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Metareview: 300

It's the game we so wanted to be good. Too bad you were right, readers: the critics are absolutely bashing this game. Hopefully, the movie will be able to hold up better than this critically blasted game:
  • Gamepro (45/100) hates that nostalgic feeling: "It's essentially a throwback to the days when movie-licensed games were always awful."
  • IGN (57/100) at least enjoyed the cutscenes: "The stylish cinematics are better than any single moment of gameplay and serve as the only reason to bother playing 300: March to Glory to its conclusion."
  • Game Informer (63/100) didn't find the game too bad, as long as you turn off your brain: "It's interesting that they called this 300, because that is about how many times you jam on the X button in the first minute and a half. Then again, there is something mindlessly appealing about beating up endless waves of dudes."
The poor reviews for the game won't hinder me from watching the upcoming movie. I mean, can they really mess that one up? I hope not.

Readers, submit your own questions about 300

Do you have any questions for the people behind the upcoming 300 video game? Well, now's your chance to ask them! I'll be holding a Q&A chat with them, and they'd love to hear what you, the loyal PSP fan community, thinks. Simply e-mail andrew AT pspfanboy .com with the subject "300 Question" and I'll do my best to pass your question along!

Saturday PSP background explosion [Update 1]

Saturday is dwindling away, but it can't officially be over until there are new PSP backgrounds to enjoy. Like every week, we make or showcase new backgrounds for you to put on your PSP and make it look as good as you. Assuming you look good. This week we have backgrounds for 300, Crush and Card Captor Sakura.

Check out the backgrounds after the jump ...

[Update 1: Updated tags and links.]

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Why make 300 a PSP exclusive?

It's a question that's always been our minds: why is 300 a PSP exclusive? Certainly, the bigger, badder consoles could do the franchise a bit more justice, no? Well, according to Yahoo!, it simply had to do with time:

"We wanted to do Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but everyone has in mind what they want to do with marketing and everything. By the time they get around to pulling the trigger and they want a day and date with the movie, we ended up with the PSP. I'm completely happy with the game we made. I think it's cool."

More questions about 300 answered

The upcoming 300 game is certainly an interesting one. Why? To start, it's based on a pretty interesting-looking film. Then, it seems to be coming to only one platform: the PSP. While I'm not complaining, it certainly is an interesting decision. This interview (after the cut) shows some of the gorier footage from the game, easily marking 300 as one of the most violent handheld games I've seen so far.

Of course, the lack of a second analog stick proved to be a challenge. The developers got around this by making a fixed camera, which hopefully will alleviate some of the problems faced by so many PSP games. Will they get it right? We'll find out soon enough.

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Frank Miller talks 300, unleashes video storm

Frank Miller, the esteemed artist behind classics such as Sin City, Ronin, and the upcoming 300, doesn't really talk too much about games. When GameTrailers posted up new videos showing the legend talking about the upcoming PSP-exclusive, 300: March to Glory, my interest was piqued.

Unfortunately, while he doesn't reveal too much, his colleagues do. Check after the cut to see tons of new video, including footage from the game. 300 comes out later this month.

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300 website goes live

The excitement factor for The 300 movie is at a fever pitch and hopefully gamers will also have something to get excited about when the game is released in March. For the curious, a website devoted to the 300: March to Glory game has gone live. On the site you can find the trailer, screenshots, game features and weapon profiles. From going to the site, I learned that Wizard Magazine said the 300: March to Glory was "One of the 10 games you'll have to own in 2007 ...or you're better off dead." Strong praise indeed. Let's hope they actually played the game before making those comments. Anyone got this puppy in their "to buy" list? I know I do, but only because I don't want to die.

[Via IGN]

Becoming a god of war in 300 [Update 1]

One of our Dream Games was God of War: a mythological beat-em-up that took was rooted in psuedo Greek mythology. Looks like 300 is going to attempt to fill that role for PSP gamers. The game is based on the trials of 300 Spartans that must go against a million Persians. Considering how you'll have to fight to the death, I think it's safe to say that we can expect a lot of killing. As Yahoo! Games explains, "There are showers of red blood and flying body parts."

Besides the gore, the game promises to deliver an action experience tailor-made for the PSP. The camera will be automatic, akin to God of War. By using "horde technology," the game will continue to shower you with enemies, although only about six will be on screen at all times. The developers intend to have their battle system have depth as well: "Enemies have conditions to beat and we give you the tools to do it. Then, the player needs to make choices on whom to attack first, what they want to do to the enemy, and then, pile on some other choices regarding health management and your rage. So, very quickly, you find that all your choices are meaningful."

300: March to Glory will release February 27th, exclusively for the PSP. Until then, feel free to check out some interesting cinematics from the game.

[Update 1: Corrected linkage. Hopefully, the armies of Sparta will spare my life for this error.]

300: March to Glory trailer

The upcoming 300 film looks terrific, doesn't it? (Check out the trailer in PSP Fanboy Theatre.) Well, there's a game based on the film, and surprisingly, it appears to be exclusive for the PSP. While I'm not complaining, it certainly seems like an interesting move, considering how the game might find more success on the next-gen platforms. This might be the closest thing to a God of War game we'll get for our system: the battle system appears similar, and the highly stylized ancient setting certainly helps it a bit as well. The game will launch with the movie in March.

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