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Dude, Get Your Own campaign expands to television

Sony has unveiled more details on its ambitious "Dude, Get Your Own" advertising campaign for PSP. The promotion will focus on PSP's ability to play games and multimedia and should proudly showcase PSP's new, lower price. According to Sony, a television commercial will be airing now through the end of May on a variety of shows targeted specifically to teens. PSP fans will want to tune in to shows such as King of the Hill (FOX), South Park (Comedy Central), Adult Swim (Cartoon Network), the NBA Playoffs (TNT), Saturday Night Live (NBC), and WWE Smackdown (CW) to catch the new ads.

Online ads can also be found on,, and Additionally, Sony plans to send promotional materials through direct mail. Later this week, Sony will be launching a new "Dude, Get Your Own" website, which will go into further detail about PSP's capabilities. (Hopefully, they'll create a new educational video, unlike the one featured here.)

This aggressive stance from Sony is certainly appreciated. There are too many myths about our handheld that must be dispelled: hopefully, this advertising campaign will make others experience the system and join the PSP Fanboy ranks.

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5-02-2007 @ 9:29AM

txa1265 said...

And the Dell commercial ... but hey, for Sony who has proven themselves completely marketing inept recently, stealing successful campaigns *has* to be a step up ...


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5-02-2007 @ 10:27AM

Kurifurisan said...

Cluster Bomb!


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5-02-2007 @ 10:28AM

Tanya said...

the wording of "Dude get your own" is kinda chessey but I saw a commercial last night on [adult swim] and it was actually funny and a bit relateable. It was the one with the psp owner on the pane and the guy next to him was watching him play and telling him what to do in the game...I had a good chuckle.


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5-02-2007 @ 10:51AM

Colin said...

Will we get to see the washroom one?

Dude...can I play with it?

Disclosure: canadiantuberific = Other Colin


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5-02-2007 @ 11:37AM

kingofwale said...

I don't know about you guys, but I love the bathroom commericial, It's sooo much better than the whole "come and find me" garbage. my parents thought it was a digital photo-frame. geez

Still, base on my experience, girlfriends are more affordable, you just have to go out with a richer girl. ;)


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5-02-2007 @ 11:46AM

Alien said...

Finally soem dcent comercial for the PSP ... its about time Sony !


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5-02-2007 @ 12:02PM

kingofwale said...

@other Colin

if you look closely, the guy also wet himself. ;)

I have a feeling Nintendo will steal this. ALl they have to do is add "Can I play with your Wii" ;)


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Fatass of Kickassness8

5-02-2007 @ 12:50PM

Fatass of Kickassness said...

Kingofwale, I don't think ANYONE would steal such a terrible commercial concept.

But I do like this new campaign they've got. Dude, Get Your Own is definately better than those pot-enduced dust ball commercials.


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Aaron Walker9

5-02-2007 @ 1:21PM

Aaron Walker said...

I liked the bathroom one as well but Sony didn't do a great job selling the features.

At any rate, they need to lose the "Cheaper than a girlfriend" tagline. It SCREAMS lonely geek from here to Pluto.

It alienates girls and alienates the wanna be cool and hip boys.

Why would a cool guy have one? It suggests he'd rather play video games than date? In High School !?!?! High school is all about trying to "score" with the most popular girl on campus, only "geeks" don't care about such things. So why would the "cool" guy want to buy a PSP now?

And for girls, it is insulting and typically male orientated. "Hey, that guy over there has a PSP. He's (subliminally) saying playing that game device is more important to him than interacting with me. To hell with him too!"

If you study the marketing and the subliminal gut reactions behind marketing, Sony needs to drop that part of their campaign. But keep "Dude, get your own", that works :D


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5-02-2007 @ 1:43PM

kingofwale said...

PSP doesn't need that line to alienate girls. lol, I swear to god, when i get my girlfriend a psp, she'd be one of dozen girls who own one. It's just the way it is. DS has ladies gamers.

Also, I find that female gamers are more into Mario games than any of Sony games.

it's a losing battle, at least Sony didn't try to hide the case. Go after the hardcore gamers. even if it is to alienates others


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john johnson11

5-02-2007 @ 3:17PM

john johnson said...

this is the cheese itz campaign "Get Your Own Box"


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5-02-2007 @ 5:42PM

AngelSan said...

I'm a girl 9hum, woman, at 32?), I have a PSP and a DS, but I prefer PSP games. I don't see why I should play old looking Mario games when I can play new gen games.

I'm not offended by the "it's cheaper than a girlfriend", but maybe Sony could have a parallel ad to attract female gamers? "Cheaper and more fun than men"? Or show women that there are puzzle games on PSP too (I love Zendoku, Puzzle quest or Lumines)

Maybe Sony can attract women who discovered video games with the Ds into trying different games on PSP?


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5-02-2007 @ 8:16PM

PSP-Rising said...

These new advertisements are a step in the right direction. I really hope to never see those stupid lame dustball commercials ever again, they need to take it a step further and also do commericials that highlight all the of the capabilities of the PSP. Sure is is bar none the best portable gaming system out but it does soooo much more.


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5-05-2007 @ 9:45PM

detox said...

the cluster bomb one was great. drop the cluster bomb! the clusterrrr bombbbbbbb!!@!@@


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