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Space Invaders goes Extreme in June

Ever wonder how the classic Space Invaders could make a return? Make it faster, brighter, and add the word Extreme to it. Yep, Space Invaders Extreme is slated to hit the PSP on June 17, 2008. Taito has given us a list of features for the game, which should excite those who remember playing the original just to see how far it's evolved.

The design is the same, but with revamped graphics and new background movies, while up-beat techno music plays in synch with the gameplay. In the middle of the normal game, mini-games might launch that allow you to rack up the points, though what sorts of mini-games are available aren't described. Also vaguely introduced are new "twists" that add to the new faster pace of play. A multi-player element is available as well. If you're into these old-school revivals, this one might be worth a look.

Kratos wants you to make another Machinima video

While we're sure Kratos will forgive us, he works rather well as an angry British man. In this faux-video, Kratos and another familiar face are talking about their own machinima video, where they more or less describe what the video genre is about than actually do a lot to be in one. Of course, you can see where they're going with this -- it's a whole contest where you can make your own machinima video. It's rather straight-forward and quite entertaining, so give it a shot and see where you stand in video editing skills.

[Thanks, William!]

PSP Fanboy review: Warriors Orochi

What can we say? Koei likes their Warriors formula. There's something different about Warriors Orochi though. Even though we've sifted through similar games, nay, almost identical games in the past, this title stands out. Perhaps it's the fact it's not lifted from the pages of history. Perhaps it's the sheer size of the character roster. Maybe we were just bored. Still, for Warriors fans, Warriors Orochi is the best of the franchise on the PSP, but everyone else will find the game repetitive and just like the others.

Gallery: Warriors Orochi

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Every hunter has a cat slave in Monster Hunter 2nd G

This video is a little weird, actually. You get to see "the hunter" popping a tent (an actual tent), nodding towards his cat slave thing, mining a rock from a mountainside, and then get a makeover. While we love watching men have their measurements taken as much as the next gamer, we'd much prefer scenes of the hunter ripping apart his monster prey. Luckily, we get a little of that in the second video, which you can conveniently locate after the jump.

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More PSP theft! Dude, get your own, indeed

We almost think people read about PSP thefts on this site, get excited, and want their time in the spotlight. Let us say it again: we do not condone PSP theft and we will mock you if you do it. Like this latest entry in the ongoing saga of "steal the PSP from someone younger than you".

A 13-year-old was at GameStop watching his brother play on the Wii the store has on display when three teenagers came up and started interrogating the kid about his limited edition Darth Vader PSP, like whether or not it had any movies on it. The kid said no, took it out to check the time (apparently watches and cell phones don't work anymore ... not that a 13-year-old has any real reason to own a cell phone), and it was snatched away. Did it really take three teens to ask a kid a question and steal a PSP? Only if they're cowards who need confirmation of their awesomeness from each other. Except they're not awesome; they're idiots.

John Koller talks about the PSP turning 3 and what's to come

As you all know, the PSP turned 3 years old recently -- and Sony's John Koller sat down with Game Informer and talked about what's in store for the PSP now. Obviously Koller gleefully explains this has been the best year for the PSP yet, thanks to the varied games released as well as a slimmed design and price drop. He expects the fourth year of the PSP to continue this momentum.

He goes on to say how it's a unique marketing proposition due to its multiple functions in addition to being a gaming device as well as some unexpected upgrades to the handheld, like Skype support. It's consumer demand in action! A big emphasis for the coming year is more Remote Play with the PS3. We're excited to see where that goes, too. Some elements, like watching TV on the PSP can work in Japan, Koller says, but aren't possible in the US. We assume it's because we've got pretty sour bandwidth across the nation.

We can also expect some updates on a video download service for the PSP, a GPS system, camera, keyboard, original games as well as new entries of respected franchises, and of course, a few secret cards we can't know about until closer to E3. In all, it seems the PSP is shaping up to have an interesting fourth year and we're excited to see where it goes.

[Thanks, Joe!]

Code Geass: Lost Colors trailer features talking, rock music

It's time for an anime-inspired trailer. You're looking at the latest trailer for Code Geass: Lost Colors, which seems to be your typical adventure novel style of game. Apparently, you even get to have awkward conversations in a hot springs -- a convention that's found in nearly every anime remotely centered around a relationship. If it's your type of game, cool! But for those who don't know Japanese, it's a tough sell.

Acquire announces new RPG project

Under development at Zerodiv, Acquire is working on a new title after their runaway success with Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida. The new title, dubbed a 3D Dungeon RPG, has a name that roughly translates to Sword to Magic to Campus Mono -- or Ken To Mahou To Gakuen Mono. There isn't much information on the game's teaser website except for a single image. More details are promised in the next Famitsu magazine, so until that hits, we're as in the dark as everyone else.

PlayStation Portable plushies make good bedfellows

Sony Computer Entertainment Asia has unveiled a quirky selection of items for people willing to throw down the big bucks this Easter season. We weren't aware it was a big spending season, but there you have it. For spending a certain amount on select PlayStation products, around $256 (or $2000 HKD for those in Asia), you get the above PSP plushy pillow thing. Yes, you can hug your gaming addiction as you sleep. Spend more and you can get a polo shirt; even more and you'll get a windbreaker. We agree with Siliconera -- the plush PSP is the sexiest item of the lot. Also of note: the blow-up PS3 is just a retailer item, so you can't get that one.

More PSP theft: 9 year old girl mugged for handheld

We almost feel like we've heard this story before. It seems as if the PSP is growing more and more popular in the teenage theft market. This time, we got wind of a 9 year old girl walking with some friends, carrying her beloved PSP with her. Sounds like a wonderful day in the park, yeah? Until the 16-18 year old male approaches the girl, kicks her in the leg, steals her PSP, and dashes off into the distance. That really is pathetic, though. She's 9. The kick was entirely unnecessary -- unless the guy really thought he couldn't overpower her. Foolish criminals.

[via Kotaku, via GayGamer]

PSP Fanboy review: Wild ARMs XF

The western-themed RPG franchise finally hits the PSP with their strategy title, Wild ARMs XF (crossfire). Throughout the franchise's history, they've battled lukewarm reviews, netting them the title of a catch-all RPG. Traditional, but different. Easy, accessible, and more or less for everyone. However, the titles have garnered a cult following, where they yearn to traverse Filgaia once again and explore its barren desert exterior. It seems the folk over at Media.Vision and Sony have been secretly working on this title for a long time, plotting to destroy everything you know about Wild ARMs, but keeping everything as familiar as possible. The result? Pure genius.

Gallery: Wild Arms XF

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Clannad lovingly accepts two UMDs for its PSP port

Yep, it's another one of them fancy love adventure titles. Luckily, as far as those types of games go, Clannad shouldn't be bad at all -- these are the same people who crafted the Air title and anime, after all. Oh, Kanon too. Anyway, this port of the PC version has so much content packed into it, including full voice and new CG's, you need two UMDs to play the whole thing. So, if these types of games tickle your fancy, this one will have a lot to offer. It'll be ready to import ... when they issue a release date.

Coded Soul video interview is totally Japanese

If you've been keeping up with Coded Soul, you'll probably get a kick out of this video interview with Uke Keigareshi. He talks about some of the ideas and concepts behind the game, but there's one big twist to this whole thing -- the interview is in Japanese. And subtitles are nonexistent. So, if any readers out there understand Japanese, feel free to slap up some of the important points from the video. Otherwise, enjoy the very limited game footage!

Resistance on PSP is 'possible' says Insomniac

Ted Price, man behind the curtain at Insomniac Games, recently talked with MTV Multiplayer at the DICE summit in regards to ... well, a lot of things. We're going to focus on one of those things: bringing Resistance to the PSP. It's not like they're trying to port the PS3 title over to the PSP, though -- Price uses Killzone as an example, noting how Liberation wasn't a first-person shooter like its parent title, but was a fantastic game all its own.

While the possibility is there, we have no idea if Insomniac will follow through with this idea and how different a PSP Resistance would be relative to the original FPS. What sort of crazy genre do you think could work? Maybe the Chimera want to battle mankind in a series of physical activities to prove who are the superior athletes. Some sort of olympics with a snappy title. Who knows. It worked pretty well for Sega and Nintendo!

[via PSPSPS]

Bahamut shows his stuff in new Crisis Core video

The big March release for Crisis Core is looming closer and closer, especially now that it's (finally) March. To celebrate, IGN posted another video of the game we haven't really seen yet. The fight against Bahamut appears as epic as you'd expect from one of the mainstay creatures of the Final Fantasy world. There isn't really much else to say, except we hope you enjoy!

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