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PlayStation Fancast 004: Creepy edition

Fancast episode 4 is now working its way straight down the internet tubes to your ears. This week we talk about so much stuff, it hurts. From the PlayStation.Blog to the rumbling SIXAXIS to the Korean PS3 launch and even some PSP stuff. A bit.

Episode 4 features Andrew Yoon, Jem Alexander, Steven Bailey and Colin Torretta from the PS Fanboys. We get a new competitor in the form of PlayStation.Blog. What do we think? Also, find out more about the rumbling SIXAXIS controller, the European PS Store, and the Korean PS3 launch. We also talk Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Grand Theft Auto IV, LA Noire, and (according to Andrew) the future best game ever: Time Crisis 4.

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0:01 - WRUP: What are you playing? (PS3)
0:09 - PlayStation.Blog
0:17 - PS Fanboy Facebook group contest
0:22 - Rumbling SIXAXIS
0:29 - EU PSN Store
0:35 - Korean PS3 launch
0:46 - Ninja Gaiden Sigma first day sales figures
0:50 - Microsoft gives Rockstar their children for episodic content
1:05 - Time Crisis 4 and Guncon 3
1:23 - WRUP: What are you playing? (PSP)

As always, feel free to leave your comments with us. Also, if you're a fan of the show, please join our PS Fanboy Facebook group.

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Reader Comments (Page 1 of 1)


6-18-2007 @ 9:39PM

locoroco said...

Pretty much nothing on the PSP. :(
That's sad. I was looking forward to equal time between the two. Maybe it should be renamed "Playstation 3 Fancast". I think you should work on more PSP content. There's a lot of PSP-news that circulates throughout this blog and I think it deserves some recognition.
Just my two cents.


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Marco Cano Jr2

6-18-2007 @ 10:34PM

Marco Cano Jr said...

Maybe they didn't much to say about it because they are too busy playing it ;). I still didn't listen to the pod...fancast yet. I'll leave a comment I soon as I finish it. Oh and hey loco, nice site by the way.


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6-19-2007 @ 5:05AM

MURS said...

Keep up the good work, love the 'casts.



2 starsvote downvote upReport
Jose El Maton4

6-19-2007 @ 9:27AM

Jose El Maton said...

Wow, that was like a 5:1 PS3/PSP ratio.

I've always enjoyed the PS3 part, despite not being able to afford a PS3, much less an HDTV, but, well, 5:1? Come on, guys. Enjoyable, but get us some more PSP content.

Steve Bailey: I love your input, but quit screwing with the mic! (That's like, the 3rd time I've said this in as many fancasts...)


2 starsvote downvote upReport
Jose El Maton5

6-19-2007 @ 9:30AM

Jose El Maton said...

Eep! 3:1, 3:1! I went retarded, thinking that 1 hour= 100 minutes!


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6-19-2007 @ 1:00PM

Random said...

LOL, that was the funniest fancast yet, luke warm tea lol, keep up the good work guys, also don't worry Jose El Maton nobody's going to check your math lol


2 starsvote downvote upReport

6-19-2007 @ 1:44PM

Amar said...

Yeah I agree with locoroco. There are a ton of PSP news circulating around and you guys should talk about it. I still stand behind my decision of making videos available from the PlayStation Fancast RSS. Do what you do on Fanboy theatre but instead of just doing game trailers do more vids! Like showing you guys testing out a game or something. And I also stand behind my decision I wrote last week about asking fans what they are playing via phone or this comments board.


2 starsvote downvote upReport
Steven Bailey8

6-19-2007 @ 10:27PM

Steven Bailey said...

I don't think it's me if you've had the issue with a mic 3 times since I've only been on podcast 2 and 4.


2 starsvote downvote upReport
Jose El Maton9

6-20-2007 @ 2:07AM

Jose El Maton said...

@ Steven,

Yeah, I know, last time I'm pretty sure it was Jem. But this time I'm pretty sure it was you. I heard your voice get louder and clearer (as if you pulled the mic closer,) after the bumps to the mic and stuff.

Didn't mean to sound like an asshole, I just wanted to see if we could get that cleared up for the future. Those bumpings sound pretty loud, and they annoy. Really, they almost drown everything out.


2 starsvote downvote upReport

6-20-2007 @ 7:10PM

David said...



2 starsvote downvote upReport

6-20-2007 @ 8:42PM

David said...

great pod cast way to go!!!, you guys went along way from the first one


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