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Developing Crazy Taxi made producer, well, drive crazy

Don't play Crazy Taxi for too long, folks. In a recent interview, Crazy Taxi's Keiji Kanno revealed that while making the original Crazy Taxi games, he found himself driving a bit more insanely. One time, he started driving down the center lane in traffic, realizing that the real world followed different rules. Ouch.

Yes, it's a slow news day.

New Crazy Taxi screenshots get wet

Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars is coming to PSP in just a few weeks: August 14th, to be precise. Sega recently sent us some screenshots showcasing some of the crazier environments you'll be driving in the upcoming PSP revival. We won't comment on the graphics this time around -- we'll leave that up to you. At the very least, we hope the game will maintain the same fun and charm of the Dreamcast originals.

Gallery: Crazy Taxi Fare Wars

One more look at Crazy Taxi

Unlike Crush, Sega's other PSP title, Crazy Taxi, is still a ways off. This Dreamcast port combines the thrills from the first two Crazy Taxi games for the go. Although we've made fun of the game's graphics, we have to admit that this new trailer from Sega shows off some good times. It might not be technically impressive, but we're hoping it'll be entertaining nonetheless. Check out new images in our updated gallery:

Gallery: Crazy Taxi Fare Wars

SGD '07: Crazy Taxi Fare Wars

When in the shadow of gaming titans such as Silent Hill and God of War, this PSP Crazy Taxi port doesn't seem too hot. Although it may not be pushing the eight billion polygons that Chains of Olympus may be pushing*, the game still has a lot of potential to be fun. Check out Sony Gamers Day pics in our gallery.

Gallery: Crazy Taxi Fare Wars


The bounciest Crazy Taxi trailer yet

They say white guys can't jump ... but what about yellow cabs? Crazy Taxi's revival on PSP might not be the prettiest game on the block, but it certainly looks like a lot of fun. The newest trailer released by Sega shows the game's bouncy personality. Do you dig it?

Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars minigame drives us mad

We commend the effort, Sega. But this is NOT how you should be promoting your upcoming PSP game, Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars. Just like Crazy Taxi, this frustrating Flash game has you driving around town, picking up passengers and dropping them off. However, the controls and level design are so nonsensical that the game becomes more of a frustrating exercise of self-ridicule. Maybe the intent behind this game was to make the player say: "Gee golly, that game sure was un-swell. I know Crazy Taxi will do a better job than this! Let me buy it now!"

Unlikely. Honestly, Crazy Taxi looks to be a lot of fun on PSP. It's too bad this Flash game does such a poor job of selling the title.

[Via PlayStation Boards]

Battle of the ports: PaRappa versus Crazy Taxi

Battle of the ports: which do you want more?
PaRappa the Rapper
Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars
Neither: PSP doesn't need any more ports!
Free polls from Pollhost.com

If you haven't noticed, the PSP Fanboy team is totally "t3h b145!!!1" We've been bashing Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars for its sloppy Dreamcast-era graphics. However, we've been going totally gaga for the barely enhanced PaRappa the Rapper. Isn't that unfair? We're going to let you, the PSP Fanboy reader, tell us which of these hotly anticipated PSP ports we should be more excited for. Just check out the videos after the cut, and tell us which one you want more. If you're digging both of them, feel free to vote for both. Of course, if you're feeling particularly jaded today, you can also admit that maybe we shouldn't get so excited over ports--don't we have too many already?

Continue reading Battle of the ports: PaRappa versus Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi still looks crazy bad

Sega's upcoming PSP version of Crazy Taxi has come a long way. The very first video of the game ran at a sluggish rate, featured nearly deserted streets, and had textures worse than the original Dreamcast version. It appears that some significant progress has been made, but is it enough? We say no. A new gameplay montage on IGN reveals greatly improved visuals, but the textures and polygon count still fall short of what we expect from our handheld. While the gameplay looks fun, we can't help but remember playing the taxi cab mode of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and being far more impressed.

At least we won't be charged an arm and a leg for this technically shallow Dreamcast port: releasing at a budget price makes sense to us. But still, wouldn't we love to see a game that truly takes advantage of PSP's capabilities?

Craaazy Crazy Taxi interview

1UP interviewed Kenji Kanno, the Chief Game Design Manager of the upcoming Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars. Amazingly, the interview doesn't really ask many questions about the PSP game. Instead, it focuses on general industry and Crazy Taxi series questions. When asked about the most important part about the evolution of the series, Kanno answered, "I wouldn't use the word 'evolution' for this series because basically the whole point of the game is to have a lot of fun in a short period of time."

Sounds like the perfect kind of game for a portable!

[Thanks Jonah]

Crazy Taxi trailer doesn't get us too crazy

We heard that the upcoming PSP version of Crazy Taxi needed some graphical polish: and now we can see how much work it truly needs. IGN has the latest trailer, and it's riddled with Dreamcast-era visual quirks, from poor textures, to annoying pop-in. It certainly looks quite weak compared to what the PSP is easily capable of. In addition to revamping the graphics, let's hope that Sega will reconsider doing the sound in the game: the soundtrack and voice work looks to reek of cheese. Certainly, there's a lot more work to do before the game's release in June.

Sega loves your PSP: media round-up

Looks like Sega held an event (why wasn't I invited?), showcasing all of their PSP games (and there's a lot). There's been a ton of coverage of their games all over the interwebs. For your reading pleasure, here's an index of where to go:

After Burner: Black Falcon
1UP - "As it turns out, Mad Cow mode is not one of the multiplayer options -- it is the entire competitive multiplayer portion of the game."
1UP Video
IGN - "Mad Cow seems like an okay bit of fun, but we're not sure how much strategy is involved here so it may wind up getting old pretty quickly."
IGN Game Trailers

Alien Syndrome
1UP - "It would be nice to have a solid story that could logically explain why no one except Aileen Harding feels the need to fight this alien infestation. You could call her compulsion a syndrome -- maybe even an Alien Syndrome."
1UP Video
Gamespot - "The camera system looks to be quite intelligent."
Gamespot Video Interview
IGN - "While the game pays homage to the original title with gameplay elements like saving hostages and escaping a level before time runs out, the PSP version has definitely got a number of improved features."
IGN Game Trailer

Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars
1UP - "If you played the original Crazy Taxi, it should be easy enough to pick up the PSP version. The controls carry over fine, so you'll be racking up fares in no time."
Gamespot - "Our cab seemed to suffer from some oversteer at times, but that's almost certainly still being tweaked."
IGN - "While the game was certainly playable, the unoptimized framerate meant that it was difficult to pull off some of the moves as we had to slow our finger movements down to match the game speed. We're told this won't be a problem in the final release however."

1UP - "The developers have been taking pains to make this a friendly game. If you should accidentally manage to crush Danny, don't worry, because it won't kill you. It is also impossible to walk off the edge of the world, although a jumping error will send you falling."
1UP Video
Gamespot - "It's a heady concept, and it forced us to think in ways we hadn't considered when we first got our hands on the game, and we think that's a pretty good sign for a puzzle game."
Gamespot Video Interview
IGN - "Crush has a very compulsory feel to it, and the idea that there's actually a story to tell (told Memento style as you regress further and further into your memories) is a nice extra touch."
IGN Game Trailer

Full Auto 2
1UP - "They've tried to cut down on frustrating 90 degree turns and added more super weapons which cause massive damage."
1UP Video
Gamespot - "All of the levels pack a surprising amount of detail to them, and even better, the frame rate held up admirably during our time with the game."
Gamespot Gameplay Video 1
Gamespot Gameplay Video 2
IGN Interview - "The result of this philosophy is Full Auto 2: Battlelines for the PSP was built from the ground up and is not a port of the PS3 version. We knew in order to create a great game we needed to start fresh and create our own take on what Full Auto on the PSP would be like."
IGN Gameplay Videos

Virtua Tennis 3
1UP Video
Gamespot - "For the PSP demo, we cranked up the difficulty to the maximum level and were pleased to find out that it's practically a whole new game. Instead of letting you chase them around the court, the AI opponents will mix up their shots brilliantly, hitting deadly accurate crosscourt shots with ease to turn the tables so you're the running monkey. It's a promising sign that the game will have a good amount of replayability."
IGN - "The PSP analog nub is a little stiff, but it isn't anything we haven't run into before and it seems to work pretty well with the couple of guys we tried it with."
IGN Gameplay Video

Interview with Sega on new Crazy Taxi

We revealed the new Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars yesterday. Our source was German, so it's nice to see the US associate producer answer some questions to Gamespot ... in English. Some noteworthy highlights:
  • The game is indeed, a compilation of Crazy Taxi and Crazy Taxi 2. Enhancements come in the form of a new multiplayer mode, and updated sound and visuals.
  • "There might be additional changes by the time the game hits store shelves, but details about that will be released at a later time."
  • There will be a multiplayer mode that will utilize a single system. Most likely, you'll pass around the system, trying to outdo each other's score.
  • The exciting movie mode feature will record up to 80 seconds of gameplay and then save onto the Memory Stick. More games should use this feature.

Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars revealed

Sega's really starting to ramp up their PSP support. As if After Burner and Full Auto 2 wasn't enough, they recently revealed a new version of their popular Crazy Taxi series for the PSP entitled Fare Wars. GameFront has pictures of the game, and unfortunately, they don't look too sharp. Thankfully, the game has a lot of time to shape up until its expected Summer release (in Europe).

The game will feature 2 player ad-hoc multiplayer, and content from Crazy Taxi and Crazy Taxi 2. We're not sure if it'll have new content, but it will have a cool feature that allows you to record videos from the game and save it to Memory Stick, so that you can share your craziest fares.

[Via IGN]

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