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60 reasons to own a PSP: part 4

We're not out to start a revolution ... Even facing great resistance, we continue our series of reasons to own a PSP, courtesy of TCLCloud.

16. Internet browser
Firmware 2.0 introduced one of PSP's most awesome bonus features: a built-in web browser. Admittedly, it has some serious limitations. For example, many complex pages will take up too much memory for the system to handle. The system also cannot access YouTube. However, for those that understand what the system's capabilities are, it's a fine browser that works as a great backup internet utility when you're on the go. Personally, I use Yahoo! Mobile from my PSP to check my mail, the news, the weather, etc. It's a lot faster, and a lot more flexible, than using my cell phone's browser.

17. Take photos with the PSP camera
PSP owners can import the PSP camera and download Go! Edit from PSP Fanboy. The tiny device will connect to the top of the system, and will allow you to take pictures and videos with your system. In addition, Go! Edit will allow you to edit the photos and even create stop-motion animation on the go.

18. Affordable GPS receiver
Although the PSP GPS receiver hasn't been officially released outside of Japan, many are importing it and using it as a cheap alternative to other pricier solutions. (There's a reason why it was nominated for GPS device of the year from Engadget.) Although those outside of Japan will have to rely upon homebrew methods for US maps, there's still a great deal of potential hidden within this unique peripheral: it's been integrated into a golf game, and Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops.

19. Six delicious flavors (outside of America)
While SCEA continues to shaft American PSP owners, the rest of the world is able to enjoy up to six different colors for the system. Both white and pink PSP systems are available to European PSP shoppers. Japan gets the best selection of them all, with silver, gold and blue systems as well. A few limited edition systems can be found on the market, if you look hard enough: a MGS-inspired camo system, and the pricey (but beautiful) Signature edition systems. Ultimately, we think the standard black system looks the sexiest, but the choice is certainly yours.

20. Customizable faceplates
Having a distinct look is important to a handheld owner. Thankfully, getting a unique look on the PSP is quite easy. If importing different color systems isn't your thing, then adding a new faceplate is a cheap alternative. Retailer Divineo actually carries a good selection of official faceplates used in the import systems (some assembly is required).

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6-15-2007 @ 11:17PM

Kevin said...

So this is basically a, "60 reasons to own PSP outside of America" part 4 post


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6-15-2007 @ 11:33PM

h0mi said...

If it worked. No dice here but ... who knows in the future.


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6-16-2007 @ 1:10AM

PSP-Rising said...

gee, it sounds like users like to complain no matter what good reasons are given to own this device. Sure they are not all available in the USA,,,, yet but time will change that. Are you sure you are not DS Fanboys expressing your ENVY in your whiny statements?


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6-16-2007 @ 4:24AM

Alien said...

Nice list continuaty :) ( I spelled it wrong I know :P ) .


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6-16-2007 @ 5:18AM

Glenn said...

I certainly hope they'll make an official release of the GPS for the US. I've used GPS add-ons that require getting specific directions and maps from your computer first on my old PDA... hated it.

I'm hoping that the long delay time between the Japanese release and an US announcement is due to the large map they'd have to program from the US. Please let that be the only reason.


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6-16-2007 @ 3:12PM

bossmsx said...

Not sure why people feel like Americans are 'getting the shaft'....Non black PSPs are readily available to us Gringos on eBay and at places like AudioCubes...Why I got myself a nice metallic Blue one on the 'Bay.....Only downside is I can't watch American UMD Movies on it but how many are those now, like 3?


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The Torper7

6-17-2007 @ 8:17PM

The Torper said...

Dang, you all gots ta CHILL. Both systems are dope. The PSP looks better, does more stuff, and the DS is simple and intuitive. And BTW PSP-Rising, the DS has that same Hibernation function, you just close the damn thing.


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6-17-2007 @ 9:47PM

kaso said...

i like psp coz it has a great graphic, can watch video and listen music and it is very to carry where ever......


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6-18-2007 @ 1:22PM

theMediaman said...

The DS crowd has finally got a web browser now. It has a better keyboard. However, it costs forty bucks, comes on a cartidge, and the screen is still pee-yewnie.

On my PSP I can read and reply to my Gmail.


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6-18-2007 @ 5:45PM

jojockamo said...

Up front Im a DS fanboy! But I also love video games. I have an imported Browser, and a media player for homebrews, music, and movies(limited to only 2gb)No way comparable to PSPs features.(prefer DS browser for text input) I want a PSP! Not for all the features, which I will more than likely use, but for the games. This list has no effect on my choice. Its all about the few games I want offered on PSP, that I cant get else where.


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