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Suikoden title trademarked, but will it appear on PSP?

Normally, we'd slap a Suikoden story under the main PlayStation console, since all the other games have hit there. However, if you remember a while back, we caught wind that Suikoden VI was listed and removed as a PSP title. Now it appears Konami has trademarked a new title for a Suikoden game -- Tierkreis. This is German for "Zodiac", but it is unknown if this has any bearing to the game itself. Is this Suikoden VI? Is it the same one listed as for the PSP? Or is it the oft-rumored Suikoden 1 and 2 collection on its way to the PSP? Time will tell, but until we have more than a trademarked name, this is all speculation.

Check out some battles from Valhalla Knights 2 in this video

Nothing can beat a battle montage. This trailer for Valhalla Knights 2 shows off several different battles with several different types of characters. The action seems very fast-paced and confusing, but it probably becomes second nature after playing for just a few minutes. Of course, the characters in the trailer seem way overpowered as well, but the game might be that easy. We'll find out when the title launches near the end of September.

Sony may bring Rocketboom to your PSP

Structured as a distribution and advertising deal, the daily video blog Rocketboom was bought by Sony Pictures Television for an undisclosed amount recently. Normally, we'd shrug it off as just another offbeat video blog getting shuffled around the interwebs, but Sony is going to distribute this rather entertaining video blog on the PSP as well as the PS3. We've embedded a video of what Rocketboom is like -- think you'd watch this on the PSP or PS3?

[Via MaxConsole -- Thanks, Joe!]

Buy 'Hakufu's milk' to celebrate the release of Ikki Tousen

Are you thinking of importing the upcoming PSP fighting game Ikki Tousen? While that is all well and good, we thought we'd bring to your attention some other Ikki Tousen goodies you'll miss out on unless you live in Japan. In celebration of the game's arrival, the Cure Maid Cafe have added a milk pudding dessert to their menu dubbed "Hakufu's milk pudding". The attention to detail is impressive -- there's even a small bulge in the middle of these, er, milk pudding globs. Has anyone been able to try this out? Whatever the case, Ikki Tousen is coming out October 2nd in Japan.

[Via Otaku International]

Yep, Mana Khemia is making its way to PSP's outside of Japan

Even though it saw release on the PlayStation 2 a few months ago, NIS America has confirmed the rumors that Mana Khemia is making its way onto PSP's in the US. This enhanced port will feature the core game, plus some new multiplayer support options. You can also choose to install portions of the game onto a memory stick to reduce load times. This enhanced port will make its appearance this September.

[Via PSPHyper]

Divineo's new 5-in-1 charger stand for PSP does it all

There aren't usually a lot of devices who can follow through on their claim that they can 'do it all'. Sure, being able to vacuum and cook up a delicious waffle is interesting, but then your carpet smells like a waffle, too. This is why we're pretty interested in the potential of this new PSP charger stand -- it does it all!

While your PSP charges on the stand, you can listen to music and even play stuff on your TV. It comes with built-in headphone jacks and multi-card slots. It's essentially got all the functionality of a non-charging PSP, and it's just under $17. If you're looking for a charging solution, this might be your cup of tea.

[Via DCEmu]

Crush developer Zoe Mode opening new office in London

Did you play the game Crush? We did -- and we loved it. Now the developers, Zoe Mode (previously Kuju Brighton), are expanding their offices into London and are seeking new faces to help their staff grow. They've got two projects lined up already for their new office opening in September. It's not like this new studio is full of empty faces -- the office already has their current Zoe Mode executive producer, Nick Rodriguez, as well as a core team from their Brighton office. If you're in the London area and are qualified for the positions of producer, art manager, or senior programmer, check out their website.

[Via Gamespot]

Suikoden VI listed, then removed, as a PSP title

German news site GameFront recently posted an interesting story regarding the listing of Suikoden VI for the PSP on a retailer's website. The story has been roughly translated on the NeoGAF forums. The retailer was in Japan and the entry has been removed -- but the rumors live on. Is Konami hard at work on Suikoden VI and moving the series onto the PSP? Or was it a clerical error and should have read PS3? Either way, until Konami makes a statement, we'll have to wait and see if anything comes up at E3 or the Tokyo Game Show.

Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus makes some changes for PSP

While our translation tools are far from perfect, we think we've gotten the gist of what's mentioned on the GameWatch website. This is going to be the biggest Guilty Gear title to-date with 25 characters and what appears to be 3-on-3 battles. Since this is on the PSP, ad-hoc capability is going to get some attention. Playing ranked matches in that mode will net you higher rankings based on if you win or lose a number of times.

There's over 350 scenes and full voice acting for the scenarios, but you can also choose Mission Mode and get some sort of reward for clearing that (an illustration per character?). In addition, there's Survival Mode where you can choose one character and grow them to be pretty much unstoppable there. If any of our translation came out wrong, let us know, but the game's getting a release July 24 ... we're assuming the 2006 we got in our translation is a typo and they mean 2008. Get ready to import! Let's rock!

The dancing in B-Boy is worthy of this trailer

Rhythm games are pretty popular nowadays, but one genre that hasn't seen quite enough implementation is rhythm-based gameplay that results in some fantastic break-dancing moves. You can play your faux-guitars if you like, but you're just staring at a bunch of colored lines and buttons in the end -- here you can enjoy watching your characters bust some pretty wild moves. Enjoy.

Mysterious countdown appears, possibly Namaikida 2

It seems a countdown has been spotted on Sony Japan's website. While the game would ordinarily be a mystery for reasons soon to be revealed, Eurogamer has got a pretty good guess as to what the game is and we're going to agree with them. The link to the website cites the title as "or2" which has been deduced to mean Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida 2, a sequel to another Japanese dungeon crawler of the same name, sans the "2".

Since the first title didn't leave Japan, we don't have much faith we'll see the sequel leave the land of the rising sun either. Still, if you imported the first one, there's some good news since more is on the way. Who knows; maybe both will get some sort of domestic release in a two-for-one pack of some kind. Then again, we also believe it's possible to drive up a wall (note: do not attempt to drive up a wall).

A PSP with L2 and R2 buttons, and how to do it yourself

Aside from a second analog stick, the PSP is missing the second set of trigger buttons found on all PlayStation controllers. If you're utilizing remote play with a PS3, you can map PlayStation One titles' L2 and R2 functions to the analog nub. However, someone thought that was rubbish and created their own L2/R2 modification to the PSP. You can do it just like the modder "Electro", assuming you've got access and are fairly talented with a soldering iron. It doesn't look that great, but if it works, you'll have the last laugh.

[via Engadget]

LocoRoco 2 due out sometime 'this year'

The only issue with our subject line is that we can't discern the context of "this year", as quoted by SCE UK's product manager Claire Backhouse, when it comes to the release of LocoRoco 2. In addition to talking about the busy summer ahead for the PSP, whether it be increased incorporation with the PS3 and Remote Play, or the new Go!Range set of utilities adding GPS and voice video calling among other things. She says that "The key software titles we have coming out this year for PSP include Echochrome, Buzz The Master Quiz, Secret Agent Clank and LocoRoco 2." Whether this means 2008 or the fiscal year which ends at the end of March 2009, we don't know. But expect an announcement soon for your favorite rolling blob.

Kid attempts to steal wrestler's PSP; fails

Those thieves who make their living stealing PSPs are either getting even less smart or more desperate. Either way, this latest story of attempted PSP, er, reallocation should give everyone a slight grin. Elijah Burke, or the Black Pope as he may be known in the world of wrestling (forgive us if we got that wrong -- our wrestling knowledge is on the same level as a turtle), wrote up his experience in a blog about a 14-year-old kid that tried to steal from him on a plane.

What happened essentially was this: Burke took his PSP out of his bag and placed it on a seat rest betwixt him and the kid and promptly fell asleep (the kid was sleeping too). When he woke up, it was gone. He made a threat which we're sure almost melted the kid's mind, then the wannabe-thief removed the lifted PSP from his bag and returned it. Note to all: don't be that dumb. It's obvious you took it. Another note: don't steal from people much, much bigger than you.

[Thanks, Joseph B.!]

Pre-order Bumpy Trot, get nifty pouch

If you've been out of the loop for Japanese game releases, Irem Software has Bumpy Trot: Vehicle Battle Tournament set for sometime in July. The game is a spiritual successor, of sorts, to the PS2 game Steambot Chronicles. It hit shores outside of Japan, so this one might, too. Well, if you're an import-friendly type of person and want to jump on this with a pre-order, you'll get this really nifty PSP pouch as a bonus. Enjoy!

[Via Siliconera]

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