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PSP hardware to undergo refreshing change?

When speaking of PSP, many gamers come up with one of two qualms. Firstly, the absence of a PSP store, similar to the PLAYSTATION Store found on PS3 consoles. As we reported earlier, this problem is finally being addressed. The second complaint -- a much more common one -- is the hardware design: many people are clamoring for a revised PSP design.

Well, looks like that's going to be happening too. While unlikely to be a true successor to the PSP hardware, Sony seems intent on making a slightly altered system. In a statement that Gamasutra picked up, it appears that Sony is working on a "hardware refresh." Certainly, an interesting choice of words. What could a "hardware refresh" mean? It could be something as simple as a new system color ... or it could be something far more drastic, akin to the change from the original DS Phat to the sexier DS Lite.

Let the speculation and conspiracy theories begin.

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21. please god PLEASE let it be a second analog stick PLEASE GOD PLEASE!

Posted at 4:41PM on May 17th 2007 by whackmushrooms

22. @19. Nintendo markets their product to a younger audience, hence smaller hands. I can't comfortably play a GBA SP let alone the micro. And how much thinner do you want it? Again, it just wouldn't be comfortable if it were smaller.

Posted at 4:51PM on May 17th 2007 by Strike009

23. I agree with Kade Storm. The PSP's size is perfect. I know it's kinda big in your pocket, but I get a laugh when people come up to me and say "Whoa, is that your PSP or are you just happy to see me?"

Posted at 4:52PM on May 17th 2007 by zoen151

24. 23- Lol ha funny

Posted at 5:23PM on May 17th 2007 by patrickb

25. There is no need to make it smaller, I to have found it hard to comfortable play the GBA SP comfortably for any period of time.

-Lighter, better battery life.
-Ps2 controller port
-Screen Cover
txa1265, why don't you get over yourself I was referring to the initial statement made by Andrew referring to the DS Lite. And as far as DS Bashing any chance I get to bash the POS DSLITE I will do so, deal with it doghboy

Posted at 5:54PM on May 17th 2007 by PSP-Rising

26. It would be cool if:

1) the UMD drive was a separate component and you uploaded your games from it to the PSP which would hold 10 or so titles - might make it thinner and your games could be jukeboxed

2) the sides/control area could be pushed in, slid in or folded over the screen

3) built in camera

Posted at 6:26PM on May 17th 2007 by required

27. I'm against a second analog stick - it's not needed

Posted at 6:28PM on May 17th 2007 by required

28. There is no debate. Are you all new to this site (or any gaming/gadget site, for that matter)? There is a PSP redesign (or "refresh", lol, whatever) post every few months. It never fails. This "statement" holds no more weight than any of those. Believe it when you see it.

Here's what I think of your refresh/redesign:

Posted at 7:55PM on May 17th 2007 by vR

29. Manufacturers are always going to try to streamline a product, especially a handheld like this. Look at the change the Gameboy underwent from old Monochrome to Pocket and then Color. GBA from the first version to the SP. DS to the DS Lite.

Vr, you're right that there have been many mentions of this before, but I disagree that it coming up again somehow detracts from the likeliness of the redesign. If anything, it's all but confirmed at this point. I'd bet real money that by the end of this year we'll either have the new model or at least solid confirmation from Sony that it's coming.

Posted at 8:31PM on May 17th 2007 by pixelator

30. Sorry, pix, the blogging gods have cried wolf one too many times for this fan.

My sources tell me that Weblogs Inc. has declared "PSP Redesign/refresh/redux blog post day" to officially (or unofficially???) land (almost) squarely on the 3rd Tuesday (or Wednesday? no one knows!) of every 3rd month.

From this day forth, no one is allowed to yank my chain, but me.

Posted at 9:26PM on May 17th 2007 by vR

31. This really chaps my ass, I was going to go and pick up a PSP tomorrow. FYE is doing a $30 mail in rebate and I don't want to miss that deal, I think only 2 more weeks. I wonder if there will actually be a press release about the upgrade to see if it's worth the wait and added cost?

Posted at 9:41PM on May 17th 2007 by jeremy.d.howell

32. I'm still getting one though, dammit I can't wait any longer and from everywhere I can find this makeover is just gonna be internal streamlining like the did with the PS2... I VERY SERIOUSLY doubt a hardware upgrade as devs would not be able to make use of it.

Posted at 10:18PM on May 17th 2007 by jeremy.d.howell


Smaller is better. The GBA Micro is tiny, but people like it FOR that reason. The GBA SP is a lot smaller than a PSP, but people seem to play it just fine... When people complain about things like this being too small for their hands, I think of gigantic hairy gorilla mitts that would make Kong cringe.

I agree, they can't make the PSP much slimmer or less wide - but they can take a little off the edges and thinner. Thin is in. Look at the Razr." - Pixie.

The Razr is a phone! The GBA is a GBA - 1 d-pad; 2 buttons; 2 shoulder triffers! The PSP is a friggin' 4-face button; dpad; analogue commanding/demanding gaming machine, where button mashing and what not else can sometimes be involved! Oi vey--no offence to the Jews--how do you compare them? Jesus! Damn, I'm getting religious just reading that post. So you do think the PSP is bulky. Okay. Cool. PSP can fit an average-to-small sized woman's hands - so much for gorilla mits. Demanding that it be surther slimmed down, is merely a superficial/cosmetic demand. It could be 'lighter' but that's another issue.

Phones getting slimmer is a luxury for them going into pockets, and because you dial numbers and write SMS messages - not button bash - but at your own leisure - with ease. Damn! Razr = PSP? *Shivers.*

Posted at 11:53PM on May 17th 2007 by Kade Storm

34. vR, that would be a cute conspiracy theory if this news (and most of the other redesign stories) had originated with Weblogs, but it's not the case:

Kade - The Micro is too small. I'm thinking less that the PSP is 'too bulky and needs slimming' and more along the 'sleeking this thing out a tad might sell more units' line of thought. In other words, throw a few improvements at it (superficial and real) and see if it sells better.

Posted at 1:25AM on May 18th 2007 by pixelator

35. @#1

He means they are gonna change the design.... I bet your a 10 year old ***********************

Posted at 1:45AM on May 18th 2007 by #1 user is a nub.

36. @pixelator

I was most definitely being cute. However, this latest rumor is from yet another trusted analyst representing one Lazard Capital Markets, so I guess we better believe since this Colin Sebastian fella (who?) must have the inside track!

Sorry, bud. I 100% disagree with your "the more it comes up, the more it must be true" logic, but that's just me. I'll bet you funny money we won't see squat by the end of the year.

Which isn't to say I wouldn't mind a redesign of some kind. Why are people SO against a minitiarized version? Apple can sell a ton of Ipod, Ipod minis, and shuffles, right? How about a smaller PSP with a smaller screen (yeah, I said it!) and maybe a 32gb solid state hard drive? It can be durable all around, and also be something a user can just slip into his pocket without fear of ripping his pants.

This will be similar to the way an Ipod can target different markets with essentially the same product in different form factors. The smaller version will target people who want it to be more functional as a media player. It would be more compact and have more storage. BUT those of us who treasure the gaming aspect more than others can stick with our biggie PSPs.

I think the only reason some of you are so vehemently against the smaller form is because you would feel screwed yet again by Sony if you were "forced" to buy a new PSP (with new features). That may not even be the case.

Posted at 2:23AM on May 18th 2007 by vR

37. Pixelator - Fair enough.

I just have knee jerk reactions when confronted with comparisons to design refresh/revisions for the Nintendo handhelds. I feel that they shortchange PSP for something it had accomplished from the get-go: An attractive design. Hell, I believe one of the goals with the DS-lite, for Nintendo, was to silence some of those criticisms people had against the phat, "PSP has better ergonomics." And it's true; PSP's own design is great. At best, I say improve the buttons and perhaps the weight.

vR, I don't have anything against what you're proposing. What you're proposing is different. I'm keeping my criticisms restricted to the context of the hypothesis touted by most of these videogame blogs: Sony will never decrease the screen size. Because with that condition, I just don't see a significantly smaller size helping matters as the controls and general feel of the console would suffer. It's already thin enough as it is, and we're playing some heavy duty games.

The idea of an actual, properly reduced-in-size version of the PSP--small screen; built-in memory--designed to highlight its general convergence features, sounds fine.

Posted at 7:22AM on May 18th 2007 by Kade Storm

38. I think we'll see something small. The 2 analog nubs will come with the psp2 when thats released.

Posted at 9:05AM on May 18th 2007 by bostonwhaler1190

39. for starters, they could add Bluetooth support (for ease of file transfer without cables and also for music support), they can also make the console thinner and what's with those shiny piano finish in the front, they can make it matte like the back texture.

The screen could be wider, even by an inch would make it look bigger

they could really lower the prices on the 8 gig duo cards.

Battery life could be improved.

But let's not get all over ambitious here, to make it lighter and thinner would be so nice.

Posted at 10:53AM on May 18th 2007 by paloverde

40. If they make it thinner I think it will be harder to play games if its thinner and smaller.

-Shaped like a conroller (maybe as a dedicated unit or a clip on, this would add room for batter


-screen protector

-at least 1 gig of internal memory

-Abilty to load games from UMD into memory

Posted at 4:55PM on May 18th 2007 by PSP-Rising

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