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Inside the PSP-2000 launch bundles

Click for high-resolution image.

The Daxter bundle is available in select retailers today (call them before you head out!). But what's inside the box? Here we have your first look at the new PSP bundles. Inside, you'll see that the bundled UMDs do not come inside actual game cases. Rather, they're enclosed in cardboard paper sleeves that proudly proclaim "Not for Resale." Guess you won't be able to trade them into GameStop, huh?

Also included in our gallery are some high-res shots of the other packs, such as the Star Wars Battlefront combo. Check out the gallery for more:

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9-05-2007 @ 3:21PM

Potent1 said...

I guarantee that you'll be able to trade them in to gamestop. I bought Mario Kart for my DS, (My Bad) and it was in one of those crappy cardboard cases that some of the bundled DS's had. I paid the same price for it as a used one with a regular case! I want my regular case, but I don't want to go all the way back there. Anyways there's the info.


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9-05-2007 @ 3:29PM

Kachu said...

Just picked one up at target. Bestbuy, 2 gamestops, and 2 Walmarts did not have them yet.


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9-05-2007 @ 3:33PM

Devon said...

Kachu, are you in america?


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9-05-2007 @ 4:06PM

Kachu said...

Yea Texas. Old man manning the service desk said they just got them in today


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9-05-2007 @ 4:09PM

HappyFunBall said...

No manuals for the games?


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9-05-2007 @ 4:33PM

Kachu said...

The manual is included. There is also a cardboard UMD cover


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9-05-2007 @ 4:47PM

Kachu said...

The manuals are included. Also a clear plastic memory stick case is included, It isn't a hard case theo


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9-05-2007 @ 5:36PM

bxbailey said...

I just ordered mine for overnight shipping and they said I should receive it by tomorrow.


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9-05-2007 @ 7:01PM

JJ said...

does anyone know how long Sony is planning on selling the 'Battlefront' slim? they say it's a 'limited edition', but is that just PR speak?

it should still be available after Christmas, right?


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9-05-2007 @ 7:03PM

GRT said...

So in spite of what the website says, it looks like the Component Cable for TV out is not included? Is that correct?


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9-05-2007 @ 7:07PM

Del said...

Kachu, how does the silver finish hold up against smears and fingerprints? I'm trying to decide between this or black.


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9-05-2007 @ 7:10PM

GRT said...

"Kachu, how does the silver finish hold up against smears and fingerprints? I'm trying to decide between this or black."

I'd also like to hear the impact of the color on the perception of the screen. Consider how most monitors and TV's have a black bevel to emphasize the picture on the screen. Does the Silver detract in any way from the vibrancy of the PSP display?


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9-05-2007 @ 8:00PM

Odnas said...

DEL: I can't see any smears on mine except for the screen. I need to get a screen protector soon.

GRT: The silver kind of glitters, but it doesn't detract from any gameplay, and I have no idea about the component cables.

I managed to pick mine up at the Sony Style in my area, they didn't have it in their computers, but they had them in stock in the back.


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9-05-2007 @ 8:02PM

Odnas said...

Oh wait, if you mean by component cables being included with the pack, then yes it isn't included.


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9-05-2007 @ 8:06PM

GRT said...

Thanks for the confirmation, Odnas!


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9-05-2007 @ 8:07PM

LAZoftheTamarinds said...

I think that it kind of sucks that the umds come with a cardboard case. Might as well make the bundle look nice.


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9-05-2007 @ 8:39PM

Marc said...

I bought the daxter edition psp. The plastic case is very soft and easy to scratch. I wont be taking this out until I get a protective case for it.

Aside from that its is lighter and feels better to hold then the fat heavy duty old model.


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9-05-2007 @ 10:16PM

PapaDennis said...

They have them here at FutureShop in B.C. Canada. I was quite shocked when I saw it in it's box thru the view window. I looked very Cheap and toy like. I know it has better features (video out), but now I have to wonder if it really is worth it trading up?, as the original looks like you spent some money for it, this new version looks like a cheap immitation to me, really!


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9-05-2007 @ 11:18PM

Don said...

Thanks PapaDennis for that info, very relevent to me ^_^

That really sucks that the UMDs aren't even in proper cases. I bought the Brain Age 2 DS Lite package, and Brain Age 2 was in a proper DS case, like any other, except it says "not for resale" in the bottom corner. I was on the fence about picking up the Vader white PSP, but if it's gonna be packaged in the same cheap cardboard sleeve, I'm seriously thinking twice about it, when the standalone game will have a proper UMD case.


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9-05-2007 @ 11:24PM

Hashbrown_Hunter said...

I hate every one of you who already has one.

(Again, no offense)


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