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Has a PSP game ever made you cry?

A few days ago we found out about the story of David Jaffe's Heartland. The aim of the title was to have a game that would make a gamer cry. Since that game is dead in the water, it made me wonder if there already were games on the PSP that could make me cry. I haven't yet had it happen with a PSP title, but unfortuantely for me, I don't play every game that comes out. Until they release Klonoa PS1 as a PSP download, I'm not sure there's a PSP game out there that can make me cry. Am I wrong? Is there a PSP game that's made you cry? Do you admire a game that can achieve that emotion or do you only want the emotion of joy from playing games?

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3-15-2007 @ 8:45AM

Brian said...

I cried when I found out the crappy music selection for Lumines 2 so I decided not to buy it.


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3-15-2007 @ 11:20AM

SuicideNinja said...

Probably just Lumines...from staring at the little screen too long. Lumines Live in 51" fixed that problem.

I vote Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core will be the first for most people. Maybe they'll kill Aeris like 8 times. She sucked anyway, Tifa is where it was at. LOL

I think between FFVIII, FFX, Xenogears, and Xenosaga...there was probably moments of sadness buried in there somewhere. They should have released Xenosaga I/II on the PSP instead of the DS, really.


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3-15-2007 @ 12:34PM

Chip said...

Ooops, I'm at the wrong site; I must have accidentally typed pspfanGIRL.com


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3-15-2007 @ 12:58PM

abergfeld said...

Curse, perhaps, but not cry.


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haywood jablomey25

3-15-2007 @ 1:02PM

haywood jablomey said...

The load times on the PSP made me cry...when I owned one.


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Adam Owen26

3-15-2007 @ 2:26PM

Adam Owen said...

Gitaroo Man Lives!

The scene where you have to fight the love of you life, who is under the control of the evil guy. Do you fight her, or resist?? No, you turn away, and play the most heart-reanchingly beautiful rock ballad known to man. With the power of music, you change her heart, causing her to join in. Beautiful stuff.


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3-15-2007 @ 2:37PM

Mike said...

Darkstalkers Chronicles made me cry when I discovered the shitty PSP d-pad didn't work.


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3-15-2007 @ 6:23PM

CitizenGeek said...

The only game to ever make me cry was Final Fantasy X. Perhaps MGS: PO on PSP will make me cry?


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Murkage Kid29

3-15-2007 @ 7:29PM

Murkage Kid said...

I cry at the fact that people are sad enough to cry at pixels


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3-16-2007 @ 6:18AM

lego91994 said...

I almost cried because of how awful the controls are for the hoverboard races in ratchet & clank: size matters


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3-16-2007 @ 9:02AM

uberwleiss said...

I've almost cried while playing Shadow of Colossus, right before the final colossus...


...when Agro falls
But in the end, he lives on, which really ruined the emotion, they should have left him dead, not everything needs to have a happy ending, I love all kinds of emotions...



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3-17-2007 @ 5:05PM

dragoman said...

Alright I'll say it....

Aeris dying....


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