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Worldwide PSP releases for the week of November 4

We're sure this is going to be a great week for PSP owners due to the release of several highly anticipated titles, including Silent Hill Origins and SOCOM: Tactical Strike, which Andrew gave a 9.5 and said was an easy candidate for the PSP's game of the year.

US Games
EU Games
Asia Games
While there isn't a lot being released this week in Europe, Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 should be entertaining, and now Japan finally gets Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles, so they should be happy. Overall, this is a much better week than last week.

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11-04-2007 @ 4:35PM

Hashbrown_Hunter said...

SOCOM looks fantastic, but Silent Hill is bugging me....I have a feeling it won't be as good as the hype suggests.


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Zach S2

11-04-2007 @ 5:08PM

Zach S said...

Silent Hill looks like it could be really good - I'm still sort of missing the original RE4 controls, though (when are they gonna make a RE title for the PSP?!).


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11-04-2007 @ 6:58PM

PostedOval said...

I plan on buying Silent Hill and SOCOM this week. Can't wait!


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11-05-2007 @ 6:32AM

sdsssd said...

never, capcom already gave up on the psp despite the sales of monster hunter, etc. they already gave it up, or else devil may cry wouldnt have been cancelled. Just like sega they given up.


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11-05-2007 @ 6:34AM

sdsssd said...

yea but what about the games for the next few months, i cant think of a single good game besides wipeout thats coming out, nothing new announced for a long time as well. Plus rememebr the hype for swat? I mean we got clank announced but who knows when thats coming out.


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11-05-2007 @ 6:22PM

Larz said...

I never got into the first Silent Hill, it was just kind of boring to me. I think I might try this new one though. People say it's scary and enjoyable to play it with headphones on at night, under the covers with the lights out.

SOCOM probably interests me more though, that looks like fun. I hate aiming with sticks or buttons, but in a tactical shooter it should be forgivable.

Simpsons Game: bleh. It's one of the better ones, but not great.


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