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New Smash Court Tennis 3 screenshots

We tried coming up with a better headline than this, but couldn't muster the creativity nor the energy to make it happen. Honestly, it's a tennis game: you'll want it, or you won't. Namco Bandai's sending us a preview build, so we should have hands-on impressions of the title soon. Until then, you may want to check out the awesome Pac-Man tennis videos, and download the demo and try it yourself.

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6-20-2007 @ 9:50PM

rabe7thebest said...

u sure are not interested


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6-20-2007 @ 10:08PM

txa1265 said...

Based on the Euro release I've heard that it isn't worth switching from Virtua Tennis ... which means that the VT World Tour you can get for a bargain is *still* the best PSP tennis game!


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6-20-2007 @ 11:16PM

warrenjoseph76 said...

Wow.. way to sell it Yoon! :) I've played the demo...honestly my first tennis game on ANY platform so I have no real frame of reference, except to say that I actually found myself enjoying it and contemplating buying it! Smooth gameplay even if the stadium graphics leave a bit to be desired (at least in the demo...the crowds are like PS1 era...court and players look great). I can't figure out why it's called the pacman demo unless I haven't dicked around with the mini game long enough to reach that far.. But seriously Andrew, most people who play golf, tennis or hockey video games aren't hitting the links, court or rink any time soon so the draw isn't particularly due to an obsession with the sport, as much as a love for good games I humbly submit. So far this one is certainly worth a look...though I suppose a tennis game by the same people who made hot shots golf would be a definite buy. Put in a word for those who prefer arcade-style sports games?? Maybe they could also make a more fun arcade-type soccer game with power-ups etc. as well while they're expanding their franchise...damn...someone should pay me for this shit...or at least give me a free copy and a handshake if they ever use the idea!


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6-20-2007 @ 11:38PM

wisemanleo said...

Yeah, this is a bad game...


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6-20-2007 @ 11:53PM

Brandon said...

I disagree wisemanleo.

I had virtua tennis on the psp, and the smash court demo was way better in terms of gameplay. There was a greater sense of simulation, with controls that depends on timing (like real tennis). It just has a deeper level of shot control.

Yoon, you shouldve passed on writing about it if you are going to be such a wet blanket about it. Its pretty good, and the demo has more gameplay and replayability than the majority of demos I've played.

Virtua Tennis is decent, but I feel from what I played Smash court is slightly better because it has deeper shot controls. Not to mention that it supports Game Sharing, something that neither 2 virtua tennis games support.


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