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Okay, so maybe Sega doesn't love your PSP?

We should be cautious about this, especially because it was reported by DS Fanboy. Apparently, according to a report in Nikkei, Sega will move development from the PSP to the DS, and will even make something that will "surprise absolutely everyone." I wish I could confirm, but my grasp on the nihongo isn't too great.

But Sega will be wary, of course. Nintendo's platforms have been notorious for being great for Nintendo games, not really third party ones. "We [Sega] have to do a lot of thinking about titles for Nintendo's hardware, because Nintendo's own titles are extremely strong. It really is difficult to sell a title as a third party."

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2-23-2007 @ 12:03AM

lewdvig said...

Seaman DS?

Is there a good Sega game on the PSP?

Have fun on the DS Sega, I'll take Daxter/Rachett, FFVII and Oblivion on my PSP from devs/publishers that don't suck thank you.


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2-23-2007 @ 12:17AM

ProPorn said...

I don't mind Sega publishing their Oshare Majo Love and Berry crap on the DS.
I would have liked some more Dreamcast-originated games (not ports, although some could have been cool), but if Sega is not willing to push their good titles, then meh, let them have it their own way.


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2-23-2007 @ 1:08AM

Nick said...

I mean, they ARE doing a Sonic game on ONLY the Wii, this doesnt sound too farfetched... but to COMPLETELY leave the PSP behind... I dunno. That sounds shady as hell.


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2-23-2007 @ 1:28AM

Hashbrown_Hunter said...

Maybe their new logo should say "Sega Loves Your $$$"


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2-23-2007 @ 1:31AM

skarface said...

What game does sega plan to release on PSP anyway? Come on, sega. You used to be cool. Look at you now.


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2-23-2007 @ 1:39AM

Nymo said...

ok, So The Actual Good Games Coming Like Crush Or Crazy Taxi, Will Probably Be The Last From Sega On The PSP?

I'm Still A Little Sceptical About This, Since They've Just Put Out Quite A Bit Of Games And 'Loving Our PSP', But According To This, They're Now Just Going To Pull From The PSP And Not Continue With Other Games On The PSP, or at least give less focus on, When They Haven't Even Seen How They Sold.. in fact, They Haven't Even Released The Games Yet!


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2-23-2007 @ 2:30AM

Shane said...

Cube does look like it could be a good game. I don't know about a puzzle game with a story, in my opinion they don't work well, but it is at least worth renting. Now I just need to find some place that rents PSP games.


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2-23-2007 @ 3:04AM

Leingod said...

"What game does sega plan to release on PSP?" You've been missing the news, right? Sega's releasing After Burner, Crazy Taxi, among other games for the Sony portable. And they're actually looking pretty cool. I don't think SEGA's planning on abandoning PSP development. I think it's just - another - baffling by Nintendo fanboys (Known worldwide as the most annoying fanboys of them all)


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2-23-2007 @ 3:22AM

Alien said...

So what , there will be probably a new Sonic game for it . Even if the PSP Sega games dont sell well , they do batter than the DS versions , especially if they can port even the control scheme from the Dreamcast , and for the DS they have to make a touch function to :)


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2-23-2007 @ 7:49AM

spir00 said...

So what Sega is saying is that its really is difficult to make a extremely good title as a third party."
They should be doing a lot of thinking with every title!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Stupid!


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2-23-2007 @ 7:58AM

spir00 said...

Oh wait, I'm not done!
See, this is what we gamers get, instead of these developers going in with a "I'll make a hot game" type of attitude, they announce there low hopes. And if they fail, well they told us why.

I see sega moving into the direction of making kids games. They can't handle older gamers no more. Move on sega. Your not wanted.


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Hater 2000!12

2-23-2007 @ 12:36PM

Hater 2000! said...

Wow it seriously prints money...too bad it doesnt prints decent games.

I dont know but i dont think Sega is going to Leave the PSP soon.CRush FTW.


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2-23-2007 @ 12:36PM

Mastershake said...

"I think it's just - another - baffling by Nintendo fanboys (Known worldwide as the most annoying fanboys of them all)"

That's because they are all children, cut the little guys a break. When you were 6 you could annoy the hell out of people too, you just didn't have the ability to publish yourself on the internet all damn day.


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2-24-2007 @ 10:29PM

Strangler said...

btw Rockstar probably already has given up on it as well since they ported both their gta games to the ps2 despite the fact the ps2 versions sold even less and it was the same city, trying to sell a game made for consoles to a portable audience 4 times as small as the ps2 userbase if not less when lcs first came out.


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2-24-2007 @ 10:40PM

Strangler said...

Why did rockstar port gta to the ps2 and sony allow it? why does sony port lumanites to the ps2 and not translate many japanese rpgs over? why dont the publishers/devs of tokobots make the sequel for psp instead of ps2 which ended ups elling just as bad thus not being the ahrdwares fault for the blame? why not establish a franchise on the psp despite the first game ntos elling so well cause after awhile theyd built up a fanbase? Also just because a game doesnt sell alot doesnt mean it wont improve the platform it's onr eputation. For isntance ico didnt sell well on the ps2 bu it improved the ps2's reputation as a paltform with ubnique games/ideas.


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Andrew Yoon17

2-25-2007 @ 4:52PM

Andrew Yoon said...

From our reader, Pan:

Hello, here is my take on the article on Nikkei.

Disclaimer: Please do not quote me as saying anything, for I am just casually summarising what I am reading in the article, not fully translating it.
This is the page with the controversial quote. On this page, the question is asked, "Finally, please let us in a little on your plans for 2007."

To which, after he announces games for the PS3, Wii and PS2, he says that they will be moving their primary portable gaming development from the PSP
to the DS.

After this he mentions in the next paragraph that there are titles that are yet unannounced, and that there will be a 'surprising' title by this year end.

I would like to highlight that it is not mentioned what platform this title will be on.


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Andrew Yoon18

2-25-2007 @ 4:53PM

Andrew Yoon said...

However, to put things into perspective, please also see this page:
On this page, the title reads, "Short-Term focus on DS and Wii".

Here, he highlights that there will be a short-term development shift to the Nintendo platforms.

I don't know about you, but 'short-term focus' doesn't sound so fatalistic to me.

I'm not a person who can read in between the lines or imply things out from thin air, so I take this interview at face value, that changing market
trends have caused them to give short term priority to Nintendo based titles. Concluding that they have given up entirely on the PSP, however, is
rash and jumping to the conclusion. If the man himself doesn't say it, I really don't think we should be putting words in his mouth like that.


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