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Overwhelming demand causes widespread PSP shortages

The PSP is becoming one of the hottest gifts this holiday season. And for good reason too. The slimmer, lighter and generally more awesome PSP-2000 system has reignited sales of Sony's portable, and supposedly they're becoming quite hard to find in stores. In fact, PSP systems are currently outselling DS systems on Various CAG members report:

"They are impossible to find in most stores, at least in my area." - SaraAB

"It is true about PSP selling surpringly well. I suggested either PSP core or Daxter bundle as a gift for me, and in the past couple weeks it had been generally hard to find or very quickly selling when available." - H22A

"The PSP has been OOS for a long time (Core & Daxter) both B&M & Online. I've been trying to get one for weeks (and a decent deal) and TRU, Target, BB, CC, Amazon, Walmart, Gamestop, Barnes & Noble have all been OOS and then got restocked but sold out very quickly." - J7.

"According to my favorite Gamestop manager...they can't even keep USED PSPs in stock...who knew." - loserboy

"Let me add my voice to the chorus of truth: The Daxter bundle and the piano black slim ARE hard to find this holiday season in many areas. Not bad for a "failed system" (as some bozos were saying a year or so ago)." - canedaddy

"My wife wants the slim black one, and I haven't been able to find them online or in any store." - Clobbersaurus

Wow. Who knew our little system had so much selling power? Has there ever been a better time to be a PSP fan? Those that are looking for a PSP, there is some advice from CAG members. Get the Star Wars white system. Supposedly, no one wants them, and they are easily the most readily available system.

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12-15-2007 @ 5:45PM

Ispert said...

The thing is, the place i live :D the psp sell cheap :D hmm i think about 3000 krones, means u have to calculate a lil, a dollar is 15 krones so u have to 3000/15 yea :D thats right 200 bucks and u have one :D


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12-15-2007 @ 8:01PM

NukeAssault said...

I got the last Daxter set at my best buy but that was about a month ago.


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12-15-2007 @ 8:13PM

xxjudgmentxx said...

i dont know where all these shortages are happening, but here in wisconsin they're everywhere. i end up going to best buy or walmart or somewhere about every other day and they always have at least 20 star wars ent. packs and 7-10 piano black slims in stock.


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12-15-2007 @ 9:35PM

Don said...

This happened last year too, at least in my area (west coast Canada)


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12-15-2007 @ 11:30PM

wukong said...

Well...I can say that GameStops in my area, as well as the one I work at, have PSPs generally in stock. That is only the older PSPs. The PSP Slims are getting harder to find for a few reasons:

1) The Daxter/Family Guy combo PSP Slim is getting harder to find. However some rumor are stating that Sony is starting to discontinue them.

2) Regular PSP Slim model isn't really hard to find, almost easy, but it is selling well because of this simple reason: It's cheaper than the other Slim bundles. Sure they're nice but more and more people seem to want the cheaper version so they can save a few more bucks.

Anywho, while it is selling well...I'm still seeing more DS sales. Still, glad to see it selling well, my co-workers betted AGAINST PSP while I betted for it to still sell.


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12-16-2007 @ 1:22AM

Dewy9 said...

Keep in mind that for a very long time, up until yesterday, Amazon's supply of DS' have been quite sporadic and most of the time, the Amazon warehouse has been out of stock.

I'm not a troll, just pointing something out. I don't have a horse in the DS/PSP race, though I've owned both of them at one time or another.


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12-18-2007 @ 5:08AM

Byakk0 said...

Hell, I work at a WalMart in Maryland and we had at least 20 PSP's in stock.

The Wii is still the holy grail of the holiday season


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12-20-2007 @ 9:28AM

TheDragon said...

My birthday was on December 7th, and for my birthday my fiancee let me buy a new PSP as I sold my old fat psp a while back due to lack of funds. I knew exactly which one I wanted, the Daxter bundle. (Though, in retrospect, importing an FFVI: Crisis Core bundle may have been more expensive, but would have been significantly sexier). We went out to pick one up, and stopped at ten places before stopping at the last resort. Gamecrazy. A video game store attached to most Hollywood Video rental places. They had it in stock, so if you're hunting for one of these packs, I recommend you start thinking of the more obscure game shops.


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Selling Power, Inc29

1-11-2008 @ 2:24PM

Selling Power, Inc said...

Dear Mr. Yoon:
I just ran across an article you wrote entitled, “Overwhelming demand causes widespread PSP shortages,” posted December 15, 2007,, and I would like to raise an issue that is of concern to Selling Power magazine, which is the use of our trademark.
The word "Selling Power" is sometimes erroneously used as a synonym for sales effectiveness. For example, in your article you ask: "Who knew our little system had so much selling power?" We do not condone such uses of our trademark.
As a practical matter, when you describe sales effectiveness, there are a wide range of terms available such as: sales excellence, sales savvy, sales mastery, sales acumen, sales efficiency, and many more.
The reason for this letter is to educate writers like yourself that we want to protect our trademark, since we don't want to risk Selling Power being declared by the courts a generic word. Therefore we ask you not to use Selling Power as a phrase since it is our legal trademark.
We would like to receive a written acknowledgement of this letter stating that you will in the future identify Selling Power as a trademark if you should write about our magazine, and not use Selling Power as a phrase. If we do not hear from you, we will need to take further action.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
All the best,
Gerhard Gschwandtner
Founder and Publisher
Selling Power
1140 International Parkway
Fredericksburg VA 22406
Office: 540-752-7000 Cell: 540-273-2555

P.S. Watch Selling Power videos online



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