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Celebrating ten years of FFVII

Kaz Hirai attended Square Enix's 10 year anniversary party for Final Fantasy VII, leaving a note saying "the best is yet to come." Is he alluding to Crisis Core? Or the oft-rumored Final Fantasy VII remake? Regardless, it looks like Square is far from milking this milestone RPG.

You must check out Kotaku's gallery from the event, which shows some memorabilia on display, such as the Final Fantasy VII limited edition PSP. Our heart yearns for it ... even if our wallets shy away.

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8-31-2007 @ 2:10PM

Random1448 said...

I don't think he was alluding to anything. He was just pretty much saying he expects final fantasy's success to continue.


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8-31-2007 @ 2:23PM

NoBullet said...

It's pretty sad to think people will say RPG and this game comes up. JRPG's go against everything a real rpg is about.


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8-31-2007 @ 3:24PM

Mike said...

2 of the most retarded comments so far. A, the president of PS wouldnt show up just to say he expects great things unless something big was already in the pipeline, otherwise Square would be under a lot of starin to perform, and B, FF represent everything an RPG should have. Engrossing story, stunning characters, locale, effects, music, magic, mystery and stats to outweigh all other stat heavy RPG's. Ppl need to wise up and stop acting like babies.


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8-31-2007 @ 4:09PM

GoBob said...


Wow, I'm not sure if you're trolling or you actually believe what you're saying. Pretty lulz-worthy either way.

Kaz Hirai's comment could be read either way. Does it matter? No. I'm actually sure he meant it BOTH ways. Square always seems to have something big in the works, they have a good track record and it's likely they will keep improving.

As a big FF fan myself, I hate to break it to you, but the FF games are NOT the best, bar none, RPGs on the market. All the features that you state that the FF series has is common to almost all RPGs. Let's be honest, Square's made some really bad FF games. They've also make some excellent FF games. Fanboyism has a limit.

BTW, I'd be pretty happy with a FFVII remake. Though they better fix the dialogue if they do.


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8-31-2007 @ 4:14PM

satsugai said...

I wish I could get into a Final Fantasy game I really do but I can't. I love the characters, environments and everything else except the turn based combat, that's what puts me off. I can't stand turn based games. So here's hoping a spinoff realtime FF game gets made sometime. *crosses fingers*


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8-31-2007 @ 4:17PM

GoBob said...


That's really unfortunate that you can't get into turn-based combat. As far as I'm aware, Crisis Core is a realtime combat RPG, so I don't think that you'll be waiting too long!


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8-31-2007 @ 4:37PM

Blackboynr said...

They do already have an action title in the works for ps3 called Final Fantasy XIII Versus oh and lets not forget Crisis COre:)


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8-31-2007 @ 4:37PM

anime10121 said...

FFVII Sequel CONFIRMED!!!!!!!:)


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8-31-2007 @ 7:45PM

satsugai said...

Alas I don't own a PS3, too much for my little wallet. :D I'll look into Crisis Core then, thanks guys.


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8-31-2007 @ 11:30PM

Saigon said...

I believe a sequel is inevitable.

***DoC/Crisis Core SPOILER***

Uhh, our good old pal Genesis, is still kickin'. :)


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