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More PSP "exclusive titles" remain unannounced

E3 is right around the corner, and Sony's getting the PSP ready for the big show. In a great interview with GameDaily, John Koller, senior marketing manager for PSP, had a couple of key things to say. Of particular note is his response to what he thinks the key titles of PSP later this year:

"There are a number of exclusive titles coming from a third-party perspective, but without getting into all of those since many are unannounced, I think the three big games for PSP are Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron (again, a fantastic game), SOCOM: Tactical Strike (a huge franchise for us on the first-party side) and then God of War."

We're excited as-is by the upcoming PSP library, but to think that even more exclusives are coming is tantalizing. We were surprised by Star Wars Battlefront becoming a PSP-exclusive ... could any more big hitters be coming our way? Read the full interview at GameDaily for more info on the PSP/DS war, UMD sales, and more on why this is the "year of the PSP."

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6-27-2007 @ 12:47PM

txa1265 said...

You know it is a good sign when you can sit around nit-picking the FF 1 & 2 remakes ... a while ago we would have all been lapping it up, but there is so much quality stuff out there and coming soon that we can take a solid position on these things.

This is really great ... I'm looking forward to those three games (contrary to most, my interest is in the article order: SW BF > SOCOM > GOW ... but I want them all), and whatever new exclusives come along.


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6-27-2007 @ 4:32PM

Kspraydad said...

Scary thing about Crush...according to VG it has sold only 10,000 copies since launch. Poor support like this is going to kill innovative games and keep the 'ports' and remakes coming to PSP.

Do the PSP a favour and go out and buy Crush.


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6-27-2007 @ 6:17PM

TwistedBishop said...

I'm surprised the numbers are that low. I never thought it would sell very well (the art design alone keeps people away, nevermind the nearly non-existent ad campaign) but I had hopes it would at least gain some attention from releasing close to Super Paper Mario.


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6-27-2007 @ 6:24PM

TwistedBishop said...

It really is surprising how many good games have been announced for the PSP this year. God of War is certainly the big one, but there's also Silent Hill, Dracula X, Dead Head Fred and the Warhammer 40k strategy game. Compounded with stuff already released like Ratchet & Clank, Metal Gear Ops, the Final Fantasy remakes and Crush. Saying this is the year of the PSP isn't far off. (Well no, it's probably still far off if you're comparing it to the DS, but it's still a golden year for the PSP.)

Personally I was very negative on the whole PSP experience for a long time. This was partially due to Sony's atrocious attitude and marketing, sure, but I also owned the portable last year and ended up returning it out of disappointment. It had always seemed like it was more about pushing their multimedia interest rather than developing a solid gaming machine. While the system still has some serious hardware design flaws, it's finally getting the kind of software attention it needs.


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6-27-2007 @ 6:25PM

merc25 said...

Well in the months ahead, I am going to buy more PSP games: Crush, LocoRoco, Tales of the World:Radiant Mythology, Brave Story: A New Traveler, Silent Hill Origins, Dungeon Siege, Dungeon Maker, Daxter, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, and Valhalla Knights. Yes, I haven't been buying anything lately for the PSP, because 1) I try to buy when the prices go down, which leads me to 2) The PS2 has more cheap games.
My new mantra:
I must resist the PS2. I must resist the PS2. I must resist the PS2.


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6-29-2007 @ 12:15AM

Benzitor said...

Right...i am the same now.

I have actualy nearly 15 games for psp, wich is more than i ever own on gba and far more than i own on the ds...

My crush now is .... syphon filter. I bought the platinum, and i am i will buy all the platinum that worth the move.

Crush is good, but still have some flows, and i guess it is the difficulty after a while. But i will deffinetly buy PQ2...its a must have for puzzle lovers.

I wish to buy more titles but it is too expensive for a portable system ( ds is the same actualy regarding the quality of the games in general )

My wish list:
Genesis collection
syphon philter2
ff1&2 ( timeless )

I mean, i want a lot more...but budget wise it is short. I also gonna start a umd collection, since price drop and 5$ or 4euros movies are all over the place, it is amazing how this format was killed by its price. When you know that the res is like a dvd on the go....sound bonus ( for some ) multilanguage subtitle....etc, its a great format, but too expensive ( again )

PSP, i will sure play with you as much as i used my gba sp, and far far more than my DS ( until zelda comes )


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