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TGS 08: Patapon 2: bigger, badder and more badass

How big is Patapon 2? Well, take the original game ... and then multiply it by two. The upcoming PSP-exclusive sequel will feature a staggering amount of content which makes the original seem rather diminutive. While the first featured 37 levels, Patapon 2 Don Chaka will feature over 80. There were 187 weapons and items in the original -- and over 500 in the new game. Not only that, Patapon 2 will also feature a new multiplayer mode.

While critics and fans have embraced Patapon's unique gameplay, the new content expansion should make the sequel much more appealing to newcomers and veterans alike. The core gameplay remains largely untouched -- each of the face buttons represents a certain sound, and pressing button combinations to the beat will command the Patapon to march, retreat and attack. However, they've added a new twist to the formula. Enter: the Hero Patapon.

Players wanted a more personal interaction with their Patapon. With the Hero Patapon, they'll get just that. The Hero has an expanded set of moves and greater HP, making it far deadlier than the standard Patapon. While Patapon were fairly expendable in the original, players will want the Hero to stay alive. As it can be named by the player, many may think of it as their own unique "pet" in the game.

Gallery: Patapon 2

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TGS 08: Full Square Enix Closed Theater impressions

Ah, the Square Enix Mega Theater. It's always something to look forward to at every TGS. We took the time to check out the theater and see what's cooking behind those big, black walls. Square Enix showed off trailers for nine games and a film in the Mega Theater, including two PS3 titles, the Advent Children Complete movie, and four PSP titles. Grab the full scoop on each title in our Square Enix Closed Theater impressions.

TGS 08: LocoRoco 2 and the curiously embargoed trailer

Strangely, only one thing we reported on at Tokyo Game Show this year was under embargo. And that was this LocoRoco 2 trailer. Why? We don't know. If you read our hands-on impressions, you'll know that we're absolutely in love with this rather substantial sequel. Take a watch and see if you can find all the new gameplay features and enemies.

TGS 08: Custom robots attack in Level-5 RPG

Danbol Senki (aka Cardboard War Machine) is a PSP RPG that allows kids to build custom robots and battle them in a virtual arena. The art looks strangely reminiscent of another PSP game ... Jeanne d'Arc. The kids will probably want to look out for this one.

TGS08: Level-5's Ushiro is amazing

Level-5's Tokyo Game Show booth featured a Closed Theater presentation (much like their competitor, Square Enix). However, unlike the other JRPG overlord, Level-5 encouraged us to actually let you watch these trailers as well by endowing us with a DVD (courtesy of booth girl). Our favorite trailer of the three new games unveiled at TGS this year is for PSP: Ushiro, a horror-themed RPG that has you playing a ghost haunting his darling (in a not-so-Patrick Swazey way).

TGS 08: PSP Plus adds DualShock 3 controller functionality

The upcoming PSP game will utilize a newly developed technology called "PSP Plus." The feature will allow players of Resistance Retribution to connect their systems to the PS3 to enable use of PS3 wireless controllers. Using the DualShock will enable dual-analog control in the game. In addition, rumble will be supported. This potential use of connectivity was hinted at in a patent filed over a year ago.

Other games may be able to potentially utilize PSP Plus -- however, it is currently a Retribution-only tech. Stay tuned as we reveal the exciting additions connecting PS3's Resistance 2 and PSP's Resistance Retribution will bring.

Welcome to Tokyo Game Show!

Hey PS Fanboy readers! Long time no see! I'm taking a rare opportunity here to talk to you in first-person. I've been off on an Asian excursion -- here, you'll see I visited the Kyoto offices of Q-Games, the team behind the PixelJunk series.

While we can't say what we saw (not yet!), we wanted to give you a heads-up to our Tokyo Game Show coverage ... which starts in just a few hours! Here's just a slight preview of our coverage plans (all times in Japan time):

Wednesday (10/8)
  • SCEA/SCEE cocktail
    Last year's cocktail had a few surprise games. What will we find this year?
Thursday (10/9)
  • Preview: Capcom
  • Hands-on/Interview: Patapon 2
  • Hands-on/Interview: LocoRoco 2
  • Preview: inFamous
  • 12PM - Platinum Games presentation
  • Preview: Tecmo
  • Preview: Ryu ga Gotoku 3
  • 2PM - Koei press conference
  • Hands-on: Resistance Retribution
  • Interviews: Tecmo
  • Interview: Sonic Unleashed, Sega
  • 3:30PM - XSEED/Marvelous press conference

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PSN Cards expand to Walmart, Best Buy, Sam's Club and Barnes & Noble

It took some time, but it looks like PLAYSTATION Network cards are ready to hit mass distribution. In October, these prepaid gift cards for use on the PLAYSTATION Store will be available at Walmart, Best Buy, select Sam's Club outlets. In November, they will also be available at Barnes & Noble College Bookstores locations, just in time for midterms and finals.

"The PLAYSTATION Network Cards are an easy way for PSP and PS3 fans to obtain great games, movies, TV shows and other entertainment through PLAYSTATION Network and we are pleased to offer them at major retailers nationwide," said Eric Lempel, director, PLAYSTATION®Network Operations, SCEA. "With the holiday season right around the corner, these cards are an ideal gift option for friends and family, whether they are movie aficionados, dedicated gamers or something in between."

SEGA teases new RPG to be revealed next week

What could SEGA be working on? Based off this newly revealed teaser site, the house that Sonic built is working on an RPG. It will be revealed in next week's issue of Famitsu which is out on Friday, September 26. Until then, we'll have to snoop around the website and make some speculative guesses.

Well so far, all we know is that the game is an RPG and has something to do with dragons. Secondly, the background music has an undeniably 8-bit sound ... an era far preceding PlayStation. Is this a hint of some sort? A remake of an old title perhaps or a retro release a la Capcom and Mega Man 9? Whatever it is, we're quite enchanted by the music, so we're definitely intrigued to find out if this will be a PS3, PSP, or downloadable PSN title.

[Via NeoGAF]

PlayStation goes to CAMP: Creator Audition Mash Up Project

Have you ever wanted to make games? For many, it's just a pipe dream. However, PlayStation has just launched a new search for talent in its Creator Audition Mash Up Project, or CAMP for short. They're looking for enthusiastic innovators to bring forth more unique games to the PS3/PSP. The audition is open to people of all ages and races ... so long as they live in Japan.

The application is rather flexible, but it must effectively show your skills and your unique, innovative idea. Do what Dylan Cuthbert and Q-Games did with the PixelJunk series: use graphics to help convey what's bubbling in your brain.

Check out the PlayStation CAMP website for more information. Who knows -- you may become the creator of the next innovative PlayStation project!

[Thanks, chocito!]

Preview: NBA 09 The Inside

Glenn from the PS Nation podcast, the official podcast of PS Fanboy, took some time to play NBA 09: The Inside for PSP. Here's his impressions of the upcoming game.

I'll be the first to admit I really haven't paid attention to the NBA for a couple of years. I still root for my Milwaukee Bucks, and even still use them in video games, but I rarely watch them play any more. Lately, if I'm playing a basketball game, it sits firmly in the "arcadey" category. I even own a full-sized NBA Maximum Hangtime arcade cabinet.

When I opened the small package that I received from Sony, and realized that this was the first pre-release game that they sent to us here at the PS Nation Podcast, I was shocked and excited. I may not spend an insane amount of time on Basketball games like I do for other titles, but I do play them. There's a lot to cover here, but I'll tell you this--what I've seen and played so far is surprisingly good!

Gallery: NBA 09: The Inside (PSP)

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Gameloft developing for PS3 and PSP?

If you've heard of the name Gameloft before, chances are you've played your fair share of Desperate Housewives on your mobile phone. Either that or you've got a thing for WiiWare games. Whatever your poison is, you'll want to keep watch over the primarily-mobile-phone-dev as it just might be making way onto PlayStation platforms.

According to the eagle-eyed at Siliconera, the USK -- Germany's ESRB equivalent -- rated Gameloft's Brain Challenge as both a PS3 and PSP title. It looks like the trivia game might be heading to the PSN as a downloadable title ... at least for Germany anyhow.

What's playable, and what's not, at Square Enix's TGS booth

2008 looks to be yet another excellent year for Tokyo Game Show. There's a lot of excitement over the potential surprises at the show. Square Enix has posted its lineup for this year's show, and we're a little saddened to see Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) still not playable. At the very least, we'll be getting some one-on-one time with Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PSP). Check out the full PlayStation list here:

We're expecting many of these trailers will be shown behind closed doors. Fear not, though. We'll provide detailed impressions of the trailers live from Tokyo next month.

PSN cards expanding to Blockbuster, 7-Eleven and Rite-Aid in September

The only time we ever saw a PLAYSTATION Network card was when Sony gave us one for Christmas. Never -- not even once -- have we seen these cards available at a retail store. This is easily one of the most demanded items from our readers, many who don't have a credit card to use for the PSN. Thankfully, support for these cards will expand in September to stores we've actually heard of.

According to the PlayStation website, these pre-paid cards can be found at Blockbuster, 7-Eleven and Rite-Aid this September. So whether you're renting a movie, drinking a Slurpee, or buying some condoms in a rush -- keep an eye out for these PSN cards.

[Via CAG]

Sony to bring Resistance and free goodies to PAX

Are you going to Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) this year? Lucky you! You'll get to meet our very own Jem Alexander and you'll be able to get your dirty hands on all sorts of exclusive gaming -- never playable to the public before! PS3 fans can get in on some Resistance 2 love, while PSP owners will rush to check out Resistance Retribution. A plethora of PSN titles, such as WipEout HD, Savage Moon and Crash Commando will all be available for play. Even better -- you'll get to see live demonstrations of LittleBigPlanet and inFamous!

Even if you can't make it to Seattle, don't fret -- Sony has a consolation prize for you. Visit PlayStation.com when the show begins on August 29th, and you can win a PS3 prize pack. Find out more here.

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