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Handheld echochrome ready for Japan in March

Unfortunately for US gamers, echochrome is still unannounced for PSP in the States. While the PS3 version will be ready in the coming months, SCEA has made it unclear if they intend to bring the portable version out to America. Fear not, though. According to Siliconera, Japan is getting the game in March, and thanks to the PSPs region-free gaming, puzzle fans will be able to import the title. Hopefully, it won't come to that, though.

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Echochrome includes a level editor

We'll be getting our hands on echochrome tomorrow. However, early previews suggest that the Escher-inspired puzzle game includes a level editor, so that players can craft their own diabolical designs. The interface, we assume, is similar to the original PC program that this upcoming game is based on. (Check it out here.)

While the game will hit both PSP and PS3 in Japan, MTV has learned that the game is only confirmed as a PSN (for PS3) download in the US. Hopefully, the kind folks at Sony will realize that a downloadable PSP game through the PC Store will be ideal for handheld owners. Stay tuned for more.

TGS hands-on: echochrome

After its shocking E3 debut, we desperately wanted to play echochrome, the mind-bending Escher-inspired puzzle game that has players changing their perspective. Available on the PS3 as a downloadable title and as a PSP game, echochrome excited audiences with its truly innovative concept. But, how did the publicly playable PS3 demo play?

Well, it works exactly as you expect it to. The demonstration features an English-speaking monotone voice that seems a perfect match with the game's ultra-minimalist presentation. She'll explain the five rules of the game that control the way your perspective, the world, and your character, all interact with each other. Each sequence has players testing out a single new device, such as being able to block obstacles by hiding them from the player's vision. Through this brief tutorial, players will be gifted with the ability to start playing through the game's mind-destroying puzzles.

The single level available in the demonstration had us attempting to collect echoes, shadows situated in various points in the stage. As simple as that may sound, imagining the total destruction of object permanence is not something we're readily accustomed to. The on-screen avatar acts like a lemming, constantly going forward, even if it means certain doom for the character. This means players will have to act fast, and position the level correctly as the avatar makes its way forward. This is where we found that the camera rotates a bit too slowly for our tastes. We ended one of our lives trying to cover a hole, but couldn't rotate the level quickly enough to save our character. Thankfully, each echo that one walks into acts as a checkpoint, so that the level we played didn't become frustrating. However, we hope that Sony will make moving the camera a bit speedier.

echochrome is a simple, innovative, and more importantly, fun title that continues to deliver on the PlayStation Store's promise of offering gamers unique gameplay experiences. Although we didn't get to play much, it's clear that Sony has something truly special in their hands.

Echochrome teaser site unveils PSP screenshots

First unveiled a couple of months ago at E3 to a silently stunned crowd for the PS3 and PSP, echochrome looks more complicated than weaving a wicker basket. But like with all things, it will become easier over time and eventually we will understand the ins and outs of the title. To help us along, a teaser site has been upped by Sony and while it's in Japanese, we can help you out with navigation.

After you click the title of the game, a pop-up window appears and shows you what's up. We clicked the bottom right button to skip the intro and were greeted with a small menu on the lower left. The top choice brought us screenshots and the bottom choice played the E3 trailer for the PS3. We've added the PSP screenshots as a gallery, so check it out. You'll be happy to see that the colors have been reversed, so your PSP won't be shooting off thousands of white pixels. It'll also reduce the issue of sun glare, if you're playing outside. The site lists the game for an 8/31 release and since there's not much translating to be done, we expect it around that time.

Gallery: echochrome

echochrome tutorial gets a dash of color

You should be more excited about echochrome. This upcoming PSP/PS3 application has brilliance oozing out of it. Watch this video tutorial of the OLE Coordinate System, the foundations of echochrome is based upon. Surprisingly, there's a dash of color to the demo, as players can add color to this monochromatic world. Watch, and tell us what you think.

[Thanks, Random!]

Play with echochrome's OLE Coordinate System now

echochrome surprised everyone at Sony's E3 press conference. The mind-bending puzzler has players looking at perspective in a whole new way ... and now you can try it for yourself on your computer.

The technology behind echochrome is something called the "OLE Coordinate System." Through this Java demo, you'll be able to create your own echochrome-styled levels. It's not the full game -- but it's a small taste of things to come.

[Thanks, Rabish12!]

Gallery: echochrome

Echochrome: It's like being stuck in M.C. Escher's mind

We're not sure exactly what the title Echochrome means, but after the game is released, it may mean inventive puzzle gameplay. Combining M.C. Escheresque art with Crush-like gameplay, Echochrome should appeal to gamers looking for puzzle games that don't just involve falling blocks. The music in the above trailer really fits well with the game (let's hope that is actual in-game music) and gives it a moody tone. While the graphics are simple, they're unique and actually seem to add to the game. The only thing more twisted than the puzzles in Echochrome, will be your brain after playing it.

is coming to multiple Sony systems. PS3 owners will get it in downloadable form, but PSP owners will snatch this puzzler on UMD.

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