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Video hands-on: Beats

Wait, you still didn't buy Beats yet? Maybe you need some gameplay footage? Well, fine! We made a video late last night just for you, using the PLAYSTATION Eye. While you watch, you can also read some impressions of the game we received from PSP Fanboy readers through the evening:

"Wow! This game is gorgeous! It's much more deep than I expected from a 5 dollar game. The gameplay is simple and effective. I really enjoy the visual customizations (I picked Rock as my background) and being able to play the game with any song that you want? Priceless." - Barndo111

"i am very, very happy about this game, downloaded it, and its going to be my new crack when I'm on the go! love it! anyone that has a PSP right now should download this immediately!!" - lenny0487

"The game is awesome ... who would've thought that this will be such a great game ? :D" - Alien

Keep the comments coming in, folks. We love to see what you all think of it!

Gallery: beats

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Reader Comments (Page 2 of 3)


12-07-2007 @ 1:37PM

NukeAssault said...

I guess ill get it. >_>

Gonna need to get a bigger memeory stick though. Unless i use my extra 1gb one.


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12-07-2007 @ 1:46PM

brettjr said...

Beats doesn't support wma playback so if you want to use music from cds better have a handy converter and sometimes the songs lag.


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12-07-2007 @ 2:23PM

DiddlyKong said...

Do these games have a drm? Will I be able to put on other psp's?


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12-07-2007 @ 6:22PM

Brandon said...

up to 5, like ps3 games

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12-07-2007 @ 2:25PM

Martin said...

Do any of you others feel that the songs lag? That is my one complaint about Phase for the iPod, and it's a near deal-breaker in a game like this.

From the video view, it didn't look like there was any lag, but I suppose bitrate and filesize could effect how snappy the music is.

Looks great!


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12-07-2007 @ 2:31PM

meskibob said...

Has anyone had issues with specific genres of music? I have a feeling some forms of metal (my staple music :)) might not work too well.


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12-07-2007 @ 2:44PM

Toro said...

I honestly do not understand your enthusiasm about this game.

Yes, $5 is cheap price for any game.

However, looking at the video actually confirmed my suspicion.

The gameplay does not look like it improves or makes a good use of music genre game that is based on rhythm. Using your own music and generating gameplay from it in terms of challenging rhythm game is something that has failed many times. Basically because you can't generate "fun" off of just different equalizer data.

I have a feeling the novelty of the game will wear off really quick.

Let me know if I am wrong...


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12-07-2007 @ 2:45PM

B1gC72 said...

my only quip with this overview is that im pretty sure that the game only does ad-hoc online not infrastructure like you stated. im guessing this because it never asked me what connection i wanted to use and the fact that no one else is there in the lobby. either way i will be tell my friends about this and then ill have somebody to play it with. great game, great overview. everyone should be sold by now.....well except Mac and Linux using non-PS3 owners lol.


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12-07-2007 @ 3:28PM

emaxximus said...

@22: I've played the game with metal (Prong, Fear Factory, etc.) and sometimes it seems like the buttons dont really correspond with any kind of rhythm. But sometimes its right on also. Half the fun is just seeing which songs work the best. Did I mention that this game has a rockin soundtrack?


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12-07-2007 @ 4:03PM

Kachu said...

Argg the store is soo slow right now just picked up beats and Syphon Filter.


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12-07-2007 @ 4:36PM

flammenwurfer said...

So you CAN download this from your PS3 and put it on your PSP?


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12-07-2007 @ 5:01PM

Organic_Shadow said...

Has anyone tried this game with metal or hardcore music? ie: meshuggah, as i lay dying, lamb of god, etc. etc.?

I listen to really angular odd-timed stuff so this sounds fun. I drum and tap on my desk at the office constantly, and I don't bring my PSP to work because UMD games would take too much of my lunch break to play. This game would be the perfect 'quickie', as well as an outlet to vent my need to tap and drum on my desk.


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12-07-2007 @ 5:31PM

Vidaluko said...

To bad Sony don`t let me buy it, since my country isn`t in the coutry list....


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12-07-2007 @ 6:30PM

merc25 said...

just lie about what country your from

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12-07-2007 @ 6:23PM

Brandon said...

I love this game, some songs work better than others. Many work perfectly. Songs with a regular beat or a noticable tempo tend to work well, acoustic stuff i can image not working well, or perhaps songs that change up alot.


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12-07-2007 @ 7:37PM

Vidaluko said...

I can`t lie about the country, I made a account, with a fake address, I alreday download the 2 demos, but when I`m gonna buy games, my credit card don`t match the Country I put in my account...

I want Beats, Castlevania SotN, but I can`t.....


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12-07-2007 @ 8:46PM

Darkiewonder said...

It's a shame SCEE or SCEA didn't do any advertising on this little gem of a music rhythms game. for 5 bucks I say this is a steal and more.

What they can do is shed light on what's the perfect format and encoding to get the song really synch. I have one song. PERFECT synch. It's an mp3 of "Last Train Home" By Lostprophets.

Most of my Japanese songs don't work. I'm gonna have to recode them to match LTH ;o if that works, i'll do it to all my songs lol.


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12-07-2007 @ 9:39PM

Jamesology said...

If I buy this game, can I save it in multiple PSPs. Or just one?


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12-07-2007 @ 10:14PM

NeoRaiden said...

Okay, you guys convinced me. I'm going to buy it right now. This better be good! 5 bucks is like half an hour work! Nah, just kidding. Even if it does suck(which I doubt, sounds really cool), it's only 5 dollars...


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12-07-2007 @ 10:23PM

Darth_Maul said...

One of My TOP 5!


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