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PSP Fanboy mini-interview: Ape Quest

Everyone was surprised by the release of Ape Quest on the PLAYSTATION Store last Thursday. The game received zero publicity before it was sprung upon the PSP community. If you haven't yet, feel free to download a free demo of the game from the Store. A full review will be coming in the next few days.

We chatted with Scott Goryl from SCEA quickly about the game's surprise release.

Why the surprise release? Shouldn't games like Beats and Ape Quest get a bit more attention before being sprung upon the PSP community?
SCEA is excited to bring titles like Beats and Ape Quest to consumers via the PC Store. Even with limited hype before release, consumers are downloading and enjoying these great games for PSP.

The game hasn't come in Japan yet. Will it also be downloadable there, or will it be on UMD?
The current plan is to release it as a download.

Gallery: Ape Quest

Will any of the other Ape Escape games make it to the States (perhaps as a downloadable title)?
There are plans to release a number of PSP and PS1 Classic titles for download through our PlayStation Store on both the PS3 and PC. This will potentially include other "Ape" games. [Editor's note: A number of games, such as Ape Racer, are available in Japan exclusively.]

Will other games utilize the same pricing model as Ape Quest?
Ape Quest features a unique 3 chapter system that allows players to purchase and download only the content they want. There may be other games down the road that feature a similar episodic-like system of purchasing the game in chunks, but none have been announced at this time.

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