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GDC 07: Less than 15% of PSP owners have a DS

John Koller, Senior Marketing Manager, revealed an interesting internal statistic in last night's blogger panel: according to his research, only 11-14% of PSP owners have a DS. Although the system may be selling less than Nintendo's dual screened portable, it's clear that Sony's device is targeting a completely different market from Nintendo.

"We're not just competing against Nintendo," Koller explained. The platform has to compete against the iPod, the Zune, and a plethora of other multimedia devices. When asked how Sony will attempt to differentiate their offering even further, Koller simply smiled and hinted that the XMB will become much more fleshed out in the coming months.

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3-09-2007 @ 9:51AM

Alien said...

Now this is the typeof news I like to hear Sony :D


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3-09-2007 @ 10:12AM

bxbailey said...

yes it is the type of news we all like to hear but it's the only type of news sony ever gives. It's coming in the next couple of months

- Home
- PSP Store
- March Update
- Killzone Liberation Online
- PS3 PSP remote Play at any hotspot
- Backgrounds for the PS3
- Better Marketing for the PSP
- Multitasking on the PS3

I want some news where they say if you update you system right now, the update is available.


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3-09-2007 @ 10:14AM

poolz said...

"Koller simply smiled and hinted that the XMB will become much more fleshed out in the coming months."

mmmmm...that sounds good :O.


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3-09-2007 @ 10:48AM

Liqwid said...

What about DS owners who own PSPs? I finally bought one. Took me two years to decide on it, but I finally bought one. My brother lost GTA:LCS (my only game in comparison to the 10 games I have for the DS). So I only use it as a mp3 player. Any game suggestions? As of now I'm waiting for PoP. I haven't seen any games that catch my interest at the moment.


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3-09-2007 @ 11:02AM

Zio said...

I have both systems, but I like my PSP much better, even though I have more games for DS. :X


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3-09-2007 @ 11:10AM

alienclay said...

rachet and clank, size matters.

but of course, now the question is, how many DS users own a PSP?


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3-09-2007 @ 11:25AM

sm0ke said...

I bought a DS on launch day back in 2004. I worked at Best Buy and got the first one my store sold ($149.74 with employee discount). I just bought a PSP back in November at Target ($180 with employee discount). I'll probably eventually get a DS lite. I am a statistical anomaly.


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3-09-2007 @ 11:35AM

Brian said...

I have a PSP and 2 DS's, I'm even more of an anomaly.


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Silver R. Wolfe9

3-09-2007 @ 11:56AM

Silver R. Wolfe said...

I have both, though one gets a lot more play than the other.


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3-09-2007 @ 12:47PM

required said...

Having been a long time Nintendo customer (I have all their portable systems) I bought the ds on launch. Later I got a PSP (a ways past its launch).

That was the end of me being a Nintendo customer.


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3-09-2007 @ 12:48PM

txa1265 said...

Is there actual data on this, or are we taking marketing info from Sony - who is big into FUD for their own benefit? Sorry for the cynicism, but given how the DS & PSP have sold during the last year and their attach rates, it is in their benefit to play down any comparisons.


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3-09-2007 @ 12:49PM

Mastershake said...

This is called "Blue Ocean" Sales strategy, and it is the way tog go. That being said, here is what I feel Sony is missing, The hard drive. 4gb or more, and the ability to easily rip movies. here is why, that allows it to have the same funtionality as the iPod nano, or an Archos pmp, and when you sell to the older crowd, the business crowd, or the military crowd, they want functionality in a single device. I love my PSP, but I didn't want to spend a ton for memory sticks. I move in all of those crowds, and I am constantly told "that thing is awesome, if it had a hard drive I'd get one" nuff said?


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3-09-2007 @ 1:09PM

Tristan said...

That is quite interesting (what is XMB?). I have a DS and PSP (DS is currently broke cause of horrible NIntendo manufacturing with hinge crack tragedy!!!I dislike Nintendo at the moment). MY PSP gets ten times more play and seems to be a perfect handheld system.


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3-09-2007 @ 2:18PM

Taz said...

I've had the PSP since January of 2005.
Had it imported for over $300..

Still love my PSP but hardly used it since
last summer.

I finally got a DS lite 3 weeks ago, and I love playing it. Already bought 9 games and plan to
buy many more.

I have only bought 3 PSP games during the 2 years
I've had the system...


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Blaine Train16

3-09-2007 @ 4:06PM

Blaine Train said...

I just bought a ds lite 3 weeks ago, and i must say its worth the money. I never loaded up a psp game since. Sony been lacking with the psp for a good amount of time now and i lost interest in it. Now with lost in blue 2 and pokemon diamond coming out soon my psp is as good as a paper weight.


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3-09-2007 @ 4:08PM

txa1265 said...

I find the two very complementary ... so I guess that supports the 'different audience' thing ...


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3-09-2007 @ 4:09PM

spinthelights said...

I have both too, and which system gets more play depends entirely on which games are out at any given time. I know there's a lot of discussion as to whether the two handhelds can really be compared in their market spaces, but when I leave the apartment in the morning, I make a decision as to either taking my PSP or DS with me. I use and genuinely enjoy the PSP's RSS automated download and enjoy it's music and video system (with help from good Mac software), but on that level it has to go up against my iPod.

Large internal memory and more XMB features would really help differentiate the PSP from the DS and the iPod. I'm not a big Sony (as a company) fan, but for the sake of what I consider to be an amazing system, I hope revisions are made. And I'd really look forward to larger strides made with their updates.


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PSP Fan19

3-09-2007 @ 4:14PM

PSP Fan said...

#8 fox619_master
So you only use your PSP to play pirated games off your memory stick? WTF does that have to do with this topic? You are too much of a loser to buy games for either system! you say "You got none now??" What the hell does that mean, you sold them so you could get a memory stick to play pirated games?

I own a PSP and 2 of my children have DS, one only plays one game on it, the other plays mario games now that he is almost 11 he is getting tired of the childish games and has been playing the PSP more, and is interested in many more games for the PSP.

The DS is good for young children who want simplistic games.
The PSP is good for all ages as it offers a range of games and multimedia capabilities for all ages and all genres.


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3-09-2007 @ 5:53PM

SKI said...

My brother owns a DS and I own a PSP and we just share. I really only use the PSP for homebrew and watching Family Guy. Between us, we own about 10 games for the DS and only 2 games for the PSP (although I do rent more).


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