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David Hinkle first got his start in the gaming industry as a reviewer for a small time website. After getting tired of little pay and the lack of creativity in reviewing games, David sought employment elsewhere, eventually landing a job with Weblogs Inc. He is still trying to convince friends and family that he actually has a job and doesn't just sit around the house all day in his underwear. David can be reached through his email at david [at] weblogsinc [dot] com.

EA announces 10 games for PSP this year

Today was a busy day for EA as they released a list of games heading our way, 10 of which would be releasing for our beloved PSP before the end of the year (excluding NFL Street 3). The titles, a majority of which are sports-related, should help strengthen the already great library of games the PSP has. These games include:

  • Madden NFL 07
  • NBA Live 07
  • NCAA Football 07
  • NFL Street 3
  • NHL 07
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
  • The Godfather The Game
  • Need for Speed Carbon
  • Superman Returns: The Videogame

[Via PSP World]

Sony including movie with memory stick

Looks like Sony is starting to get the picture. Not a single person on this planet wants UMDs. So their solution is to start offering Memory Sticks with films preloaded. The film selection isn't that great in The Grudge, S.W.A.T., Hitch, and XXX: State of the Union, either. Still interested? Well, all you need to do is:

  1. Buy the MSX-M1GSTEP or MSX-M2GSEP MemoryStick Entertainment Packs for $60 or $100, respectively at your local retailer.
  2. Load up the enclosed DVD into your (Windows-only?) computer and select one of four previously-mentioned movies.
  3. Use the enclosed code to unlock one (just one) of these movies, which can then be transferred to your PSP.
  4. Figure out how to transfer your movie to the PSP without any included software to do so.
  5. En...joy?
[Via Joystiq]

More reason to want Tekken: Dark Resurrection

As if we needed any!

But in case you did, Gamespot has gotten their hands on the import copy of Tekken: Dark Resurrection, likely laughing their importing butts off thinking about how much fun they're having and how much we loathe them for being able to play the game.

Like a gentle mother assuring her child that he can be whatever he wishes to be upon growing up, Gamespot soothes us by speaking of the game's astounding graphics and excellent control scheme, further cementing our maddening desire to purchase this game and, more than likely, call off from work for a day.

Capcom previewing PSP titles at Comic-Con

For Comic-Con 2006, Capcom will be on-hand, along with other companies, to sell their various wares including UMD movies. Also, the company plans on previewing select upcoming titles from their PSP lineup. These games include:
  • Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded
  • Capcom Puzzle World
  • Power Stone Collection
  • Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins
Any readers plan on attending the show in San Diego later this month?

Crave announces World Championship Cards

Crave has been doing card games for awhile now, so it comes as no surprise that they have a new game in the works for the PSP. With a very reasonable budget price, World Championship Cards is not just limited to Poker and features 30 different varieties of classic card games including Bridge, Gin Rummy, Solitaire, Cribbage, Hearts, Spades, and Crazy 8's. The game will feature 8 player wireless ad hoc multiplayer gameplay with no word on whether players will be able to take the game online in infrastructure mode. No word on release, however the game will be on the cheap for only $19.99 US.

Screenshot roundup: Hot PXL

IGN has thrown up eight new Hot PXL screenshots, which in case you weren't in the know, is a game that, through a compilation of short and fast minigames, promises to bring something unique and fun to the platform. Much like Nintendo's Warioware series, Hot PXL hopes to enthrall players through quirky, highly-charismatic minigames and even though we did not get ahold of it during E3, are looking forward to its impending release.

Homebrew that gets you out of your home

In CollecTic, you're charged with doing something that no game has asked you to do before. You must get up and go. Go where, you ask? Wherever there are WiFi hotspots. See, that's the point of the game. You find these hotspots and they transfer into points. The inventor of this ingenious little game is Jonas Hielscher, whom came up with this as a project while attending Leiden University.

[Via Kotaku]

Rock out with your PSP out

It appears the band Seether is not without love for the PSP (or rather their managers and label execs) as they've got a whole cornucopia of content available for the handheld powerhouse. The content, which are a handful of music videos, are available at the official site. Also, there you can enter to win a custom PSP pre-loaded with all kinds of cool Seether content.

Whether you like the band or not, this is a great idea to help promote Sony's handheld. Get more bands to offer videos or even road diaries, pre-formatted for the PSP, and you've got a powerful marketing tool for both sides. The custom PSP, we assume, will closely resemble the one pictured, with a grey finish and Seether logo stamped on the unit. The contest runs until August 4th and is only open to residents of the U.S. age 13 and older.

[Via QJ]

Final firmware downgrader available

Chalk the tardiness of reporting this up to the holiday, but the final version of the 2.50/2.60 downgrader has been released to the eager PSP homebrew community, one who's strength already rivals that of your favorite super hero. Of course, it goes without saying that attempting to utilize this program is purely an "attempt at your own risk" endeavor. Also, it should be noted that certain PSPs will not be capable of utilizing this program, so make sure you read the instructions carefully before giving it a go.

Screenshot roundup: Tekken Dark Resurrection

Game Watch has recently posted up a plethora of screens for my everyone's most-anticipated fighting game on the PSP in Tekken Dark Resurrection. These screens, which showcase some of the game's menus for displaying world rankings in bowling and brawling, as well as some lengthy compositions of Armor King, Lili, and Dragunov in action, do not fail to excite.

I can't be the only person foaming at the mouth for this game, right?

PSP third in sales, yet first in quality

Jason Anderson, director of research for the International Development Group (IDG) revealed his company's predictions for the future of console and handheld sales. In commenting on everyone's favorite handheld, Jason said that while the PSP has been, and looks to be for the immediate future, third place in terms of sales behind Nintendo's DS and GBA, the handheld looks like it will be reaching 14.4 million gamers in 2007 and 17.6 million by 2008.

Anderson also gauged the overall quality of games on each platform, using Game Rankings to compile average scores for each system's games. In this manner, the PSP blew away all other handhelds, and closely resembled the results seen for home consoles such as the PS2, Xbox and GameCube by maintaining an overall quality percentile just below 70.

Eidos and PlayFirst team up to bring Diner Dash

In announcing handheld versions of the PC downloadable game Diner Dash, Eidos and PlayFirst are attempting to establish a unified front and achieve success in the handheld arena when they bring Flo, ex-convict waitress, to store shevles for eager gamers in 2007. Diner Dash, which can be found in various different versions throughout the internet, has players seating customers, clearing dishes, and taking orders in this restaurant simulation game.

Namco announces Ridge Racer sequel for PSP [Update]

Namco-Bandai recently spilled the beans on a sequel to the insanely-awesome Ridge Racer for the PSP. Currently at 70% complete, the sequel is to release to the Japanese gaming public on the 14th of September, with no current announcement on US release, which is bound to happen. This announcement, which made its way to us via Japanese gaming mag Famitsu, sees the sequel following in the footsteps of the first title, complete with the existing nitro system and drift-focused racing.

[Update: Wow, two typos in two titles in two posts in a row. I swear I'm not on drugs.]

Metareview: Tomb Raider Legend [Update]

Lara Croft is back in a new adventure on the PSP with exclusive features such as wireless multiplayer and unlockable image galleries, wallpapers, and songs from the soundtrack. Not to mention a plethora of outfits for you to raid those tombs in. The title received favorable reviews on home consoles, but has it been able to bring that magic to Sony's portable?

  • Gamespot (62/100) - "The only new challenge to be found in this version is the challenge of adapting to the uncooperative camera and clunky controls."
  • IGN (72/100) - " While rough around the edges, Tomb Raider Legend still manages to offer a unique, worthwhile experience on PSP."
  • Gamespy (70/100) - "All in all, we recommend Tomb Raider: Legend to fans and non-fans alike, but you might be better off picking up a copy of one of the console versions."
[Update: Fixed typo in the title.]

Huge summer Circuit City sale

A poster over at CAG reports of a sale going on over at Circuit City, officially starting July 4th weekend, in which a slew of PSP titles will be going on sale for $8.96 a piece. While some of the titles are best avoided, getting a copy of Exit or Darkstalkers for such a small sum is a blessing most divine. The list, unchanged from its forum post, reads:
  • Darkstalkers
  • Exit
  • FIFA Soccer
  • Gretzky NHL
  • NBA Street Showdown
  • Need For Speed Underground Rivals
  • Spiderman 2
  • Tiger Woods PGA
  • Tony Hawk Underground 2 Remix
  • World Soccer Tour
I know I'm picking up Tony Hawk Underground 2 Remix, Exit, and Need for Speed Underground Rivals. How about you guys? Any reports of this sale going on early? Any Circuit City employees want to verify the date the sale starts? Bueller?

[Note: You must be registered for the forums in order to view the thread.]

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