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Pac-Man + tennis = love


Sure, Virtua Tennis 3 had some strange gimmicks ... like collecting giant pieces of fruit whilst avoiding deadly bouldering tennis balls. But Namco's upcoming Smash Court Tennis looks to out-do quite possibly every tennis game ever made with this utterly brilliant duo of retro-themed gameplay modes. Above, you'll see the rad flavors of Pac-Man infused into the typically high-brow sport of tennis. After the cut, you'll see some equally cool gameplay inspired by the retro groove of Galaga.

These simple additions have made this game suddenly shoot up much higher on our radar. For some "regular" (aka "boring") gameplay, don't forget to check out our previous coverage of the game.

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5-15-2007 @ 10:13AM

Alien said...

Interesting adition ... I wonder how this VT ripof will work :P


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5-15-2007 @ 12:43PM

BlackFox5 said...

Looks interresting. Something that looks like fun for another 2 or 3 hours.


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5-15-2007 @ 2:39PM

Karga said...

What's Pooka doing on the left?
Does the ball die when it hits a ghost?
Is DigDug bowling next?


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5-16-2007 @ 6:25PM

cafecito said...

Bowling? Why bowling? This is a tennis game.

Anyway, that PACMAN Tennis thingie looks pretty silly and fun. The more quirky mini-games added, the better IMO.


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