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Import game releases for the week of 03/18/07

Every week we pray to the import gods and ask them to give us more import games to enjoy. Last week they failed us, but this week we actually do have some new import games. Since every PSP naturally plays import games, if you see something listed you like, feel free to pick it up. This week we have puzzle, strategy and action displayed. Continue reading to see what hits your local import shop this week.

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Lighting the fuse on Bomberman Land

Bomberman is a game series that has had more releases than Mario. The titles have spanned across nearly every game system ever created. Yet despite these facts, most of the gameplay additions to the series have been ignored in favor of playing the classic multiplayer. And that's okay when the multiplayer gameplay is so perfect.

Every gamer should have at least one version of Bomberman on every system they have. I'm pretty sure it's against gamer law to not do so. Luckily for PSP owners who haven't jumped on the Bomberman train, another Bomberman release is coming to Sony's handheld.

Bomberman Land Portable has the land split into pieces and Bomberman must put it back together again. Of course if history repeats itself, it's unlikely we'll play the single player version anyway. But maybe this Bomberman will be the first one to actually provide a worthwhile single player experience. No US release date has yet been set, but the Bomberman Land Portable hits Japan in March.

To see screens and read more, check out Famitsu.

Deal of the day: New round of PSP price drops at Play-Asia

Deal of the day: New round of PSP price drops at Play-AsiaPlay-Asia sure has been on a roll this week. First it was Gitaroo Man Lives for only $20, and now they've recently slashed prices on even more games.
I'm not too sure how import friendly any of these games are, and quite frankly, there are a few of them on the list I'm not familiar with at all. However, with the incredibly cheap prices of King's Field and Myst, it looks like I may have to pull the trigger.

Click here for the full page of recenly discounted games across all platforms.

(Via Play-Asia)

Japanese PSP releases for the week of July 25th

Nippon terebi geimu wo shiyoka? You know the PSP can play games from all over the world, right? So, if you're tired of all those PSP games that are released here in the States, then maybe you should consider importing some games from the land of the rising sun. Here are this week's releases:
  • Bleach: Heat the Soul 3
    The insanely popular Bleach anime series gets a third fighter for the PSP. It received a 28/40 in Weekly Famitsu.
  • Bomberman Portable
    It's Bomberman. Does it need any more explanation? And with Game Sharing, you can play with one UMD. It got a 26/40 in Weekly Famitsu.
  • Portable Island: Te no Hira no Resort
    This is a ridiculously boring "game" that has you having all the fun of being stuck on a deserted island.
  • Ultraman Fightman Evolution 0
    Ultraman is still around in Japan for some reason. If you like men in tights fighting each other, you'll want to pick this up. It got a 25/40 in Weekly Famitsu.
I'd recommend getting Bleach: Heat the Soul 3. It's by far the prettiest game of the bunch, as you can tell by the video embedded above. And, it's provided in a language that everyone can understand: beat things up. You can import it from for about $49, shipped.

[Via IGN]

New over-enthusiastic Bomberman trailer!!!

We knew a new Bomberman was on the way, but ever since it got quietly announced back in April, we haven't heard much from our pyromaniac friend. Well, it appears that Hudson has made a brand-new trailer, and it's filled with so many exclamation points, it's explosive. Get it? I'll stop my bad puns and let the trailer do the talking:
  • All new levels, boss enemies, and power-ups!
  • Network up to 4 players with one UMD game!
  • You can play Bomberman ANYWHERE! ANYTIME!
The Game Sharing feature is what gets me the most excited. It's great to see more great games are taking advantage of this sorely underused feature. (Now, when are we going to get Infrastructure multiplayer?)

New Bomberman for PSP this July

Hudson has announced that a new addition the Bomberman franchise, Bomberman Portable, will be making its way to a PSP near you this July 20. That is, if you live in Japan. This edition will offer a more traditional (if 3D) form of Bomberman action than more recent titles as well as a Classic Mode which will be based on the original Bomberman game for NES. Four-player wireless (we're guessing ad-hoc) play will also be implemented. Another title, Bubble Bobble Evolution, was announced for Europe and Japan, albeit under the more esoteric name Bubble Bobble Magical Tower Daisakusen. There's no information whether the games will make it to the US, but we're going to go out on a limb and guess that they will.

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