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PSP shipments down 75%; Sony refuses to give up

Momentum is clearly not on Sony's side. Newly released figures today revealed that the PSP shipped 1.76 million units the holiday period from October to December. While that's certainly not a small amount, it's dwarfed by the incredible performance of the PSP the year before, where the system shipped 6.22 million units.

In spite of significantly weakening hardware performance, gamers are still buying games for the system, much to Sony's relief. Software sales were up 24% for this quarter compared to last year, reaching 21.2 million units.

Sony CFO, Nobuyuki Oneda commented on the surprising plummet in PSP sales by stating that Sony will not give up on the platform. He noted that Sony is still implementing new ideas for the constantly evolving system. For the sake of PSP fans everywhere, let's hope that they can reinvigorate the public opinion of the system.

[Via IGN]

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1-30-2007 @ 1:50PM

Jomolungma said...

want to reinvigorate public interest? slim it down, re-imagine the controls, add a hard drive, reduce the cost and have developers release compelling games at a more competitive price...


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1-30-2007 @ 1:57PM

dirtyone said...

drop the price and i will buy one enuff said


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1-30-2007 @ 1:58PM

dirtyone said...

oh and stop the retarded marketing


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1-30-2007 @ 2:07PM

Dadidito said...

I am sending my psp in for repair today. Plan on keeping it even if support dies. Hell my dreamcast and Saturn (Sega Consoles forever!) still work and are enjoyed. I see the PSP being an ebay fave for years to come even if it dies an early and sad death.


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The Poet5

1-30-2007 @ 2:12PM

The Poet said...

give it 2 screens, make the bottom one touchscreen, lower the price, make it different colors, and oh yeah make it so that developers can actually make GOOD DECENT MONEY SPENDING games on it, that dont suck or take a lifetime to load. THAT SHOULD SELL THEM psps.

oh wait....this is exactly what the DSlite is. Damn...chalk that idea of the board...on the next...Raising that WHITE FLAG already.


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1-30-2007 @ 2:24PM

Strangler said...

"developers can actually make GOOD DECENT MONEY SPENDING games on it"

ypu know just how expensive it is to make ps3 games? yet devleoeprs continue to do it. Price isnt the reason developers dont make any original ip's on the psp, there must be some other motive.


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1-30-2007 @ 2:42PM

TrekCycling said...

It would be nice if they could reduce load times somehow and drop the price. As someone who has owned a DS I can honestly say that for me Lumines, LocoRoco and many other PSP exclusives make it a better system than Nintendogs and New Super Mario Brothers on the DS. But the DS is smaller, loads quickly and costs $100 less (counting the cost of a memory stick).


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Jeff Cossey8

1-30-2007 @ 3:00PM

Jeff Cossey said...

Drop the price SONY !!!!
Market the product SONY!!!!!
(retarded ads are NOT marketing it)

They must do this soon or it might spell doom for the
mighty PSP


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1-30-2007 @ 3:01PM

Joe said...

I say Sony needs to lower the PSP to make the core PSP sell for 100 and the premium version for 150. If that was to happen the PSP would sell really well.

If you look at what games are out for the PSP you will see there are lots of great PSP games but no one buys them because of the price.


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1-30-2007 @ 3:06PM

Chaz said...

There are just too many things that Sony can and should do to make the PSP the killer portable device. Unfortunately they arn't doing them and the homebrewers are. I'll keep my PSP, and I'll keep buying games, but until they start wowing me with the official firmwares and features it'll be OE firmwares and homebrew for me.


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1-30-2007 @ 3:22PM

john said...

99% sure Sony is not going to drop the prices....

instead, they should make a low cost (or free) anti-bricker (or security patches for anti-bricking) for those of us with a bricked psp from the official updates...(low battery 40%)


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1-30-2007 @ 3:44PM

Mrfreezie said...

Wow, I think PSPFanboy just said that the PSP is dying. That makes me sad.. :(


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1-30-2007 @ 4:08PM

gregori0 said...

Price slash is a must, both on the hardware ($100-$150) and software ($20-25). Basically, match the Big N's pricing stragey.
After that, listen to the customer, relax their iron fist policy on certain PSP features, including full res video playback, more codec support (avi!!), direct PS1 game download, movie download (drop the UMD movie SONY).......
There are so many things SONY can do without costing them a penny, just listen to your customers for a change.


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1-30-2007 @ 4:46PM

Nonbeliever said...

I work in a Southern California High School and it seems like every 3rd student has a PSP. We have lunch time tournaments in my classroom. So if sales are down it must not be here, unless everyone already has one. For the record I NEVER see a DS with High School kids.


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1-30-2007 @ 4:59PM

txa1265 said...

An article over at PocketGamer tells the grim tale in even more gory detail:

"The territory breakdown (an appropriate word here, sadly) makes particularly grim reading for PSP's US fans.

PSP shipments for Q3 in Japan were 0.9 million (compared to 1.4 million in the same period in 2005), Europe took 0.9 million (compared to 3.2 million in 2005), but the real stinker was America.

Previously swallowing up almost 1.7 million PSPs in Q3 2005, the run up to Christmas 2006 saw Sony ship a mere 100,000 PSPs to the territory."

Amazing ... the US has always been the hotspot, and it is known that the surge in Japanese sales was related to MGS release there. But 100k units ... perhaps the PSP really is d0med! ;)


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1-30-2007 @ 5:04PM

nerdXcore said...

I was going to comment, but it looks like Jeff Cossey already said what was on my mind.

Seriously Sony, you have created an amazing product. Stop crippling its features and stop "marketing" it in such a way that treats your customers like 3-year-olds.

Why should that be so difficult?


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1-30-2007 @ 5:40PM

pixelator said...

Didn't take long for Poet and other DS fanboys to start the trolling.

Honestly, I thought the PSP did fine this Christmas - especially in the last couple of weeks, when it just about matched the DS sales according to the portion that NPD tracks. Wasn't everyone just commenting a couple of weeks ago how well the PSP sold over that period?

Ah well, who cares. People like Poet will continue to slam the PSP for having poor games, needing a touchscreen and so forth, while people like me will simply continue to buy and play the great games it already has.

Meanwhile, the news that software sales rose has gone totally overlooked -- perhaps the best news Sony could've gotten this holiday season. That's the bottom line potential publishers look at most.


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1-30-2007 @ 6:18PM

-=TR�KSTER=- said...

#6 Poet=Idiot DSFanboy

You are such a fool if you think the PSP does not sell because it is not like your piece of shit DS.

I should prolly take it easy on you as you are most likely a 8 year old who's mommy would not buy him a PSP, so you come here to a PSP fanpage to try to slam a superior product. Go away DSfanboy you are not welcome. Go back to your DS Mario Dreamland as we don't welcome your utterly moronic ignorant comments.


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1-30-2007 @ 6:21PM

TrekCycling said...

Wondering about shipped vs. sold. Because I also seem to remember the PSP selling well during the holidays. Is it possible it sold well, but there was excess supply, thus it didn't ship as much?


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1-30-2007 @ 6:37PM

Kenban said...

There is a reason for the small number of shipped units. The stores are overstocked. People have been saying this for months on some forums. The sales figures and data on sites like vgcharts backs it up as well. According to Sony 24.7 million PSP's have shipped total. Yet total sales are only a little over 20 million (based on adding up all regions sales figures). I expect we are going to continue to see low shipments for another quarter at least while stores get rid of the stock they already have on hand. My thinking is fully stocked shelves is around 2-3 million which there looks to be around 4-5 million unsold right now.

Also there are some big games coming for both the DS and the PSP this year so its going to be interesting looking at sales figures for both once they start coming out.


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