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Adams Briscoe

Adams Briscoe has been a blogger for the better part of three years now, having actively involved himself in personal, hobby, and gaming-themed websites. As a Journalism major, he has a passion for conveying information and spreading enthusiasm for anything that he can write about. Whether it's blogging for his love of video games or just communicating a piece of his mind, an unabashed, sincere contribution can be expected

Adams Briscoe

Adams Briscoe has been a blogger for the better part of three years now, having actively involved himself in personal, hobby, and gaming-themed websites. As a Journalism major, he has a passion for conveying information and spreading enthusiasm for anything that he can write about. Whether it's blogging for his love of video games or just communicating a piece of his mind, an unabashed, sincere contribution can be expected

Hands on with Juiced Eliminator

PSP owners aren't really hard pressed for another racing game, so Juiced Eliminator has that much more to prove coming right out of the gate. This isn't necessarily a mediocre game, the developers just have to step it up and make it shine in the midsts of other racing titles.

The demo level I tried out allowed me to set up all of the environmental conditions from the beginning. Rain, morning, night, sunshine and blue skies: the versatility here was a nice feature, but not uncommon to the genre. The controls were done well enough to keep your attention span, and the nitro boost added an extra level of speed. If only there was a way to get some back after using it all up. Overall, Juiced Eliminator is slightly above average, but hardcore racing fans might want to look elsewhere.

The real question is: Do PSP fans really want another racing game?

Hands on with Killzone Liberation

There's a strong argument that the PSP needs more games like Killzone Liberation. It doesn't feel like a forced experience similar to certain titles that seem to flare up on the portable console. The top-down view works perfectly and the game mechanics don't choke when things get hasty on the buttons.

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First impression: Coded Arms Contagion

We're still not sure why Konami was so defensive about the new Coded Arms, considering that they wouldn't let us into their press event and all, but it could have something to do with the complete awkwardness of the game.

When I showed up to finally see what Contagion was all about, I was a little bit disappointed with how uncomfortable the whole thing felt between my hands. Graphically, it was okay for an FPS on the PlayStation Portable. Not any better looking than the first installment though.

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First impression: Ratchet and Clank

At first glance, this portable platformer shares an uncanny resemblance to the PS2 iteration. Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters takes advantage of the PSP's power very well. There were a few little nuances that stood out, but considering it was only a demo, it still means good things for platforming fans on Sony's portable.

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New Coded Arms: Contagion slated for PSP

More early previews from the show floor reaveal a new installment to the Coded Arms franchise for Sony's PlayStation Portable. This unsolicited picture shows the new Coded Arms: Contagion getting prepped for play. We won't be able to formally get our grubby hands on this until tomorrow and Wednesday, but PSP owners will be craving some fresh titles coming out of E3.

The handheld doesn't have the best track record for new and innovative games (erm... homebrew?), so hopefully this title will provide something that PSP gamers can sink their thumbs into.

Obsessed with PSP? PSP Fanboy's hiring!

PSPFanboy is looking for a few good bloggers! Does Sony's sleek, svelte, sexy system make you want to write and tell the whole world about it? Does the mere thought of camera peripherals, GPS attachments, and homebrew minutiae make you weak in the knees? If so, you might have what it takes to join the PSPFanboy crew.

Still with us? Keep reading then...

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Peripheral double take: A magnifying glass?

Here's one straight out of left field. A new peripheral for the PSP has been released, and it's a magnifier no less. Providing 1.6 magnification, this thing makes you wonder about who felt compelled to create such a device when the PSP screen is already over four inches. However, to its credit, the price is a meager $8. Overkill or useful? You decide-

[Via DCEmu]

New Star Wars title due out for PSP

You've got to hand it to Ubisoft: when they keep a title under wraps, they do a good job at it. Apparently they've had a new Star Wars game for both the PSP and the DS in the works. It's even slated for a release in only two months. Come May 26th, handheld fans will be able to articulate those thumbs with Star Wars Shadow Strike. All we know is that it's an "action" title, so hopefully Ubisoft will reveal some more information regarding this new game in the coming weeks.

New screenshots: Super Monkey Ball Adventure

What's better than a monkey with a ball? A monkey in a ball, of course. Check out IGN for some fresh screens of Super Monkey Ball Adventure, which is due out in Europe by the end of the year (still waiting on a release date for the US). The screenshots do a great job of conveying a sense of the wide-open environments and space gamers will get to roll their spherical simian around in.

New Mortal Kombat: Unchained screenshots

GameSpot added some new screenshots of Mortal Kombat: Unchained a couple of days ago. Based on Deception, this installment should tide fighting fans over until Tekken shows up. Looking at the screenshots it appears to offer a good bit since 3D fighters are so few and far between on the handheld console anyway.

Gangs of London on the way

It's official: the PSP will be getting its own city-based thug title later on this year when Gangs of London hits the market. This isn't the first time we've heard about the handheld version of The Getaway, but Sony has made the claim anyway. The title sounds similar to GTA, complete with hooligans and the ability to roam freely around the city with characters toting weapons, vehicles, and (not surprisingly) police levels. Get your thug on and assail innocent civilians with proper English in complete disregard.

Mini-games, gang battles, city-wide scale of criminal activity... smells a bit like Tommy Vercetti in London. However it's far too early to pass judgment, so keep your eyes peeled for more information regarding this title as the launch date approaches.

Homebrew Halo for PSP

Remember that coding competition back in January? Well an innovative gamer from DCEmu has decided to try his hand at modding one of the entries named Iris to make a Halo installment. By adding models, textures and maps, he's done up a decent third-person shooter reminiscent to the Xbox game.

This further proves how much fun the PSP can be when put in the right, devious hands. Hopefully we might see this Halo mod support multiplayer action later on. Either way, kudos to PSPdemon who is developing it and good luck with the rest!

[Thanks, craig]

New demo service launches in Japan

Sony of Japan has recently prepped a chain of eateries with technology that will enable them to stream a new service for PSP owners. This new technology can be accessed at certain branches of Gourmet Pia café. Christened PlayStation.Spot, the service provides downloadable content like demos and other software via hotspots around 150 locations. It takes advantage of the "gameshare" function to get the content to your PSP without having to tap into a memory stick.

No word on whether we should expect this in the States or Europe. Perhaps they will roll it out in local retail outlets before too long. This could be a good way to check out titles before settling on a decision. No one likes a $40 mistake, after all.

Homebrew community Flashes PSP users

Where there's a will, there's a way. You've got to hand it to the PSP homebrew community: when they deliver, they make it count. Coming to you from a collaboration between and 71M along with RK, and Newgrounds is the PSP Flash Player. MAKE has a good write-up on it including some awesome pictures. Check out the previous link to download the 1.56MB file.

For whatever games are lacking from developers, surely this great feature will open the doors for some amazing work to follow. We know Sony is going to have a field day with this.

[Via Digg]

4GB Memory Stick Duo to cost arm and leg

Those higher capacity Duo sticks some of us have been waiting for are on their way. But, not unlike anything else having to do with Sony's rich portable, it's going to cost you a pretty penny. A press release has revealed that the 4GB Memory Stick Duo is going to retail at around $250. Kind of makes you want to stick with what you have. Expect this item around July.

Can't wait to hear more about the 8GB version.

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