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Where is our proper new Ape Escape game?

PSP Fanboy reader Michael sent us the opening for Ape Escape Racer and while it looks to have the playfulness that embodies the series, it got me thinking. Why is it that the PSP has yet to receive a proper new Ape Escape game. Just like Nintendo home consoles don't get proper Pokemon games, the PSP has yet to get a proper new Ape Escape game. It's not that we haven't gotten plenty of Ape Escape games, just the opposite. Between a port of the original Ape Escape, the mini-game Ape Escape Academy 1 & 2 and Ape Escape Racer, the PSP has been home to many a simian adventure. Where is my new Ape Escape platformer though? I realize the system doesn't have the ability to do the series trademark dual-stick gameplay, but adjustments can easily be made. Am I the only one looking for a new monkey tale?

[ Thanks Michael ]

New UMD demo fails to excite

Usually, we get excited about new demos hitting our system. However, there's absolutely no reason to cheer for this one: Ape Escape Academy. For those of you that have played the downloadable demo, you'll know how uninspired and boring the game might be. Sure, the UMD demo most likely features more levels, but I certainly don't want to play that banana catching game ever again.

I'd feel bad for the sucker that ends up buying this for the $7 eBay asking price, but maybe if they read a little bit more PSP Fanboy, they wouldn't fall for this!

[Via PlayStation]

Ape Escape Academy 2 downloadable demo

Yet another Ape Escape demo. This one lets you catch bananas, against the CPU or a friend.

1. Download the demo ZIP file.
2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file.
3. Connect your PSP to your computer using a USB cable.
4. Go to the PSP/GAME folder.
5. Copy UCES00302 folder into the GAME directory.

Check out our new demos site:

Ape Escape downloadable demo

We knew it was only going to be a matter of time before the downloadable game demos from Tokyo Game Show found their way onto the internet for all of us to enjoy. The latest demo for you to download to the system is Ape Escape Racer. Although it didn't get the best previews, this demo will let you make your own decision on the quality of the game. Unfortunately, you will need homebrew-destroying firmware 2.81 to run the demo. This updated file will work on firmware 2.80 and above.

1. Download the demo ZIP file.
2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file.
3. Connect your PSP to your computer using a USB cable.
4. Go to the PSP/GAME folder.
5. Copy UCUS98655 folder into the GAME directory.

Check out our new demos site:

TGS 06: PSP game showcase

For the non-believers, this is a demo reel (note: no sound) showcasing some of the hot new titles coming to the PSP soon. You'll see the Ape Escape Racer, Jeanne d'Arc, the new Talkman, PaRappa the Rapper, Ratchet and Clank, Ace Combat X, Gundam Battle Royale, Tales of the World, Boxer's Road 2, Monster Hunter Portable 2, and more.

It's clear that the games library is maturing quite a bit on the handheld. I'm really impressed by how far the handheld has gone graphically, and that's with the CPU clock still limited 33%. A lot of these games look like winners, too. I'm really psyched for Jeanne d'Arc and Tales of the World. Ratchet and Clank looks absolutely beautiful too.

Video Sandwich: August 27, 2006

Afraid of global warming? Hate seeing gas prices keep on going up? You can blame George W. Bush, but the secret's finally out. This hard-hitting edition of Video Sandwich reveals that every single problem in the US of A is caused by monkeys. Yes. Monkeys. These are no ordinary monkeys, though. They are college educated bionic monkeys that are trying to destroy the world. I have complete faith in our president to stop this evil menace: I mean, imagine how much he's learned due to Brain Age.

The heart-stopping news doesn't stop yet, folks. PSP Fanboy revealed recently that PSPs may be used as weapons by terrorists. Well, it looks like I've uncovered one of these terrorists' videos. It shows a scrawny white guy dancing to the music of Loco Roco and is obviously used as a torture device. His awful outfit, and even worse moves, clearly go against all Geneva Convention laws.

Ape Escape racer details trickle in

Ape Escape racer details trickle in
Details about the Ape Escape racing-themed game have been reported by Famitsu recently, and I must say, only the Japanese could come up with something this strange. The game, which in Japan is titled Sarugetchu Piposaru Racer, goes Go-Bot style by putting wheels on monkey's arms and legs and will have 46 different racers to choose from.

But because of the ways these vehicular monkeys are built, a racer's speed and power-sliding can be altered by re-positioning the monkey's arms or legs during the race. In addition, the game will feature monkey-vehicle customization and upgrades. Look to get your monkey business on later this year.

I really don't know what to say about this game, but it just might be the kind of game the PSP needs, and if it'sis successful, it could open the floodgates in combining monkeys or other animals with all kinds of different things. How about we tar and feather some monkeys, slap on some machine guns or harpoons on their heads and have a flying-based combat game? The possibilities are endless, my friends.

(Via Gamespot)

Chimp My Ride: new Ape Escape racer

(That, loyal readers, is the BEST headline EVAR created for PSP Fanboy. You can applaud my creative genius in the comments section below.)

Anyways, it appears that Sony's branching out the Ape Escape series into the competitive mascot racing genre. While details are scarce, it appears that what separates this game from other mascot racers is that the monkeys don't drive go-karts... they ARE the go-karts. Maybe the development team was inspired by the upcoming Transformers movie, but this diagram should explain it all:

Check out the official Japanese website to get more details and screenshots.

[Via QJ]

Greatest Hits games available now [Update 1]

Great news for you bargain hunters. Today, PSP's Greatest Hits lineup will be available in stores. There are five games that'll carry the Greatest Hits tag and be priced at $19.99 at your favorite retailer:
  • Ape Escape: On the Loose
  • ATV Offroad Furty: Blazin' Trails
  • Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee
  • Twisted Metal: Head-On
  • Wipeout Pure
My personal recommendation is Wipeout Pure: the game features incredible presentation and offers a ton of depth, especially with downloadable content that doubles the content of the game. If you're looking for a real deal, you might want to wait a little while. Circuit City will be having a 2 for $30 sale starting 7/30 for all games $19.99 and under (which includes PSP Greatest Hits and more).

[Via Cheapassgamer]

[Update 1: Sony has said that third-party games will achieve Greatest Hits status later this year. Specifically, Lumines, Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade, Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix, Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition, and Star Wars Battlefront II are all due to go easier on gamers' wallets. Via Gamespot]

Meta Review - Ape Escape Academy

For once, the monkeys aren't the ones flinging the poop. The first appearance of Ape Escape on the PSP wasn't exactly well-received either, so expectations were somewhat high for the follow-up, Ape Escape Academy. Unfortunately, Sony's zany action puzzler failed to impress the majority of reviewers, some of whom complained of the game's short lifespan and aggravating load times.

We like monkeys, but maybe not at full price. Here's a rundown of the reviews:

GameSpot [6.1] - Despite an abundance of monkeys in funny clothes--a very compelling element indeed--Ape Escape Academy comes off as rather generic. The Ape Escape games have consistently done a good job of supplanting genre conventions and injecting the action with a bizarre sense of humor, but Ape Escape Academy ignores almost all of these tenets.

IGN [5.5] - Ape Escape Academy suffers from a number of issues, namely sluggish control and poor design. While there's a decent number of games to choose from, very few of them will strike you as memorable or worthy of addiction. And the multiplayer modes, while not terrible, feel very limited in scope.

Eurogamer [4.0] - Bad news for Sony: the mini-games are mostly rubbish or badly made, the loading times are atrocious, and apart from issues of quality, design and technical competency, we're also bothered by the need to reset the game every time you want to do as the Apes and "escape" the current game mode. We're not crazy about the ambiguous instructions either.

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