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Original PSP doesn't have enough RAM for Skype

As reported earlier, Skype will be available exclusively on PSP-2000 systems only. The revised handheld features additional RAM, previously used for UMD caching. According to Nick Sharples from SCEE, the additional memory onboard the new PSP is crucial for running the VoIP application. He told Pocket Gamer: "We had studied the possibility of supporting Skype with PSP-1000 but had to give it up because of the smaller size of main memory on PSP-1000 series."

Skype is coming before month's end. For more images of the application, visit GPara. For those with homebrew-capable PSP-1000 systems, new homebrew VoIP applications may be worthwhile to you.

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1-07-2008 @ 6:10PM

Erik said...


Your nuts. Seriously. It's not like they dropped support, the system just can't take it. If they released it and it was too slow you guys would bitch that they shouldn't have released it. Here ya go. You can't expect all of the add-ons, software, hardware, etc to work on the older PSP. That should have been expected when the TV out wasn't supported. Wake up.

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1-07-2008 @ 11:34PM

stirlo said...

my nuts? you're nuts...

and it's not a psp2, it's a mild update, so I _do_ expect the hardware to work on it.

anyway, I don't really want skype on my psp, but the fact that it's not supported is a really dumb move by sony.

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1-08-2008 @ 2:09AM

Erik said...

stirlo - "Sony will really shoot themselves in the foot here, don't ever alienate your "early adaptors" or core freaks!"

Early adopters? It's a 2+ year old system.

PSP was released (US) in March of 2005.
PSP Slim was released (US) in Septmeber of 2007.

Your like those people that cry when the car they bought now has a new cupholder or more HP the next year. Your PSP still plays games, music, movies, etc. Skype was never promised on your system. Stop crying about it. If it could have been done (well) they would have done it. They have a legit excuse, lack of RAM. Even if it can be done with less RAM, if it's not up to their standards, they won't release it. Plain and simple. Ugh, babies, I swear.

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1-08-2008 @ 12:22PM

James said...

Wow, you're not too smart. Firstly Nintendo has never released an updated hardware that adds features. They're purely cosmetic and have no impact on the game at all.

Whereas the PSP Slim adds more ram and takes away the Infrared port.

Research next time?

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1-08-2008 @ 5:51PM

stirlo said...

I've done my "research" and... It turns out that James is "not too smart" as he equates knowledge of portable consoles with intelligence..

anyway it still sucks, I can buy a psp slim, but I don't want to! I was just commenting that Sony is making a bad move, leaving the psp phat users behind.

and erik -
your = "Your item"
you're = "You are"
I'm not crying about it, I don't just don't believe that Skype won't run on the psp phat. Cynical marketing at its finest.

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1-07-2008 @ 6:45PM

TrackSol said...

Man, this is definitely a poor business practice. Even Microsoft allows you to run Vista on older systems albeit with degraded performance.

The should have stuck with the confines of the PSP-1000 when releasing new firmware knowing that there will still be a great deal of those users. The PSP-2000 plays all the old games and all the new games will play on the old system, so why should this be any different.

I sort of knew this was going to happen with the announcement of the TV-out feature of the new model. By making a pseudo PSP2, they're trying to "motivate" people to purchase the new version, even if they already had the old one.


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1-09-2008 @ 2:13PM

Lars said...

Completely off-track analogy there. MS doesn't make the hardware, they make the OS. Therefore they have lots of incentive to make their OS work on a wider array of hardware. Plus, you can make the argument that Vista DOES NOT run on older hardware because it won't work on plenty of previous iterations of PC architecture.

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1-09-2008 @ 2:16PM

Lars said...

Also, why would they want to "motivate" people to buy a second PSP? Selling a PSP = loss, not profit. Selling software = profit. They want to get PSP's out there to more people, not more PSP's to the same people. One person owning 2 PSP's = $$ lost for Sony.

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1-07-2008 @ 8:55PM

Andy said...

This stuff didn't stop Phat DS users to go to the Lite, and that system can't even have upgrades like Skype. Just a nicer looking device with a brighter screen.


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1-07-2008 @ 11:48PM

tobin92 said...

What about the possibility of using memory sticks as virtual RAM?

They could be too slow, but flash tends to be fast


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1-09-2008 @ 2:20PM

Lars said...

It's possible, but it would be horribly slow, plus reading/writing constantly to flash memory is not a good idea since it causes degradation. Flash only has so my reads/writes before it goes kaput. Back to the speed issue, Flash is pretty fast compared to some things, not to RAM however... That's like comparing a snail to a cheetah.

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1-08-2008 @ 5:35AM

Shinogu said...

About my remark on the mic peripheral, turns out it's always been around since the Talkman software was released in Japan. I forgot about that. >_>


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1-08-2008 @ 7:14AM

Zoltan said...

(sory for my english)

I have only one answer to that question. A new hedphones with microphone!!!. Sony don`t wanna made a new one thing for old one thing... and thats all...

and its the way thats sony have make a more sold psp slim.

all sony want its more features for psp slim... to enforce owners old psp - buy one new psp slim. buy who need 2 analogical thing... and sony makes it oll only for good sold digit not for castomers///

64 ram is using only that psp slim can work 6 houers (with it small battery) couse dont need twise to rotate umd to dounload new textures. 1 time - 64 mb... on old one two time -64 but it have more powerfull battery.


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1-08-2008 @ 12:19PM

James said...

This is understandable.


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1-08-2008 @ 6:14PM


You babies need to calm down. I had a fat, and wanted a slim just because it is slim. I got my slim and damn proud. I hated the slim when I had a fat, and now I love my slim more than anything.

Expect it to support different things, it has more ram, tvout, etc. However the fat works just fine, and unlike the DS and the DSLite, one isn't extremely ugly.

At least if you upgrade to a slim, you're getting more features. So think of it Fat -> slim. New features, lighter system. etc.

DS -> DS Lite. Same shit, different package.

I know someone that had a DS, went out and bought a DSLIte. In my opinion it's more practical to keep the original DS because it is the same shit, just ugly. At least the fatty psp looks good, and is a good system. Big deal if it can't support a few things here and there.

Think about playstation one users when sony came out with the small PSone that had an attachable screen and car charger.

Stop complaining. Sony will keep supporting the old psp. It plays games, doesn't it? Regardless of all the stuff it can do, remember... its a PLAYSTATION. not a PDA, a cell phone, dvd player, or camera.


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1-08-2008 @ 6:57PM

parasadalos said...

ok that's it. I'm sellin my psp. I'm getting a DS.


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1-09-2008 @ 4:17PM

Stamp said...

Thats bullshit.

There are several devices with less power than Original PSP that runs Skype and Skype-alike applications.

Sony just wants that old PSP owners move to the new model, because in Japan they also launched the TV Tuner only for the Slim Model, where for example DS also have a TV Tuner. Now why the PSP only work with the PSP Slim? Because of the same reason of skype, its just Sony too push you to buy the new model.


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1-10-2008 @ 10:06AM

Da44e said...

They and their bad excuses :P


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1-13-2008 @ 7:42AM

jackgeaven said...

Thats bullshit.

Homebrew applications runs skype-alike applications. Skype runs on several devices, some of them less powerfull than PSP.

They also launched TV Tuner in Japan that only works on PSP Slim. Even DS has a TV Tuner.

This is Sony strategy to re-sell the new model to the original userbase.


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1-13-2008 @ 7:46AM

jackgeaven said...

Thats the easier explination.

Homebrew on PSP runs skype-alike applications. Skype runs in several devices, some of them less powerfull than PSP.

Sony also launched the TV Tuner that only runs on PSP Slim. Even DS have a TV Tuner.

This is a new Sony strategy to re-sell the new model to the original userbase and recycle some money.


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