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Portable "home theater" hits the PSP

Magic WooferThe latest PSP accessory from FriendlyTech is the SRS-Magic Woofer. Besides having a name that makes me chuckle for some reason, it promises to make the PSP into the ultimate portable home theater.

"Picturing yourself directly into your music, movie, or even your favorite videogame is a heavenly experience. With the SRS-Magic Woofer, the virtual sound paradise is possible." said Aaron Johnson, Project Manager of FriendTech. "In my office, in the car, or even when jogging, the Woofer adds great theater sound. It will be hard getting back to standard audio on any of my devices."

The device boasts a bevy -- yes, a bevy! -- of features:
  • The Woofers virtual-surround-sound system enhances any multichannel or stereomono audio source; it even supports SRS CS, Dolby Pro Logic (AC-3), DTS, and MP3 SX.
  • Virtualizes the channels, creating "phantom" speakers that extend all around the listener. When receiving mono or stereo content, the Woofer presents an expansive three dimensional sound field.
  • Built-in Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery that plays back 9 hours on 1 full charge
But the thing that I'm most excited about is this:
  • It supports all audio playback devices, so you can even turn your iPod, Nintendo DS and PSP into surround sound through headphones, earphones, homeoffice, or car.
I think you know why!

When being a fanboy goes terribly wrong...

Sometimes, you can take being a PSP Fanboy too far. This is one of those times.

This video should be a warning to us all that disaster lurks just around the corner anytime you combine fanatical devotion, sub-par editing skills, an annoying soundtrack and poor spelling and grammar. Like a terrible car wreck, it will be impossible to tear your eyes away from this once you hit play. You've been warned.

Wild Arms is PSP bound! [Update 1]

According to a report just filed by our friends at IGN, Sony is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Wild Arms RPG franchise in a big, big way. Wild Arms XF for the PSP is officially in development. It joins big-brother, Wild Arms: Fith Vanguard for the PS2, on the series roster. Previously announced, Fifth Vanguard hits stores in Japan on Devember 14th. The PSP incarnation will follow sometime in 2007.

No details about the gameplay elements of the PSP game were revealed, but we'll keep a close eye on this one for you.

[Via IGN]

[Update 1: The game is not a port. It's a "complete new work" as seen on the official Japanese website.]

PSP gets an exclusive: TOCA Race Driver 3

Toca 2 screen

It just seems like yesterday that TOCA Race Driver 2 was announced and released. Now the franchise is back for more, but it's only available on the PSP and it's only coming to Europe.

"TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge will roar in with a cavalcade of officially licensed racecars, world-famous tracks and a new, progressive central game mode – the World Challenge. As the piston-pumping heart of the game, the World Challenge will see players competing through a series of international championship tiers, each packed with skill tests, specialised events and championships that span different racing styles."

Featuring all new game challenges, wireless multi-play and realistic damage handling, TOCA 3 will be available sometime this Winter.


Surprise! Good UMDs at a great price...

If you're upset that there are no UMD movies being released this week, you might want to head over to Circuit City to take advantage of one of the better PSP deals I've seen lately.

Whether this is an official sale or part of a larger UMD clearance strategy you can grab either The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe or Underworld Evolution for the hot, hot price of $9.99. At this price point, UMDs are viable as either an alternative or a complement to the DVD version of the films. And speaking of the films themselves, they rock.

You can check out the sale in Circuit City's Sunday ad or via their website.

PSP releases for the week of September 4th

screen shot

Once again, no new UMD releases this week and we actually won't see many this month. It looks like that production halt that many of the studios promised is finally kicking in. Goodbye UMD, we hardly new ya! The good news though is that we have four new PSP game releases to check out. I'll be checking out the zaniness of Loco Roco... how about you?

PSP Game Releases

  • Guilty Gear: Judgment
  • Loco Roco
  • NASCAR '07
  • World Championship Poker: All In

PSP UMD Releases

  • No new UMD releases

As always, availability is subject to manufacturer delivery.

A new way to bring video over to the PSP

SanDisk V-MateIf you're one of the many folks who enjoys watching movies and video on your PSP's bright and beautiful screen, SanDisk has just announced a new device that might just make it easier than ever to get the content you crave onto your handheld.

"SanDisk has announced the launch of the V-Mate Video Memory Card Recorder, a device that will allow you to record television directly to a memory card without the need of a PC. The new device, which is 12.95cm x 6.6cm x 2.03cm in size, will allow you to playback movies and TV on your mobile phone, Sony PSP, notebook and other playback devices." It can use the Memory Stick Pro Duo memory format right out of the box.

As an alternative to the Tivo-to-go, this is a good alternative for PSP users. As a replacement for the VCR, it is even better. The V-mate also comes with a remote and the ability to schedule programs to record anytime.

Plus, it's going to make using my new PSP car mount a lot more fun! No word yet on pricing.

[Via Pocket-lint]

PSP ads continue to entertain and perplex

I love quirky foreign commercials as much as the next guy, but this one is semi-disturbing. Most commercials try to make you believe that using the advertised product will make you famous or rich or attractive or all of the above. Bucking that feel-good product association, Sony goes against the grain and shows a PSP owner going through an involuntary and violent metamorphisis into F1 racing legend Fernando Alonso. Creepy. And what's with the PS2 logo at the end?

Ghost Rider to haunt PSP

Ghost RiderI've always been a big fan of Johnny Blaze and the Ghost Rider. The 90's version of the Marvel comic book is still a great read today (and hopefully the movie will borrow heavily from it). As a major motion-picture heading our way from Sony Pictures next year, its always been a good bet that the Ghost Rider would be delivering justice on the mighty PSP too. Now it's official and we have some details:

"Reflecting the stylized action of the Marvel comic series and Sony Pictures' upcoming film, Ghost Rider offers a unique combination of high impact combat and motorcycle action."

Among the game's key selling points are:
  • Vengeful Combat – Fast paced, combo based combat against multiple enemies using Ghost Rider's trademark hellfire chain and hellfire shotgun.
  • Adrenaline Fuelled Motorbike Action – Ride the terrifying Hell Cycle, swing your chain at enemies and use the bike's powers: ride on water, boost over jumps, power down under obstacles, etc.
  • Upgrade and Improve –Add upgrades to the Hell Cycle and Hellfire Chain, plus new moves and stat increases using the essence of defeated foes as currency.
  • Penance Stare – Besides possessing superhuman strength, speed and durability, Ghost Rider can force criminals to experience a level of emotional pain equivalent to that which they have caused in others.
Sounds like it could be fun. Look for the game (and the movie) in February 2007.

[Via Sony PSP Press Releases]

Finally! A way to watch UMDs while driving...

PSP Car Mount

I can't count how many times I've dropped my PSP while driving. It's very easy to lose your grip on the console while swerving to avoid livestock or pedestrians that happen to wander dangerously close to your vehicle. That's why I'm so thankful that somebody has finally released a good PSP car mount, allowing me to keep both hands on the wheel and at least one eye on my favorite UMD movies!

According to the accessory's manufacturer, Talismoon, the new mount is, "Very simple to install. It keeps your PSP at reach while driving or just sitting in the car. With all the applications available and soon coming on PSP, it is a great accessory for the PSP hard core user!"

I'll bet that this thing will be pretty handy when that PSP GPS add-on is released.

[Via GameShout]

PSP releases for the week of August 28th

screen shot

The big news this week is no new UMD releases--we haven't seen that in a while. And, we have plenty of new PSP game releases to keep you busy. We haven't seen that in a while either! This week our money is on Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins. This one not only looks gorgeous, but it brings some old-school challenge to the PSP. This game is HARD.

PSP Game Releases

  • 50 Cent: Bulletproof
  • Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover
  • Super Monkey Ball Adventure
  • Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins

PSP UMD Releases

  • No new UMD releases

As always, availability is subject to manufacturer delivery.

PSP releases for the week of August 21st

box art

It's a big week, fanboys! The gaming world's most well-know franchise is back with something new. Yes, Pac-Man World Rally is finally here, taking our favorite videogame hero in an exciting new direction. Aside from the juggernaut that is Pac-Man, there are a handful other titles that you might find interesting.

PSP Game Releases

  • Madden NFL 07
  • Pac-Man World Rally
  • Rapala Trophies
  • World Championship Poker: All In

PSP UMD Releases

  • Silent Hill

As always, availability is subject to manufacturer delivery.

PSP releases for the week of August 7th

Box artSkateboarders, snowboarders and one real movie this week, To Live and Die in L.A.

And no new PSP games this week. But, that's really not a problem as long as you are into extreme sportz! I'd like to know if there is any fanyboy out there who has ever bought one of these sports, music video or concert UMDs that the studios keep churning out. I can see picking up an actual flick every once in awhile, but all of this other garbage? What am I missing?

PSP UMD Releases

  • The Community Project
  • The DC Video
  • To Live and Die in L.A.

PSP Game Releases

  • No new game releases this week.

As always, availability is subject to manufacturer delivery.

Get some PSP games on the cheap!

Metal Gear Acit 2Now this is a good deal! Everybody's favorite fanboy store, Frys, has 3 PSP games on sale for insane prices. The "advertised prices" last through Tuesday, so act fast (and please call your local Frys first as not all stores may have the same offers).

PSP games on sale at Frys
  • Burnout Legends - $19.95
  • Untold Legends 2 - $19.95
  • Metal Gear Acid Legends 2 - $19.95!
I'm headed over there now. I'll hide some copies behind Death Jr. for you.

PSP releases for the week of July 31st

screen shot

One new PSP game this week, Super Monkey Ball Adventure, which should really be called Super Monkey Ball: A Love Story. It's the story of Princess Deedee of Monkitropolis and Prince Abeabe of Kongri-la meeting and falling in love, despite the feud between their kingdoms. Can love save this game? I highly doubt it.

If a good love story isn't your thing (but we all know it is), you could check out the new UMD, Tony Hawk Presents the End, featuring some of the most popular athletes in professional skateboarding. Can popular skateboarders save this UMD? I highly doubt it.

If you can only afford one new UMD this week, it's a really tough call, Let us know which one you go with.

PSP Game Releases

  • Super Monkey Ball Adventure

PSP UMD Releases

  • Tony Hawk Presents the End

As always, availability is subject to manufacturer delivery.

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