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60 reasons to own a PSP: part 3

10 reasons down ... only 50 more to go. Here's the next five reasons you should own a PSP, courtesy of TCLCloud:

11. Free downloadable content for games
Microtransactions? On PSP, the price for game expansions has been zero Microsoft Points. Many popular PSP games have the option to be extended through downloadable content. Of particular note is Wipeout Pure, which more than doubled in size after months of consistent content releases. Killzone Liberation also received a bonus Infrastructure mode and an additional single-player chapter months after release. Burnout Dominator offered PSP owners something PS2 owners could never enjoy: two brand new downloadable levels. In addition, fans can share user-created levels in Mega Man Powered Up, and in new releases like PQ2. The future looks bright as the upcoming Wipeout Pulse will continue the trend.

12. RSS Channel automatically downloads movies, images and audio
Podcasts, and fancasts, are a big deal. PSP can subscribe to a wide variety of video and audio podcasts, and can even be scheduled to download them automatically via a wireless connection: no need to sync to a computer. PSP Fanboy regulars know that they can subscribe to RSS feeds for Saturday Background Explosion, PSP Fanboy Theatre, and of course, the PlayStation Fancast.

13. Remote Play with PS3
It took a while for it to work, but now that it does, we can only conclude one thing: it is awesome. Those lucky enough to have a PS3 will be able to stream not only music, photos and videos from their consoles ... but also play select games. Being able to access all this content from anywhere in the world makes it one of the coolest tech-related things we've done in recent memory.
14. Location Free Player streams TV to PSP
This rarely-used feature allows you to stream television to your PSP, from anywhere in the world. It works similarly to your PS3's Remote Play feature, but it works with live television. Sure, it involves purchasing a $150 accessory, but this is great for people that really need to watch the latest game ... using their office wireless connection.

15. Customizable wallpaper (and XMB icons)
Everyone loves a little bit of customization. Our popular Saturday Background Explosion proves that. Ever since firmware 2.0, users have been easily been able to add a new wallpaper to their PSP -- a feature that's still sorely missing on the PS3. Homebrew users also have the ability to change the icons and fonts in their XMB, going even further into customization.

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6-13-2007 @ 7:09AM

kingofwale said...

I have location free TV. I opted out on the 11 inch tv. and used my PSP instead, it saved me about 1400 dollars. Loved that about my PSP

I would put that on my top 5 reason.


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6-13-2007 @ 8:37AM

Alien said...

The 11 and 12 reasons are the best from this edition :D I agree , downloadable content is awesome :D


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6-13-2007 @ 8:47AM

trachalio said...

Did they re-initialize the downloads for Wipeout Pure? 3 weeks ago I got my PSP and when I tried to download the extra content it just wouldn't work.


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Andrew Yoon4

6-13-2007 @ 9:51AM

Andrew Yoon said...

txa--I think you're missing the point of this series. Each feature alone may not make the PSP worthwhile, but the fact that PSP CAN do all of this makes it an incredible machine. Do what you don't care about wallpapers? People choose to pay for them on Xbox 360. You may not care, but a lot of people do.


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6-13-2007 @ 10:27AM

TheGuy said...

Sony has said it has future plan to have the PS3 capable of watching live TV shows, so it could be possible in the future for the PS3 to be used as a location free player and stream live TV from your PS3 to PSP. That would be a sweet feature.


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6-13-2007 @ 11:54AM

required said...

txa1265, learn the word subjective as it is a fantastic word.


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6-13-2007 @ 12:21PM

Brandon said...

I took it as 60 reasons its good to own a PSP. Not necessarily that each of the 60 by itself makes it worth the purchase, but that with all these reasons, it a definite must buy.


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6-13-2007 @ 12:32PM

eric said...

FYI, you can transfer images from your PC to your xbox 360 and use those as "wallpaper" for free.


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6-13-2007 @ 1:04PM

blutrane said...

2 reasons to own a psp

1 - final fantasy tactics
2 - final fantasy crisis core

seriously guys whos kiding who..

im sick of it


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6-13-2007 @ 3:56PM

Yashamaru said...

"but I honestly think that half of the 15 shown to date are as compelling as telling someone that they should buy a cell phone because it is cordless."

That's just way overboard adding custom backgrounds and playing tv on the psp is a great thing no other handheld console can do (we can also do it for free with homebrew apps). so no it's not like a cell phone thats cordless, it's nothing like that at all.

Everything in the list adds to what the psp can do. Like the web browser, rss, video or even music, not everyone will use them but it's great it to have that option.

As for free download content you forgot a big one "exit" had a great set of downloaded levels.


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6-13-2007 @ 4:22PM

eric said...

I'd agree about the DL content being a nice plus, except that if you're like me an you just bought a PSP and Wipeout Pure, good luck finding a way to get the downloadable content. YOU CAN'T. It's been taken offline completely, either via the PSP download menu or through the official game website.

Strange don't you think?


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emily cross12

6-13-2007 @ 5:21PM

emily cross said...

I got a new PSP recently after finding out it can play PsOne games. That is my killer app. I have a backlog of old games at home, some of which I never got around to playing since I don't spend that much time at home I did hack mine, but it works great. ^_^

txa1265: " of the top 5 reasons to own a PSP is because it can play demos of games made for the system. No - I'm serious, it really is."

I too would be truly impressed if the PSP could play demos of Xbox 360 games. :P But I'm pretty happy with being able to play demos period, especially the Japanese stuff. Relax dear, and have yourself a cold beer.

As for the memory sticks, Gamestop is currently having a sale til June 19 on 4GB Samsung pro duos for $50. You'll need the coupon from their mailing e-list. (Circuit City is also supposed to have them on sale for the same price this week, but good luck on that one--they never seem to have sale items in stock.) Gamestop's site currently advertises 2GB Samsung pro duos for $30, no coupon needed. And you can get a 4GB official Sony pro duos from w/ free shipping for less than $75. Yes, these are sale prices, but sales are fairly common and prices compare well to other pro-level flash memory formats.

Going to have to investigate this LocationFree thing. I've been wanting a small TV at work. (We are allowed--I


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emily cross13

6-13-2007 @ 5:23PM

emily cross said...

Oops, didn't realize there was a post limit. Anyhow, it's hard to believe there are 50 other reasons to own a PSP. Keep them coming!


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6-13-2007 @ 5:47PM

PSP-Rising said...

These are all very good reasons, I read posts saying the arent, and comparing features such as wallpapers to other systems like the XB360. That is bull, if you don't like a feature that is mentioned then why don't you compare it to the only other realy portable gaming device. You can't really put your cellphone in this catagory nor can you put a Pocket PC, really you can't even out the DS into this. You would have to combine them all to even have a realy competitor to the PSP. It is really good to list all the of these features no so much for us that know all about the PSP but prospective buyers. If only I saw an advertisement on my showcasing these PSP features just 1/10 as much as I see the 2 guys drive up in a car and saw "Wii would like to play".


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6-13-2007 @ 6:32PM

Saigon said...

I think the list is good so far. Perhaps, the title was misleading for some. Considering some of these aren't reasons and more like feature advertisements, maybe it would've been better to call this 60 reasons why psp is cool? Is there even another handheld device that can receive streamed tv content? Cause I don't know of any pvp players that can do that, but maybe there are ones.

Anyways, I can't think of ANY gaming console or electronic device that has 60 good reasons for owning one. So I was expecting some filler to be in this blog series. ;)


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6-13-2007 @ 7:40PM

required said...

txa1265, I really don't think you get subjective. I love the plethora of free demos for the system and I dig that I can often be alerted to and grab them from this site. I have no problem with the memory card format, in fact I like it and find it's very inexpensive these days. I also like the wallpaper feature. In other words I agree with this list so far.


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6-13-2007 @ 11:08PM

Sora57 said...

LocationFree is a great device, and it does much more than allow you to watch live TV on your PSP. You can connect it to Tivo, VCR, DVD player or even security cameras (with RCA output) and schedule recordings or control playback of these devices remotely.


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6-14-2007 @ 7:14PM

[.sm0ke.] said...

LocationFree doesn't work with OE firmware, but I bought my PSP exclusively for games, so the lost feature doesn't matter that much to me.


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6-14-2007 @ 11:20PM

Sora57 said...

I have LocationFree Base station LF-B20 (connects wirelessly to my network). At that time I needed to upgrade to software release 2.8 to register PSP with LocationFree base station.


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6-15-2007 @ 9:36AM

vR said...

Confirmed. LocationFree hasn't worked with any custom firmware.


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