth a penny more than $30, and I even said so earlier today. So I was surprised to find out Gamestop is offering Every Extend Extra and Lumines II for $30 preorder.

I think this is a great move by Buena Vista and Q-Entertainment, especially with Sony rumored to be cutting the price of the PSP to $150. Hopefully, both games sell like hotcakes and other publishers see that cheaper games can make a big difference in how well a game can sell and follow suit.

Both games are scheduled to ship Nov. 7, 2006, and remember, you're wallet speaks loudest.

[Via Cheapassgamer]

Tetsuya Mizuguchi to attend Nordic Game Conference

Tetsuya Mizuguchi to attend 2006 Nordic Game ConferenceI know there are many of you who probably idolize Tetsuya Mizuguchi and his library of incredibly popular games. Those of you who fall into this category (cough ... Andrew ... cough), may be interested to know he's attending the 2006 Nordic Game Conference in Malmweden, Sweden Sept. 19 and 20 where he'll be a guest speaker. There's been no word on what topic Mizuguchi will be discussing.

I'll be honest, I really don't know exactly what goes on at these Nordic Game Conferences, but if we don't get any news on Every Extend Extra or Lumines II or at least some incredibly hot photos of Viking babes doing battle, I'll be one unhappy camper.

[Via Gamasutra]

Behind the Music: Q? Entertainment

1UP's continuing coverage of Q? Entertainment has been awesome. Yesterday's update provided us a look into the musical talent behind Lumines and Every Extend Extra. The video chronicles musical legends, including Mondo Grosso. Here's a sample:

Mizuguchi, what sort of special persuasion did you have to provide to Osawa in order to reassure him the music would be used well?

Tetsuya Mizuguchi: Well, the first occasion that we met was in a café like today, and, going back to when we were talking about demonstrating the game on laptops since we didn't have an office, I showed [him] my bio and what I was trying to make of this upcoming game. So I showed it, and [Osawa] was like, "Oh, this could work." But it wasn't an instant stamp of approval; he made a face, because it wasn't quite clear how it all worked together. But at the same time, as a musician, even though Osawa-san doesn't completely exist in the videogame industry, a lot of the visual styles in his videos look like [they] could blend together in this interactive world. So to me it wasn't like he was a complete outsider to the interactive arena, [and] I felt like this could still work even though there might be some challenges we still had to overcome.

This is a MUST-READ and watch for any Lumines fan out there!

More Mizuguchi previews on Gamespot & IGN

Q? Entertainment is just everywhere these days, huh? As if the astonoshing 1UP coverage wasn't enough, Gamespot and IGN both have extensive hands-on and new videos with both Every Extend Extra and Lumines II.

Every Extend Extra
Gamespot: Preview | Video
IGN: Preview | Video
"From what we've played, Every Extend Extra has all the makings of another Lumines-style piece of gaming crack. The gameplay is accessible, with just the right hooks to be addictive, and the visuals are clever and interesting."

Lumines II
Gamespot: Preview | Video
IGN: Preview | Video
"Given how well the original Lumines came together and how promising Lumines II already looks, we're confident that Q's follow-up will stand as one of the better PSP games this year. The gameplay is as addictive as ever, and the presentation has benefited from the new multimedia approach."

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Every Extend Extra exposed

Every time I see Every Extend Extra, my desire for it increases. 1UP continues their expose on Q? Entertainment by revealing their upcoming shooter bomber. The article reveals key gameplay elements, such as the "Quickens" which increase the pace of the game, increasing both the difficulty, but potential to create massive chains. There are massive bosses in each stage, similar to classic shooters, and using a limited number of lives and a limited amount of time, it is your goal to create chains that destroy the boss. Interestingly, there appears to be an intense ad-hoc only multiplayer mode, which looks to be as fun as Lumines' not-often played multiplayer mode. Check out the video above, and don't forget to read the complete 1UP article for more details, screenshots and an interview as well. The game comes out in November.

Every Extend Extra trailer reveals gameplay

You may remember that I was absolutely confounded in my last post about Mizuguchi's upcoming music shooter for the PSP, Every Extend Extra. To quote myself, "My best explanation of the game involves explosions, geometric figures, numbers and vectors." Yeah. That was really helpful, wasn't it? Thankfully, through the magic of the internet, a new trailer for the game has surfaced, showing us how you must detonate your ship to create massive chain combos of destruction. Once you start seeing the gameplay in action, the demo becomes a bit more clear. The prospect of setting up chains, while fighting bosses in a psychadelic environment, with techno music thumping in the background, has propelled this game to great heights on my most wanted list.

Play Every Extend Extra... on your PC

The Mizuguchi news continues here at PSP Fanboy. The esteemed creator of Lumines and Rez is fusing music and shooters yet again in Every Extend Extra. What is it, you ask? It's pretty hard to explain what this upcoming PSP game is about. My best explanation of the game involves explosions, geometric figures, numbers and vectors. If that doesn't help you at all, don't fret: 1up has discovered a playable demo of the game on the official Japanese website, but it's not for your PSP. Rather, the demo is for your PC. Sure, it would've been nice to play with the grooves on the go, but I'll gladly take this replacement... for now.

If your nihongo isn't sharp enough to understand the website, you might just want to click this link to download the demo directly. Unless your computer was made in the stone age, it should be able to run perfectly fine, but you can run this application to find out if your system is up to snuff. Once you get the demo up and running, remember this: press Z. I don't have any other tips to give you, but I'm sure once you master the game, you'll leave some comments here

Every Extend Extra footage

This 8.1mb video for the highly-anticipated Every Extend Extra was available at E3, but for all of you out there that were at home, likely covered in salty, warm tears, what is sure to be Tetsuya Mizuguchi's next brilliant offering to the gaming world may be seen. With the smash hits that were Lumines and Meteos, we're willing to bet this game will be just as great.

In Every Extend Extra, the goal of the game is for the player to destroy their own ship to create giant chain reaction explosions, which upon being large enough, will reward the player with extra lives, or "extend" gameplay. With a clock ticking away, the tension is huge to pull off amazing explosions and earn "every extended extra" life that you can.

[Via QJ]

Buena Vista takes over publishing for Lumines 2

A press release issued this morning revealed that Buena Vista Games (which, considering its connections, could possibly be referred to as The Happiest Game Publisher on Earth™) will act as publisher for the upcoming puzzle game Lumines 2. The first Lumines title, created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi and developed by Q Entertainment, was published by Ubisoft and Bandai. BVG will take over the reins for the sequel as well as three other titles from the developer: Every Extend Extra (PSP), Lumines Plus (PS2), and Meteos: Disney Edition (DS). The titles are due to land softly (but will still carry big sticks) on store shelves this Fall.

[Thanks John]

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