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PS3 review of Cash Guns Chaos dampens hope

We were once excited for Cash Money Guns Chaos, but it appears our hopes were for naught. IGN reviewed the PLAYSTATION 3 version of Cash Guns Chaos and they don't have very nice things to say: "Smash TV worked because it constantly switched up enemy and power-up types in quick 30-second rooms that would branch out into all-new areas immediately afterward. But Cash Guns Chaos doesn't do that."

There might be hope for the PSP version, but I doubt it. Considering how this is one of the first games that will let you play PSP versus PS3, I had much higher hopes for it.

More guns, less money in Cash Guns Chaos

Sony Online Entertainment realized that their upcoming PS3 & PSP game Cash Money Chaos had a somewhat redundant title. Cash = Money, no? So, they decided to switch the name to Cash Guns Chaos. Makes sense, considering how there's a lot of cash, and a lot of guns, in the title. Yeah, not such exciting news, is it? Thankfully, Gamespot seems to have posted five new shots of this bloody game.

Cash Money Chaos allows PSP versus PS3 multiplayer

Cash Money Chaos lands on PS3

A kitten dies every time the PSP loses an exclusive game. Thankfully for us PSP owners, it appears that PSP games that get ported to other systems lose something in the translation (like multiplayer in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, or well, everything in Lumines). However, the PS3 version of once PSP-exclusive Cash Money Chaos seems to lose only one thing: price. The game will be downloadable to the PS3, as part of Sony's new digital distribution strategy. Sony went on record saying that PLAYSTATION 3 downloadable games won't cost more than $15, which means this game will certainly cost less than the PSP's UMD version. Bah humbug!

At least it seems like the game plays well, according to our overlords at Joystiq. They note that once the PSP version comes out in February, you'll be able to play multiplayer between the PSP and the PS3 versions. I'd love to see that functionality extended to even more games soon.

New Cash Money Chaos details revealed

New Cash Money Chaos details
Earlier last month, we learned the first details of Cash Money Chaos, Sony Online Entertainment's new SmashTV clone game show shoot 'em up, and even saw an video interview with gameplay footage. But before we go any further, I think we need to clear something up. Players won't take the role of Elvis, as previously reported; instead, they'll have the option of controlling Sonny, Cher, Ike or Tina. Yeah, I know it's disappointing not being able to control The King, but isn't Cher the next best thing?

IGN's Jeff Haynes recently had the opportunity to preview an early version of the game, and he gives us some fresh details.
  • The game has more than 50 different episodes (or levels);
  • Each episode consists of three rounds;
  • Five episodes will complete a season, and at the end of a season, players must face a boss;
  • Players will be able to use 12 weapons, including a shotgun or laser;
  • The game will feature three difficulty levels;
  • Players can replay levels by using the Rerun mode; and
  • Controls are almost identical to SmashTV (firing directions are mapped to the face buttons).
Jeff said the game controls very well and can handle "dozens of enemies and projectiles on screen without any slowdown."

Cash Money Chaos appears to be shaping up pretty well, and if you're a fan of similar games, you should find yourself right at home.

(Via IGN)

Cash Money Chaos video interview

Gamespot has a new video interview with Cash Money Chaos' lead designer. While the video doesn't offer any new info on the game, it does provide plenty of in-game footage of the game's bloody carnage. The designer compares it to Smash TV and Robotron, but with a crazy alien 70s game show feel. Keep this one on your radar: it'll be a mere $30 when it launches in Q1 2007, and it'll feature 8-player online infrastructure play with stat-tracking.

Cash Money Chaos' insanely bloody debut

You play an Elvis-imposter in SOE's newly announced game Cash Money Chaos. And like the original Elvis, you are captured by aliens, and are forced to participate in a "twisted 70s game show." No, you're not going to be playing The Price is Right. You'll have to fight through dozens of enemies, killing everything in your sight. This "uber fast" shooter appears to play a bit like Robotron, if it suddenly turned into Robocop instead: making people's bodies explode in buckets of blood. The game will come with more than 50 levels, and include online infrastructure play for up to 8 players.

If you're interested in some really brutal cartoon violence, and want to kill ninjas, hillbillies, clowns, pirates, and aliens, then you'll have to wait a while: Cash Money Chaos is coming "early 2007." Check out the official website to score some art and screenshots.

[Thanks, steve!]

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