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Deal of the Day: 4GB Memory Stick for only $60

Memory Stick prices just keep on going down and down. has a sweet deal where you can get 4GB for only $60, after rebate. You'll be able to place a mind-numbing amount of music and videos on a Memory Stick that big!

[Thanks, Tom!]

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1. HOLY CRAP that's a good deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you PSP Fanboy...thank you so much...

Posted at 6:05PM on Feb 25th 2007 by Hashbrown_Hunter

2. I believe that Circuit City is running the same deal this week.

Posted at 6:10PM on Feb 25th 2007 by Jaleeb Caru

3. Thanks for the tip - just ordered. Just too bad if you guys don't get kick backs for the links

Posted at 7:43PM on Feb 25th 2007 by anonymous

4. im ordering mine tomorrow...finally i'll have more than my stupid 32mb memory stick, lol

Posted at 8:48PM on Feb 25th 2007 by kaylestotts

5. just to let people know, this card is not fast... Loading videos to the card can be long. But who cares?

Posted at 8:57PM on Feb 25th 2007 by Jerome

6. I've ordered it since Friday and it will be delivered very soon. I'm currently using Sandisk pro duo 2GB, i don't think the transferring rate is slow. I mean it's not super fast but it's not that slow at all.

Posted at 12:04AM on Feb 26th 2007 by Tom

7. Be careful with this "great deals". Sometimes this MSs are fake (there are fake ones both from Sony and Sandisk out there) and give a lot of problems. I bought a Sandisk MS of 2GB and it was not usable (corrupt files when copying to the MS, fake capacity, not MagicGate compatible...). If you get one of those and it is not working properly, check if it says MagicGate: compatible by pressing triangle over the MS icon on the photo menu, and then pressing Information. In that case usually there are no problems. Although it seems that sometimes fake MSs they work just fine, sometimes that is not the case.

Posted at 2:30PM on Feb 26th 2007 by netrunner

8. Don't worry: a reputable site like won't sell bootlegs. All MS Duos work in PSPs: you don't need a special "gaming" card at all. The only thing special about those is packaging.

Posted at 2:38PM on Feb 26th 2007 by Andrew Yoon

9. Are you guys sure this is compatible with the PSP? I looked on the SanDisk site and they have this card in a different section than the gaming memory cards.

please reply soon, as i would like to order one if they are legit.

Posted at 6:56PM on Feb 26th 2007 by Alex

10. Just got the MS this morning. The MS is genuine. I registered the product on SanDisk official page and there is in the drop box buy from source. Very fast delivery, even for ground shipping

Posted at 11:10PM on Feb 26th 2007 by Tom

11. I ordered one on Sunday when I saw the post and just recieved it today (Tuesday). It works like a charm what a deal thanks!

Posted at 9:04PM on Feb 27th 2007 by ediddy999

12. Alex they're all the same thing. i understand your caution but its just a brand name. the only difference between them is that the gaming ones are colored or clear (since apparently all gamers like transparent accessories) and they could possibly read/write just a tad faster. but either way i would jump on this. i bought a 4GB from here for $85 a couple months back and i couldn't be happier with it. its a real good deal.

Posted at 12:26AM on Feb 28th 2007 by B1gC72

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