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Will Oblivion ever come out?

Happy 10th un-birthday, Duke Nukem Forever! As we "celebrate" your un-life, we want to think about a PSP game with an analogous development time: Oblivion. CVG reminds us that the title was supposed to launch by now, possibly in time for the recent PS3 release. They contacted Ubisoft for some word on whether or not the title was actually still in development, but they received a noncommittal "no comment."

Gamestop's release date for the title continues to shift, having moved from last year to this, from April to September, back to April, and now December. Do you think Oblivion will ever come out for our system?

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4-27-2007 @ 6:22PM

kingofwale said...

I used to be like a lot of people. waiting for Elder Scroll Travel. but if they keep screwing around and delaying releases, I will take my business elsewhere.

UbiSoft has to know that they are not the ONLY company in business, trust me, I much rather get DMC, GoW or FF over Elder Scroll game.

wait, we are talking about ES: Travel, right?


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4-27-2007 @ 6:35PM

brgers said...

E3 will tell, also what about grand turismo?


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4-27-2007 @ 7:12PM

ALEX_LEE said...

Ei man, thanks for that page, is the best i've seen for psp so far, u r making an incredible work. Congratulations.


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4-27-2007 @ 8:22PM

zoen151 said...

Oblivion has been cast into oblivion.


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4-27-2007 @ 10:13PM

txa1265 said...

I am still hopeful, because remember that FF VII Crisis Core should have been out last year! Game delays happen on huge projects - I will be happy to wait until spring of '08 so long as the game is solid.

If done right this has the potential to be awesome. Oblivion itself is made for quick shots of gaming (not much of a 'real' RPG, but that is a different story) - so it should tailor nicely to the PSP!


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4-27-2007 @ 11:43PM

aj said...

barely anyone bought it for the PS3 what makes em think people will buy it for the PSP which is worse.


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4-28-2007 @ 9:00AM

txa1265 said...

Well I think that the PS3 sales rate is lower due to:
- Saturation of PC and X360 markets
- Most PS3 owners have one of those systems (PC or X360) because they are hardcore gamers
- PS3 is selling like crap

The PSP has an audience of more than 20 million worldwide, many choosing the system because they are hardcore gamers looking for a more graphically rich, console like experience from their handheld. That is what Oblivion will deliver. I think that a decent quality release will sell more than 750,000 anyway.


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4-28-2007 @ 9:35AM

kingofwale said...


please tell me those top 3 reasons were a joke

here's what the real reason it's not selling as well as I have hoped

1.. it's too expensive for most people (especially when they see they can get PS2 for 129 dollars)

2.. there's no MUST HAVE games (through in FFXIII and we will see what PS3 can do)

3.. horrible publicity Sony is getting (justifiable or not),

P.S. I own a PS3 and I don't have a 360 or a PC.


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G Lampa9

4-28-2007 @ 11:04AM

G Lampa said...

Get it for the PS3 or 360. The PSP version looked like shit run over twice. And with the load times the 360 version has, the PSP version would be pure torture.

There have only been like 4 pictures releases in a magazine, and they looked great. What are you basing this assertion on?

Also, any fool knows that the game would have to be built from the ground up. No way you could port this from the 360, so comparing load times is obtuse, at best. The whole load-time issue for the system in general has been way overblown, anyway. Spoiled kids with 1-second attention spans who expect instant gratification have created a mountain out of a mole hil about that.


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4-28-2007 @ 12:15PM

txa1265 said...

Re #9 - I was referring to the lower sales rate of Oblivion for PS3 than for the PC or X360. Sorry, I should have been more specific, I can see why you misread my intent.


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Mr Khan11

4-28-2007 @ 3:57PM

Mr Khan said...

Don't you guys know anything?

Sony said GT Mobile is confirmed for exactly 2 weeks after Duke Nukem Forever, and Bethesda's targeted oblivion for Q4 of that same year (Too Human and New Kirby Adventure will also all be released around that time)

to recap: GT Mobile will come out 2 weeks after Judgement Day


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6-26-2007 @ 5:42PM

bruce said...

i think oblivion should go on ps2 because hey its goin on psp their just about the same anyways they put test drive unlimited on ps2 it looks great and it would sell like hotcakes for the ps2 fans i think it would be a huge loss for sony if they why not kick ps2 up a notch bring oblivion to ps2 screw ps3


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