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Running beautifully in Free Running

Free Running from Ubisoft has you participating in the sport of free running, where one must "interact with their environment using movements such as vaulting, jumping, somersaults and other acrobatic movements, creating an athletic and aesthetically pleasing way of moving." (Source: Wikipedia)

If that just sounds like baloney to you, you may want to check out this trailer. It's certainly an interesting concept for a game: but will it be any fun? The game releases March 30th.

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1. looks like its gonna be a PSP bashing and frustrating game trying to do all those moves and getting to certain areas..

of course, all depending on the controls and camera obviously

Posted at 9:17PM on Feb 20th 2007 by KillahCheese

2. Looks like the camera moves by itself depending on what you are doing. If you are jumping between two walls it would pick a side and get an almost profile shot. If you are running on a wall, it would do the same. If you are hanging on a ledge or a pole it gets right behind you. I assume since the level designers are aware of the camera at all times, there wont be any screw-ups.

What yous should be worrying about are the controls and size of the level. Really, it boils down to the basics of platforming and adds some(hopefully good things), so it is a question of "is it addicting or boring to do this over and over". If they keep it fresh over the entire hopefully (atleast almost) load screen free map, it can be a very good game.

Reminds me of SSX but on foot.

Posted at 10:12PM on Feb 20th 2007 by Josh L.

3. so basically, this game is like real life imitating Prince of Persia?? maybe if they'd have thrown in some brawls in between the free running, it might have made for a cool looking Jackie Chan game. But, as it is, i can't see this game being particularly exciting.

Posted at 10:27PM on Feb 20th 2007 by StMadnes

4. "3. so basically, this game is like real life imitating Prince of Persia??"

The PoP developers said they got all his moves from free running (aka parkour).

Still, I'd rather just play PoP

Posted at 11:34PM on Feb 20th 2007 by NeverSage

5. OMG , those graphics are gorgeus :o Hope that the gampeplay will be at least acceptable , an than its a shure buy for me ;)

Posted at 8:21AM on Feb 21st 2007 by Alien

6. Actually, this is popular real sport in Eurupe.
See for yourself

Posted at 2:13PM on Feb 22nd 2007 by joon

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